Never had he seen such devastation before

a loud explosion knocked him down.

He layed there dazed and smothered in dust

how did he not die?

Only yards away as the houses disintegrated

both totally obliterated!


Just a bystander on his regular route to work

always been a quiet street.

Terraced houses in rows never any trouble

making it more of a shock!

In one premises a family with a small child

the other a man meek and mild.


Staggering to his feet he stared in total dismay

all that was left flattened rubble!

Later discovering the child had perished

a wide empty gap remained!

Ears still ringing as helpers gave him support

the atmosphere tense and taut.


Then surmised possibly of an accidental cause

later who was the perpetrator.

Scenes a reminder of passed British bombings

came to many minds!

Something that never ever should have been

on our streets to be seen!


An arrest was made a conclusion awaited

it was a crime that would be debated!


The Foureyed Poet.

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