At first a few ornaments shook in the apartment

in that modern city block

complacent the warning ignored by the couple

then a more violent shudder

running out fearing the buildings destruction

outside was a total ruction!


Not from an earth quake they had first thought

but there had been a crash

the unrecognisable craft fallen from clear skies

huge of an unknown design

fire and flames spread along a devastating track

there was no going back!


More appeared firing  weapons into a fleeing crowd

masonry falling crushing many

helicopter gunships and fighter planes approached

then of no match to the foe

on the ground weird creatures herded those unhurt

driving them precise and covert!


At the start man was not fully prepared to fight

to retaliate to the alien massacre

these battles were coordinated around the globe

an unprovoked desecration

secret protocols were formulated by governments

on the possibilities of such events!


Satellites signals disrupted the attack a surprise

but a resistance had been planned

now to be implemented the fight back had begun

hidden basis and weapons brought on-line

powerful nations told us aliens didn’t really exist

and were slow in preparing to resist!


We had no warning yet the military certainly knew

mistrust at their real agenda grew!


The Foureyed Poet.

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