A Simple Pleasure

A simple pleasure that I enjoy

to sit and look about me.

With fervent beliefs to employ

just to be here and free.


Doing nothing but observe

absorbing with my senses.

Enjoying each turn and curve

as every moment commences.


No use of physical energy

let your mind roam.

Nobody’s a friend or an enemy

viewing even from home.


All around there’s love and hate

violence and peace

Mingled in life’s big debate

as instability’s on the increase.


Violence infiltrates our souls

nobody’s immune from dying.

As life takes many roles

on each hope I’m not prying


Trying to be In a neutral position

watching earthly evolution.

A bystanders in natures mission

for which you have no solution.


A grain of sand in a desert

all I can be is alert!


The Foureyed Poet.

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