How had he got here was confused

tired here within little light

fingers so sticky certain not alone

eyes blurry unable to focus

holding a knife in his hand so numb

to what had he succumb?


Soon becoming aware of his quandary

where had he ended up

no knowledge of the circumstances

how a body was at his naked feet

the smell of blood making him queasy

scared and completely uneasy!


Fumbling in the darkness his body sore

found the curtains opening

as brightness blinded his limited vision

eventually eyes focused

exposing the carnage of a gory scene

an ordeal could never have foreseen!


With an effort slowly exited the slaying

leaving footprints behind

out onto a tiled patio where rain fell

striking his body with force

falling to his knees hurting wanted to cry

his actions could not justify!


More alert did not recognise the view

nor the house looked familiar

from behind heard the sound of a car

instinctively made him jump

as it tried to hit him then sped away

on stony surface did splay!


Hardly a moment to stand heard shots

bullets ricochet around him

this jolted new thoughts into his mind

his life was in dire situation

surely he also meant to have expired

but their plot backfired!


Yes it was an undercover operation

had arranged to meet a contact

wife of an international gang leader

went in alone without backup

had to be a trap somehow survived

success of their plan deprived!


Had to get back to his London base

alive his bosses wrath to face!








The Four Wheeled Drive!

The four-wheeled drive parked engine running

dark grey in colour.

Some dents used with search lights in a row

upon the vehicles roof.

Behind tinted windows watching eyes fixed

the sexes mixed!


The mercenaries nerves slowly began to fray

waiting to pounce.

Their target was due along the crowded road

a dangerous task.

Their position was unsafe trying to be careful

not feeling cool!


From behind a military truck slowly approached

as their target appeared!

Placed a car with explosives to block the path

and for a diversion!

As it went off they got out and into position

to complete the mission!


In the chaos they ran to the trapped limousine

automatic weapons in the hands!

Armour piercing bullets penetrated the interior

as body guards came to spar!

They only had a short window to make a retreat

before being beat!


Within minutes the V8 engine roared racing away

smashing anything in their path!

They were soon in the nearby hills being pursued

just reaching their chopper!

And out of the enemy country safe and well

all before darkness fell!


But they knew the cartel would not be fooled

having influence far and wide!

Being ex-military the unit had experience

every mission a challenge!

Knowing well it could be their very last one

enjoying each rising and setting sun!


They were now ready for their next well paid job!


The Foureyd Poet.

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