Charlie stood tall by a white cross

surrounded by thousands more

to the living the cemetery empty

but he was not there on his own

by each one many others stared

more deaths added to the toll

as on that yearly memorial day

for their loss the living did pray!


Each one their futures were taken

generations that never existed

families still reflecting the void

as more joined a premature end

peace had never been reached

the mood charged with dread

infinite ghosts haunted the living

for the majority life unforgiving!


Once more Charlie could only view

as a spectator in the growing queue!





The Monk!

The investigation team sat in the church cemetery

it had been for at least three hours.

Though none would admit they were getting bored

yet relaxed commenting on this fact.

The small group patiently waited for any action

unsure if it happened their reaction!


They were feeling alert and constantly observing

yet chatting to pass the hours.

About two in the morning decided to walk about

knowing others had seen shadows.

Also noises and screams had sent them running

thinking something for them was gunning!


Moving around the headstones imaginations active

every sound and movement magnified!

They could understand how easily to mistake

animals distant sounds or the wind.

Even headstones and trees were of varying heights

helping to create inaccurate sights!


Turning natural images into what they want to see

the stories heard fresh in their minds!

So this team tried not to fall into the same trap

as into the last hour they entered.

Ahead on the footpath they saw a hooded figure

that was becoming bigger!


Hearts pounded as they realised it was The Monk

who appeared solid and real!

The girls didn’t know whether to scream or cheer

this was their first sighting!

Watching this did validated their long research

as it headed for the ruin of the church!


Slowly fading as the monk entered a porch door

yet the presence could still be felt.

Lingering in the dampness of the early morning

and they all had nothing to say.

Absorbing the clear images they’d all just witnessed

it had changed them later they confessed!


There are so many who once never believed but now

think could there be something more?


The Foureyed Poet.





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