Looking Down!

Looking down at my young clear skin

full of energy and hope

innocent not seeing any fear around

a life time ahead of me

then no internet nor mobile phones

robots and human clones!


Less complicated not the pressures

vinyl records and cassettes

shops closed Sundays families spoke

safe for children outside

being able to grow in natural stages

not endless exam pages!


Today I look down at my ageing skin

struggling to keep warm

nobody calls or ever bothers to visit

harder to pay rising bills

families split lacking close support

respect no longer taught!


The elderly are considered a burden

in this faltering society

where corruption affects everybody

greed no compassion

services shut for lack of funds its said

on egg shells we do tread`!


Life may have been hard but people cared

kindness and help freely shared!


The Foureyed Poet.


In Turmoil!

The woman was in turmoil what should she do

did her ex-partner need support?

She still loved him the complicated truth

so long since being together.

Happily for a few years it really went well

but had their bad spell!


Since they parted it had not been easy on her

there were problems true.

They drifted apart he had to work away

being a cage fighter.

Too often coming home bruised and battered

to her it really mattered!


The rows got too much just couldn’t agree

eventually in the end he left!

For years they’d lost contact yet she worried

though living in the same town.

Their lives never crossed didn’t get in touch

deep down missing him so much.


One day they met he looked really down

they spoke but were distant.

The urge was still strong he needed help

but now it was clear.

They could not be back as a couple again

the distance would remain.


Not until she saw him in person once more

did she realise the gap.

He had that empty and hopeless look

his memory had faded.

Suggesting they meet once in a while

but couldn’t raise a smile.


He left her in the street alone little said

watching him go thought it sad.

But was now satisfied at least she’d tried

had to concentrate on herself.

Within felt better at last closing the past

her emotions redefined at last.


The Foureyed Poet.

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