The Well!

The happy family moved into the large house

on the edge of a lake

all were unaware until their teenage children

found a hidden overgrown well

first from a distance noticed the outline

at that time not able to define!


Behind tall weeds concealed was discovered

the relic emitting a sentient power

both felt it had to walk from the dire location

were afraid to tell their parents

of this startling undiscovered garden addition

that seemed in perfect condition!


For a while was forgotten as the house was fixed

to decorate and make theirs

being uninhabited for years before they found it

on a holiday the place a dream

with its supreme views and large lake location

space and liberation a great combination!


Nothing happened for some time life was good

they kept their distance

until the daughter saw lights darting about

flickering in a pattern

resisting the urge to go near just observed

yet her confidence unnerved!


Over the next few days the lights increased

as nobody else noticed them

began to feel it was only meant for her gaze

and a compulsion to explore

in her dressing gown on a bitterly cold night

went to peek like a ghost in white!


She was sleep walking in her mind could see

a girl waving so excitedly

a nice day she just wanted to meet and play

greeting as though friends

in reality nobody visible there she was alone

unprotected in a disaster zone!


The young girl’s face changed to sallow skin

dead eyes stared a victoria’s cry

the teenager awoke her soul fell into the well

her being sank into the dank water

gone now suppressed by the slimy green walls

nobody heard her Spiritual calls!


A different young woman went back inside

but to the family within

it was their beloved sister and daughter

the evil entity was reborn

new energy rejuvenating the decayed shell

the lid sealed the well!


The Foureyed Poet.



Really Lonely

When you don’t even admit to yourself

your really lonely.

Telling others you’re an independent soul

inside wanting friendship.

Outwardly trying to show confidence

this is your defence.


Every day becomes a tedious repetition

as you can get isolated.

Meeting few people who actually speak

as the cycle goes on.

Love and any contact is only in your mind

a relationship you’ll never find!


There are those who’ve never been married

or had close friendships.

Who have never known that wanted feeling

which you do so miss.

Somebody at home company when out

that’s what your life was about!


Too many hours to self analyse yourself

you observe others around.

But in the end you’ve become invisible

blending into the surroundings.

Hoping somebody will hear you calling

before you start falling!


It’s good be independent and stand on your own

but it can be hard being alone!


The Foureyed Poet.

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