When the police shot the middle-aged man

they said he was crazy

just another unstable male out of control

not taking his medication

as two were killed plus him three survived

his acts not contrived!


But a psychologist was interested in the case

certain this was not the fact

suspicious with the urgency to close the files

risking his reputation and life

to search why they wanted no investigation

filled him with consternation!


On his own without any official permission

decided he had to dig deep

discovering there were far more incidents

each quickly dispatched

similar circumstances but females as well

on this fact did dwell!


Few he spoke to would divulge anything

a deep fear did prevail

an uneasiness grew sinister implications

men in dark suits everywhere

was he beginning to lose his own mind

now becoming intertwined!


Not being an investigator was hampered

creating  himself more danger

with no real proof  until someone spoke

informing they knew of a plot

and deep underground covert complicity

a top-secret conspiracy!


He was a scientist working on the project

rumoured to be involving

the military anon existent majestic twelve

soon after before corroboration

the contact was found dead in his own bed

suicide the newspapers said!


That sense of doom and dread struck him

the man had concluded

it was to enhance the activity of the brain

increasing power and strength

but project abandoned the official word

now he knew this was absurd!


For him it soon was the end of the road

his car in a police report

had swerved off a main road at speed

nobody else it seems involved

more likely eliminated we can conclude

dark elements his life pursued!


He had meddled in a secret that had to be kept!

Or is this just pure speculation?


The Foureyed Poet.













The soldier sat on duty in the guard hut

trying to stay awake

certainly would be in trouble if caught

this a classified base

where many strange items were stored

he was safe they assured!


A large object had been delivered recently

covered in tarpaulin sheets

by hooded figures in unmarked uniforms

in the night brought it in

remembering seeing lights moving about

taught not to feel doubt!


He knew it was another craft from the stars

this was not the first delivered

to this covert military facility hidden here

out in the barren desert

far away from the public’s inquisitive stare

and media who were well aware!


Alone with only his thoughts for company

daring not to speculate

what was far below the ground in storage

or the research being done

he was a private in the military police unit

to protect at all costs his remit!


Tonight had a gut feeling it would not be quiet

there had been much activity

preparing for the first perimeter patrol an alert

received an urgent message

on the radio the main fence had been breached

for his side arm he reached!


As he prepared to go the rest of the team arrived

in their pick up trucks

just as an explosion came from the base offices

that lead to the facility

glowing objects zoomed in from the dark skies

the action a complete surprise!


Within one minute reached the reported section

the ground on fire but no tracks

even more military personnel now assembled

word came of  ferocious action

in the huge laboratories and hangars beneath

the innocent sprawling heath!


As they raced towards the unknown enemy

frantic voices warned stay back

as a massive explosion ripped the site apart

brining them to sudden stop

from out of the flames pulsating  orbs flew

making a spectacular view.


They were not fired on which made no sense

an odd sort of alien  invasion

even though missiles were quickly deployed

though none actually hit

the soldier wondered what had just happened

was this a start or the end?


Instead of fighting their task became rescue

and evacuating survivors

followed by a major clamp down of the site

information was very sparse

but he heard it was a breakout from within

of creatures with grey skin!


What secrets was he part of hiding here

this was the first time he felt fear!


The Foureyed Poet




First Mission

He sipped that ice-cold cold drink so refreshing

outside of a quaint cafe’.

Watching the people particularly the girls

tapping the table he was tense!

This his first mission as a covert operative

trying to be positive.


Just told to expect a package to be delivered

nothing more disclosed.

His earpiece buzzed as a young woman sat

placing her coffee down.

Using trigger words in their conversation

she responded without evasion.


Getting up she smiled politely saying goodbye

then quickly went away.

Under her saucer he saw a piece of paper

pulling it out he read.

Look under my side of the coffee table

difficult as it was unstable.


Nearly tipping it over pulling the sticky tape

being firmly held.

Concealing it trying not to look awkward

joining a passing group.

Concerned there was somebody stalking

he started quickly walking!


His fears were confirmed when he heard a pop

a bullet fired close by!

Through a silencer then there was another

taking evasive action.

Informing the surveillance team in the van

then into the underground he ran!


Planning a route for his own safe escape

he knew the terrain.

Finding the spot he had put a gun and torch

now he was prepared!

Shaking from the cold and possibly fear

there were footsteps near!


As they came along side he jumped out

the bright beam on.

At the same time firing his magnum gun

a grunt and a thud.

Then at his feet a body laid motionless

no emotion did he express!


He informed the team of  what had occurred

continuing with his task.

Others could be close behind for the cargo

so delivery was vital.

The destination was at last radioed through

knowing what he had to do!


First mission and first blood his career had begun!


The Foureyed Poet.

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The smart exterior made the building impressive

standing fifty stories high.

In the busy business district of the new town

nobody suspected its real use!

Nor that there were over twenty floors below

where only certain staff could go!


Life raced on with no outward sign for concern

deep within the interior.

A series of experiments were being carried out

certain it would be undetected.

Drawing no attention in an unexpected location

not worried about the exploitation!


The nature of their work was futuristic in concept

the earth’s structure at risk!

Where they were in an advanced stage of creating

the first working time machine!

Determined to succeed losses were accepted

the deadline more respected!


The pressure was coming to a breaking point

mistakes bound to occur!

A special chamber was set into  motion

power surged through cables.

Another human sat motionless as once again

they felt the energy drain!


Seeing the atmosphere pulled violently apart

but this had not happened before.

The disintegration was no longer contained

enveloping them as well!

Then upwards through the floors to the roof

exposed in tangible proof.


That something covert was within their midst

but nobody had time to care.

A shimmering light replaced the office block

yet something was there!

From this matter a hideous thing did crawl

on the town death did befall!


The military were soon evacuating survivors

and blocking any entry!

Without any idea of what had been allowed in

to our time line or where it came!

Interfering once more with no back up plan

the irresponsibility of man!


As the crisis got out of hand the date stood out

it was the 23 rd December 2012!


What do you think happened next?


The Foureyed Poet.

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