The breakdown service received a frantic call

a frightened voice spoke

a females car for some reason would not start

in a side street close by

a priority call was put out to quickly assist

an area where trouble did persist!


As the mechanic approached the dingy street

he could see the callers car

bonnet lid was up and drivers door open wide

cautiously parked behind it

consternation overcame him this was sinister

what was his escape perimeter?


Got out to take a closer look at the empty car

a street light shone brightly down

nobody was to be seen noticing scratches

on the deeply dented roof

a trail of what could be blood on the ground

hearing a faint screaming sound!


Though he knew the rule was to radio control

his instinct made him pursue

thinking only of the woman’s desperate plight

holding a spanner followed the noise

along the semi derelict and littered pavement

searching for victim and assailant!


Saw no other living soul as he followed the trail

it went into an overgrown garden

female cries were louder also a disturbing growl

almost afraid to step forward

moved on gripping his make do weapon tight

not suspecting the coming sight!


Behind a dilapidated and rotting garden shed

saw beast with taught grey skin

ripping at the females flesh laying so still

into the fray he went on instinct

hitting it hard but the spanner rebounded

and on him the thing rounded!


Fang like teeth with large pitch black eyes

it charged him he reeled back

falling managed grabbed a piece of wood

with a sharp point he lunged

ripped into the body that made it divert

just disappeared sure it was hurt!


Dizzy bruised and shaken ran to the woman

sure with blood loss was dead

amazed felt a faint pulse picked up and ran

no time to think had to get help

after leaving her in casualty sat traumatized

as the events in his mind formalised!


What had he just confronted in that garden

nobody would believe his account

still had to ring his firm with an explanation

glanced at his own bruises shaking

thinking of that beast roaming somewhere

close by of this was too aware!


Heard loud talking the police had been called

no longer his tale could be stalled!

at this point unsure if the woman was alive

uncertain of the future deeply sighed!


The Foureyed Poet.



Car Breakdown!

Never trust a garage to look after your car

my dear old dad use to say.

Those words came back to haunt me

when it did come to a stop!

Upon a moorland road in the dead of night

soon to survive I’d have to fight!


In the pitch black I knew this was not good

yet I could see nothing.

Neither call for help without a phone signal

the electrics had failed.

Reluctant to move and of the danger aware

nobody with the fear to share.


The wind blew over the course grasslands

shapes seemed to come and go!

Noises to I didn’t recognise hit my ears

agitating every nerve!

Had to find a place with a land line phone

one human on his own!


The road seemed to stretch on without end

as an ominous mist formed!

Sensing there was a pounding rapidly closing

behind me I tried to run.

Tripping on an uneven surface fell into a ditch

laying at a very steep pitch!


Semi conscious after colliding with a small rock

heavy breathing I heard!

Something growling and sniffing around me

wanting to shout aloud.

But knowing any movement would be lethal

my actions had to be cool.


Losing consciousness  some hours later I awoke

early morning and freezing.

Finding it hard to sit up but glad to be alive

nothing was visible now!

Upon my feet fearing these phantoms were near

thankfully nothing did appear.


Making it safely back to my vehicle was such a plus

cautious with every step.

Thought I’d try start the engine but with little hope

like a dream it burst into life!

Like nothing had happened amazed I drove on

weak but trying to be strong.


Arriving at a village without further incidents

sitting reflecting but relieved.

Unsure if it was real or a psychological attack

the cut on my head then hurt.

In my mind clear evil was present on that moor

memories within still raw!


Without actual proof nobody would believe

one day the answer I would conceive!


The Foureyed Poet.

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