From within their home felt a strong presence

yet nothing seemed out of sync

the interior became illuminated a piercing light

shone into their back garden

their gaze drawn upwards to a majestic display

clouds formed of rainbow colours

changing shapes as if an angelic glorious rave

to the magnificence were its slave!


As though their minds were being manipulated

spellbound their eyes fixed

over the vast historic wilderness others gathered

some praying others recording

this mystical aerial pageant filled them with alarm

use to seeing flying objects

of unknown origin leaving everybody confounded

as their hold on reality pounded!


As the event had started it was now gone from sight

exhausted as if the spell was lifted

they retreated back into their homes to at last sleep

but there was still a distant sound

of voices like a perfect pitched choral choir singing

or this was what they perceived

high above them lights darted at super sonic speed

below ley lines were deeply laid!


These unbelievable images increasing is it a warning

of mans evil by a greater being us scorning!

Or could there be truth in the threat of aliens existing

whatever the phenomena is persisting!








Direct Vision!

Warm so peaceful few clouds in the sky

crickets creating the only sound

the moon shone you could feel the heat

relaxing upon a sun lounger

riveted by the number of stars in view

realized her husband was overdue!


Almost falling asleep the wine glass fell

made her jump and sit up

noticed a growing object in her vision

its shape forever changing

colours of varied degrees of illumination

a spectacular presentation!


First sighting a spectacle that was awesome

twisting turning coming to a halt

never before seen such a dazzling display

as more just came into sight

soon neighbours were gathered transfixed

opinions on objects mixed!


With a captive audience and intense stares

the object seemed to come nearer

its vast size visible but no audible noise

except from gasps of the crowd

then the craft silently accelerating ascended

into the heavens blended!


Authorities denied any knowledge of the sighting!


The Foureyed Poet.

From The Battlefield!

From the battlefield a lone horseman retreated

his comrades never to leave.

The wounded soldier holding his head high

hearing his friends pitiful cries!

Veteran of many conflicts there was no choice

he had to be their voice!


Proud to be the bearer of the regiments colours

he had to return to headquarters.

To report the massacre of such a heroic band

heavy in heart he had to depart.

With the risk of capture he made his way

realising ahead dangers lay!


From that bloody battlefield he rode on at a rise

turned to salute his comrades.

Never to ride with them again in this mortal life

he was fatally wounded.

This his last mission to make one final report

and tell them how brave they fought.


Somehow many days later near the headquarters

the soldier was found near death.

His horse standing firm as though protecting him

the standard firmly in his hand.

With appalling injuries he completed his obligation

and honoured by an indebted nation!


From the battlefield site it’s said he’s seen even now

regiment colours flying high!


The Fouryed Poet.





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