On a humid late August evening

the couple sat on a bench

the sun gave them the spotlight

romance filled their thoughts

until in the skies they witnessed

a plane the air it caressed!


To them seemed it had just taken off

yet no sound in their ears

as they felt the surging passion to kiss

the plane stopped in the sky

surely an unimaginable gravity action

now becoming a total attraction!


Thoughts of love on a summer’s evening

gone staring in disbelief

was moving backwards how could it be

still there not descending

or crashing upon the township below

minds confused did not know!


Nobody else was anywhere to be seen

holding their gaze necks strained

again came to a halt how could this be

moved in a forward motion

speeding up as helicopters approached

unmarked on its space encroached!


Within a second became a saucer shape

disappearing as if dissolved

running petrified at this weird sight

what was happening above

an unsolved mystery that is spreading

our future should we be dreading?


Increased sightings of strange craft in motion

going against our understanding

what enables them to fly in our atmosphere

are they of extraterrestrial origin

or human intervention hidden from our view

the masses just want to screw!


Most unaware of dangers that surrounds them!


The Foureyed Poet.







Agent On The Tube!

The London tube it was busier on this night

than usual after the shows.

More like the chaotic commuter crush

being pushed into the carriage.

Such smart attire he felt very overdressed

squashed like being caressed.


No ordinary traveller on this London tube

an undercover agent on duty.

A threat of an attack had been reported

two suspects identified.

Having one of them in his sight he was cool

this guy looked no fool!


The agent was armed in case of a confrontation

for now could only observe.

Uncertain of this man’s next movements

two stops later he followed him off.

And about to meet with the other suspect

their plan about to connect!


Up the long escalators through the crowds

it was hard to follow.

Clearly watchful and careful of his route

realizing the chance of surveillance.

Then saw the second person slowly emerge

but there was a crowd surge.


Informing his superiors of the situation by radio

had to say he’d lost the target.

Told to stand down the operation was lost

but found out it was a false alarm!

Decided not to waste the chance for the break

an opportunity he would take.


That night he had a good time a rare event

but it was short lived.

As early the following day he had a call

positive information received.

An assassination plot was being planned

he’d been put in command!


None of us know what mortal dangers surround

or what agencies our streets pound!


The Foureyed Poet.

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