The Cult!

There he sat cold cruel eyes surveying

the large group of women

who were mesmerized by his presence

absorbing every single word

head of a cult where he was their god

ruling them with an iron rod!


The family he liked to call his followers

lived in a fortified compound

his kingdom where he had total control

quoting from his written bible

and the original with his interpretation

for the religion of his creation!


Filled their minds with doomsday warnings

a fort with arms and provisions

each female was classed as his concubine

morality was set at his limits

as more young were drawn into this cult

only him did they all exalt!


Families at a loss on what could be done

unable to make any contact

even though their children did not listen

their thoughts under his control

encapsulated within this perilous society

that was of dubious piety!


The dangers clear but somehow proceeded

nothing good everybody knew

would come of  a narrow-minded philosophy

based in a country just staying

for the moment within its legal borderline

becoming harder to define!


Warnings signs were clearly visible to see

but ignored only death can I foresee!


The Foureyed Poet.






Nobody would know what the truck carried

upon the national highways

an unmarked semi blending in with the others

the cab with darkened glass

few would notice it had been armour-plated

in an isolated compound waited!


There from a large warehouse men loaded

in hooded protective overalls

radio-active containers into the interior

lead-lined and air tight

guards and cameras watched every move

the commander had to approve!


Fully loaded with an illegal cargo departed

alone to join the highway

like a chameleon blended into the traffic

nobody suspected its load

through the dense traffic moving at speed

to its destination did proceed!


Not the first trip but one of many undertaken

by a fleet of large specialist rigs

with deadly loads taking the risk of detection

and of the hazards of a crash

but approved by an unregistered department

that had given consent!


Never without a covert military escort following

undetectable like the semi trucks

were designed to blend in with any background

they continue the deadly tasks

under the blinkered eyes of unsuspecting public

that had become very slick!


Upon the highways they carry their lethal loads

through major and minor roads

from one secret destination to the next roam

only the few need know

beware of all the unmarked semi trucks behind

or ahead and within confined!


The Foureyed Poet.




Lethal Arrest!

The people of the township could only observe

as he protested his innocence!

All he had done was park in a restricted zone

being violently arrested.

By police they thought were there to protect

their chance of respect wrecked!


With no mercy shown was violently hand cuffed

by several aggressive officers.

The more he protested harsher his treatment

as the crowds swelled!

More police held them back as their anger grew

as tempers then blew!


Unable to get him into the van as he resisted

tethered him to the back!

As the crowds yelled unable to stop events

the vehicle drove off.

Dragging the innocent man along the road

without shame they strode!


The van sped up for about five hundred yards

and into the compound.

A baying mob were helpless as the gates shut

left to absorb the scene.

The man later died of head and chest injuries

the people would never forgive!


The Foureyed Poet.




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