Early on that morning was so calm and sunny

as they set off on their journey

though the sky was filled with chemical trails

that did not fade but stayed

it was a big controversy they were being laced

with toxins the rulers embraced!


Kept this in mind as the day began to heat up

soon came upon traffic

decided to take a detour along  quieter

empty country lanes

were lost without phones and navigation

began to cause frustration!


Upon an abandoned village their first stop

this they did not see or expect

until their car ran over the vandalised sign

reading contaminated zone

a red skull and crossed bones made it grim

though a bright day here was dim!


Decided it best to leave without stopping here

but as they reversed to head back

as there seemed to be no road going through

it appeared out of place on moorland

the engine cut out the friends were stuck here

their next move was unclear!


Their phones read no signal yet could see a tower

sat not wanting to exit the vehicle

sensed it would be unwise to step outside the car

trapped in disbelief so vulnerable

patience was something they all lacked for sure

should not have taken a detour!


Suddenly on the roof a bang as if somebody there

scraping metal ringing in their ears

a black substance trickled down the windscreen

a slug like thing slithered into view

then were also on front windows on either side

each feeling wimps and mortified!


The three friends decided they had to decamp

the windows started to melt

struggling into the rear seat luckily four doors

in unison forced one open and ran

stumbling down the road they had just driven

to get away alive they were striven!


Running began to tire then thinking it was safe

slowed to a walking pace

a boom made them stop a bright flash followed

turning could see it was the car

an odd noise next to them took each by surprise

the slug like things muffled their cries!


High above another chemical trail filled the sky

a fine vapour fell where even birds did not fly!








He travelled the same journey each day

often noticing signs

watch out for deer running on the road

to preoccupied to care

always took usual route to place of work

not thinking anything would lurk!


Gathering speed at  sixty miles per hour

found himself confronted

by a beast this the only way to describe it

no choice but to swerve

front end of his car ending up in a ditch

at a very steep pitch!


Shaken but not hurt it was hard to breath

air bag restricting breathing

yet managed to open door to make an exit

without even a scratch

the image embedded in his consciousness

what a hellish mess!


Darkness had filtered down as the police

arrived closing the inside lane

questions were asked what had happened

explaining he had seen a beast

no choice instinctively turned the wheel

or fate would have been sealed!


They wanted to know exactly what he saw

what he related like a yeti

but remembered seeing hands like claws

this they found hard to believe

this was rural part of England their reply

this he certainly could not deny!


Breathalyzed him surely he must be drunk

this he strongly protested

of course he was sober leaving them baffled

no other reports had come in

being taken to hospital just as a precaution

still seeing that image of distortion!


No physical injuries doubt on his mental state

was of major concern

kept in for observation and psychiatric opinion

at that time never knew

his rest was short lived as detectives descended

those tranquil moments ended!


Two serious looking plain clothes officers entered

abruptly into the  side ward

with information on urgent new developments

on the bonnet of his car

deep claw marks consistent with a large bear

this I did not see I swear!


More upright like a very hairy ape like man

surely confirming his sanity

here was the proof it was not his imagination

then suddenly shattering noises

mayhem and panic filled the once quiet room

a furry beast came like a sonic boom!


The men in his room were thrown like rag dolls

he just managed to escape

what was this thing why was it chasing after him

months passed in hiding scared

the answers he felt certain would be his lonely task

in his own misery bask!


But searching the web found several others desperate

seeking the same quest

meeting joined forces to find what the phenomena was

there had to be a reason

for these terrifying events as more began to contact

this growing problem had to combat!


From just a few it grew into an organisation and army

as the horrendous truth dawned

not of earth but violent beings of another dimension

who seemed to target individuals

their battle had only just begun to halt the invaders

these violent alien raiders!


The alarms sounded there had been another incursion!


The Foureyed Poet.










I recall!

I recall one cold and wet thundery night

while staying in my uncles old eerie house.

Sitting in his huge armchair in candle light

near the hearth sat a frightened little mouse.

It was warm in front of the flickering fire

as I dozed with dreams of burning desire.

Suddenly a noise made me jump from the chair

something strange must have happened I thought.

In my half awake state I was aware

then from a dark dingy corner I caught.

A glimpse of what seemed a human form

with a bang and crash from the raging storm.

Nothing was there but a wooden lamp stand

I stood by the fire feeling so cold.

When something evil and unseen touched my hand

what nightmare was about to unfold.

The air turned cold I could see my breath

such terror filled my heart was I near to death.

An awesome silence now filled the whole room

as upon the door came a deafening sound.

A voice cried for mercy as another boom

seemed to hit the door it echoed all around.

With all my strength to move a few feet

I turned the handle what would I meet.

There before me stood a petrified young girl

she looked so real except for the odd glow.

The necklace she wore contained one large pearl

with a scream she disappeared where I did not know.

I reached out to her then all went dark

all these images were clear and stark.

Shaking and very cold the next morning

through blurry eyes I saw something on the floor.

I realized it had not been a sick joke

what had happened my mind was still unsure.

I picked up a bloody pearl it was real

so shiny and sticky in my hand to feel.

I still feel scared years on the terror is there

my uncle would never tell me the truth.

The house still remains so does the old chair

I found out the girl’s name was Ruth.

Remember never close your mind to the unknown

as other mysterious through history have shown.

To many stories have not been explained

my one aim the truth to seek.

The atmosphere around is charged and strained.

somehow I must be strong not weak.

In finding out dark secrets of my families past

to bring rest to all of us at last.

Through the years I have always been intrigued by the unknown. I am a sceptic still, nothing has really changed my mind as I have not seen anything. But have spoken to many people, who say they have had experiences. Which does make me have  more of an open mind on these possible events that at this time nobody can give a rational answer to. I wrote this poem a little story within itself as a sort of challenge. I hope one day I will get feed back on what the public think.

The Foureyed Poet.

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