Deep Waters!

Not even a ripple disturbed the dark deep waters

of the secluded mysterious inland lake

stories had been told for centuries of a monster

that roamed the deep below

open grassland swept down to the lapping shore

rising to the high mountainous contour!


Deep murky water that kept its secrets hidden

cold and unforgiving to humans

who had searched its depths for endless decades

certain the beast was within

many sightings and hoaxes kept the legend viable

not really classified as reliable!


But the stream of monster seekers was constant

hoping to get their glimpse of it

whatever swam and lived there below covertly

yet no conclusive evidence found

driftwood birds rippling waves it was suggested

as no beast in the waters infested!


Yet there is an element of possibility that lingers

those who live around the waters

seemed to believe and that underlining disquiet

it existed there beneath

a respect for what is part of their ancient folklore

that simmer’s all along the lakeshore!


They deeply feel this is not a mythical creature

and maybe is able to be camouflaged

observing man fearful of his ominous presence

or is there a magical reality here

they watch waiting with cameras peering eyes

endlessly from dusk to sunrise!


Has somebody caught sight and their claim denied

without doubt not wrongly identified!


What does prowl beneath the deep dark waters?









Telescopic Sight!

Through the telescopic sight the sniper aimed

no emotions clouded his mind.

It was his job to protect the military force

no matter the cost!

From a high point watching and waiting

for him no hesitating!


His specially honed skills often called to assist

in the protection of the troops.

Never killing on impulse but by a strict code

a soldier loyal to his country!

Following orders if instructed would make the kill

his duty he would always fulfil!


Camouflaged hidden from view like a ghost

he haunted the enemy!

They were not safe from his telescopic sight

an angel of death!

Never seen or heard until the lethal bullet strike

confirming the kill on his radio mic!


These lonesome warriors in a war zone!


The Foureyed Poet.

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