The Year!

The year could be any that we may remember

the increasing violence a way of life

caused by mankind’s hand and natures power

conflicts refugees from far-flung shores

as armies invaded increasingly country borders

a new president adding to the mix

with discourse expanding throughout society

heightened that loss of security

surveillance being taken to paranoid extremes

unknown forces facing humanity

with only the few living in debauched luxury

more failed to cope with surviving

depression and suicide alarmingly escalating

new year hangovers remained the year

ahead lay uncertainty of humanities true path

as that darkness gripped the soul

a confusion had tightly entwined itself around

our chemical makeup as genders merged

evil became the way of thinking

suspicion of each other like a sickness spread

leading too many innocent dead

media outlets given scripted news for us to view

most of it later discovered untrue

reality becoming a 3D game all were consumed

the right of the individual forever doomed!







Become A Loner

The man alone in a busy restaurant

people talked around him.

Somehow he had become a loner

to him nobody spoke.

He never spoke to those nearby

losing the will to try.


The man alone not always like this

he’d been married twice.

Blessed with children and socialized

yet lacked something.

Nobody accepted him as a real friend

was it a chemical blend?


The man alone began to feel depressed

watching others socialize.

What future his past didn’t cheer him up

questioning his purpose.

Isolation was becoming his main issue

the future not even he knew!


The Foureyed Poet.

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