Powerful he stood leader of the mighty nation

once they set the standard

for its authority self-approval and egotism

an economy of immense wealth

the glory days have faded no longer in control

lost now that almighty role!


Corruption and mistrust sour the ruling party

fear of another invasion

has weakened its structure as well as self belief

with more violence flaring

law enforcement is under a rising onslaught

where in the middle caught!


Other major powers are an unpredictable threat

they seem to follow satan’s law

where humankind are of no importance at all

our destruction a by-product

the separation between good and evil merging

the annihilation of cultures surging!


Will future leaders guide us from these dark forces

or take us further down fatal courses?


The Foureyed Poet.




The Good Samaritan

There by the dusty war damaged road

laid the body of an aid worker.

A Good Samaritan who gave so much

supporting those helpless.

Caught in this countries bloody fight

a victim of the plight!


Brave or foolish there are those willing

to live and work in crisis.

With no safety for themselves but others

yet treated as an enemy!

Being humanitarian above self-preservation

or the risk of retaliation!


Through their incredible work and sacrifice

unsung heroes of modern times.

They continue regardless being murdered

within a cycle of evil!

Bringing compassion where there is none

their pleads the leaders  shun!


The Good Samaritan was returned to his family!


Rest In Peace.


The Foureyed Poet.

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