He missed that touch and sound of her soft voice

as the coffin was lowered into the grave

why had she died the autopsy was inconclusive

suicide was on her death certificate

married for five years his childhood sweetheart

never thought so soon they would part!


There by his side their son who was distraught

just turned eighteen they were close

his eyes viewed the casket as he threw a rose

just before reluctantly leaving

unable to accept she would take her own life

this he knew of his wife!


What had happened repeating the question

over and over in his mind

she worked hard too often away on business

never spoke of her own job

as it entailed secretive government contracts

concerned she had to hide the facts!


Shattered receiving that middle of the night call

worried from her had not heard

tried to phone countless times but got no reply

leaving earlier with a kiss and touch

promised that she would be save while gone

knew she was positive and strong!


Mentioned a car on several occasions had followed

closely behind while out and about

but brushed it off saying it was nothing of concern

expressed anxiety but said do not to worry

on reflection recalling how sinister her voice tone

surely the dangers should have known!


Told the police when questioned soon after his loss

mentioned his fears and what she said

nothing was done believing she had taken her life

closing the case and filing it away

he was certain she had been silenced for a reason

eliminated for what they classed as treason?


Or  uncovered information not for public consumption

sealing her inevitable death or just his  presumption

laying in their bed turned to where she always laid

knowing her spirit was there but still very afraid!






The Call!

That call took the officers to a bogus emergency

both enthusiastic and dedicated.

Doing their duty never knowing what to expect

at speed they went to aid.

To citizens needing help at a reported break in

the assassin waited within!


Arriving at an empty house on a large  estate

ran up the garden path.

There was no warning an evil man came out

automatic gun in hand he fired!

Neither stood a chance they’d been trapped

falling their energy sapped!


The murderer looked at what he’d just done

no remorse in his face or thoughts!

Throwing the weapon down strode to his car

leaving the police women to die!

A mid morning on what was a typical day

now one in history that will stay!


Stunned witnesses tried to give them comfort

but one had died instantly.

The other with somebody holding her hand

as for the killer a wanted man.

An hour later walked into a police station

the public still wait his explanation!


But like so many murders there’s no answers

lives are lost families shattered!

Most have no understanding of these actions

but see violence escalating!

These two deaths show the dangers they face

any time they go out on a case!


The world is not only a danger from nature

but the coldness of many humans!


The Foureyd Poet.

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Wooden Door!

The neighbours had heard the child’s cries

but did not want to get involved

outside the appearance was of normality

curtains closed with a sense of despair

the wooden front door shut firm and tight

a report made of possible plight!


A social worker came to make a first call

ominously knocking on that door

unsure she waited for someone to answer

at last a young woman opened it ajar

an unpleasant odour wafted out of there

as she spoke with a pleading stare!


A whimpering could be heard from inside

but she was not allowed to enter

little was said as she quickly shut that door

the social worker could do no more

making her report it was filed an at risk case

soon they had forgotten this place!


Weeks passed and an urgent call was made

the police were soon knocking that door

breaking it down as screaming was heard

inside was a complete scene of squalor

a child of about  ten was found nearly dead

lying still and helpless in a putrid bed!


They discovered a young woman distraught

trying hard to revive the poor child

two other kids ran around in a terrible state

within minutes the child was in hospital

the life signs the doctors said were not good

at his side at death his mother stood!


Such sadness when a child does not survive

his brother and sister taken into care

later at the enquiry each blamed the other

nothing resolved it will happen again

where is the next door with horrors to hide

desperate victims helpless inside?


The father never found the mother later died!


The Foureyed Poet.

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