Savage Streets!

Cruelty and savagery explodes upon our streets

violence multiplies in every part of society

nobodies safe in the urban jungle or their homes

promises to cure the soaring carnage have failed

deaths go on the young rule many no go areas

where is law and order to protect the people

why is the taxpayers pockets continually drained

there is still much ground left bloodstained!


Emergency services being attacked on their call outs

hospital staff assaulted in the emergency rooms

trying to help all the thousands of drunken revellers

as those giving support are under increasing pressure

decision makers seem to live in a different dimension

as their statistics down play just what is happening

in the harsh concrete and tarmac wastelands no control

gangs and criminals power grows evil takes its toll!


Is this not happening everywhere in a violent society today

where the dark side on humanity doth now prey!






Just to walk along any road is hard

who is around

uneven pavements rubbish thrown

the impression

of a society without responsibility

or sensitivity!


What if you were attacked or ill

who would help

some would go around or steal

respect is rare

any physical health disabilities

or mental instabilities!


The vulnerable at risk of abuse

police are stretched

likewise the ambulance services

that feeling of despair

profit comes before any integrity

or real sincerity!


The monsters from nightmares

cannot compare

with cruelty humans can inflict

on those with little

taking their self-respect away

when unable to pay!


Those on high can never grasp

the term surviving

think they understand issues

by removing funds

squeezing the will to carry on

then hope has gone!


The Foureyed Poet.





Moment Of Relief!

That smile filled with a moment of relief

the journey long and arduous

from the horrors of war and occupation

tears gushed tension released

remembering the loss of their relations

now seeking new foundations!


Torn from the life they knew and loved

persecuted treated poorly

shattered lives forced to witness cruelty

and unspeakable acts

memories that would never be deleted

together never more defeated!


Both young and hopeful the couple gazed

from the ships upper deck

slowing as it entered the busy harbour

in their new homeland

gaunt and battle weary they embraced

as together the future faced!



Goodness Within!

It is said that in each and every person

there is goodness inside

this to me is just impossible to believe

as some are evil

no hint of there being anything within

just filled with a lot of sin!


It is said that we show mercy to others

this I have often not seen

cruelty and torture always in the news

misery suffering everywhere

certainly no hint of any mercy there

many humans do not care!


It is said we have love and understanding

willing to give to others

all I see is selfish self-centred humans

interested only in themselves

caring only for money no matter the cost

many good people are lost!


It is said there are genuine people about

no doubt this is true

willing to give everything wanting to help

not out to use others

those with that goodness we must treasure

their worth we cannot measure!


Far too much about the bad not of those good

who do not hide behind mask or hood!


The Foureyed Poet.

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