From The Cockpit

The air force pilot had to make the decision

that could cost many lives!

From the cockpit he had the perfect view

of a village to destroy!

Orders had been given to fire the missile

the distance just over a mile.


Being a veteran of many theatres of war

maybe he’d seen enough.

To much slaughter with negative results

a new concept in his thinking.

The panel indicated the target locked on

in his head remembering a song.


Give Peace a chance he began to hum

his finger pressed the trigger.

Watching the rocket as it hit the mark

knowing civilians were there!

Flying high aloof of the scene below

watching the explosion grow!


From the cockpit the pilot flew away

his mission was complete.

But this time his attitude was sour

it was time to retire.

Never doubting orders in this way

conscience came into play.


He could not switch off like a robot

sitting in a plane.

Unleashing such destructive power

this now overwhelmed him.

Realising the aftermath of his actions

there was no retractions!


All he wanted now was be with his family!


The Foureyed Poet.

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