A Friends Apartment!

The surroundings of his friend’s apartment

was unfamiliar to him.

How they’d got back was a total mystery

waking up on the couch.

Needing to find the toilet for an urgent pee

but it was difficult to see.


No idea where the bathroom was situated

knocking into furniture.

Unable to find a light switch blundered on

at last finding the room.

Relief! Found himself staring at his reflection

in a mirror feeling rejection!


Then for a second an image came behind him

certain it was his friend.

Swinging around to speak nothing was there

how could he be that quick?

Now adjusted to darkness made his way back

on a table his leg did whack!


Sliding his hand along the wall found the switch

instantly was painfully bright.

Soon becoming alert when he saw the gory mess

and vandalised room!

Blood spattered on the floors and every wall

then on something did fall!


The body of a young woman he’d never met

now smeared in her blood!

Running to the hallway trying to escape

the exit door was insight.

Reaching it only to find it had been locked

his rationality rocked!


What was he trapped in here with he stressed

where was his elusive mate?

His breath now laboured and sweat dripped

afraid to move a muscle!

Knowing it had killed one person already

on his feet was unsteady!


Nearby was an old-fashioned hat stand

a wooden cane hung there.

Reaching out gripped it in his sticky hand

seeing movement nearby.

There looking at him was he guessed his mate

bloody eyes filled with hate!


He knew what had turned this gentle person

was not an important issue.

Hoping he had the strength to fight for his life

as the beast lunged forward.

Hitting it as hard as he could but to no avail

this act sadly did fail!


But the cane had snapped in two he held a stake

very long and jagged!

By luck or a higher power there was one chance

the beast came at him again!

Lowering its head he thrust it hard like a sword

praying a direct hit he’d scored!


An awful scream and this thing fell on top of him

he could see the cane had struck.

Piercing an eye pushing it off him he just cried

as voices and banging.

Started loudly on the still locked main front door

he was safe he felt sure.


But at that moment the beast rose from the floor!


The Foureyed Poet.


The hikers were beginning to find it very tough

as the forest became more dense

some of them experienced others the first trip

some wished they had not come

trees were whispering and in unison moved

their presence was not approved!


They were tiring as the undergrowth thickened

now all the tracks were covered

not taking long to realise they were trapped

every way looked the same

underfoot was becoming boggy and deep

the ground becoming steep!


Sloping down to a foul-smelling putrid pond

with animal tracks going in

they were being directed right to its edge

branches started breaking

from the tops of huge trees it got closer

conditions getting grosser!


Bunching up at the edge the bank crumbling

a dark object swimming

around as if this was waiting for them to fall in

giving way with their weight

tipping a hiker into the water covered slime

consumed in her prime!


So rapid no sounds were heard just the blood

changing the colour red

the rest did manage to grab thick twines

jumping to firmer ground

scrambling amongst the thick vegetation

beasts intent on their damnation!


Each hiker succumbing to overwhelming odds

several broke free and ran

not caring about injuries at their skin ripping

on thorns and sharp branches

not a soul heard their dying or begging pleas

as the last died in the trees!


The forest kept its secrets no witnesses to tell!

where now do their bodies dwell!


‘ Warning! Enter At Your Own Peril!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Last Journey!

The pretty young teenager got on the bus

on her way to school.

Thinking about the exam she was to take

glad to see her friends.

No bad feelings or thoughts just talking

but somebody was stalking!


There was one watching her and brooding

as the vehicle moved.

Stood suddenly lurching forward at the girl

in his hand a knife!

Focussed on his act the weapon pierced skin

shocking events would begin!


The driver stopped hearing terrible screams

as the murderer escaped.

Forcing open the doors he then sprinted away

friends and strangers united.

Some paralysed with fear others tried to slow

the pumping blood flow!


Paramedics and police  on the scene in minutes

clearing the passengers.

But even with professional help could not save

this precious young life!

One light of a generation had been cruelly taken

everybody was shaken.


The suspect was caught an hour later lurking

acting suspiciously nearby.

Apprehended and taken in for interrogation

waiting for more information.

Then declaring he was of unsound mind

not saying if the maniac kind!


Those questions that are always being asked

might one day be answered!


Dear child rest in peace.


The Foureyed Poet.

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Upon those streets the blood did run

children playing having fun.

The soldiers came cold and callous

their hearts filled with malice.

Nobody was immune no mercy shown

seeds of hatred were  sown!


That day was but another in their fight

to see the next morning light.

Food a luxury all amenities destroyed

with their lives the army toyed!

Oppression and misery all they knew

surely a reason they were due!


The bombs rained down on the meek

their bodies increasingly weak.

Resistance grew the houses crumbled

and the ground rumbled.

Their faith through adversity not shaken

though many loved ones taken!


This  scenario has forever been repeated

their spirits can never be defeated.

Nothing changes in the history of mankind

always the aggressors and maligned!

Centuries have passed the coffins filled

forever the innocent killed!


The Foureyed Poet.


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In the shadows it stood fangs dripping blood

a spectre of evil observing!

After midnight on a still crowded walkway

camouflaged in a vantage point.

Dressed in a long black coat eager to proceed

a vampire needing to feed!


That urge to hunt and track unsuspecting prey

gave it such a morbid thrill.

Leaving no clues after each savage kill

ripping flesh with its fangs!

Instinct indicating a second feed was near

their heartbeat he could hear!


A lone woman walked at an increasing pace

down a dark muddy lane.

After a row with her drunken boyfriend

distracted in her thoughts.

To fast for any screams or make a break

as her life it did take!


Long sharp fangs sank deep into her soft flesh

soon he’d had his fill for now!

Lacking emotion he left her there satisfied

that this hunt was done.

Back into the dank shadows it retreated

tonight’s feast completed!


Licking the blood off  its fangs! Vanished!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Face Against The Window!

I saw the girls face against the window pane

twisted in pure terror!

At that moment I just didn’t understand

her screams were muffled.

Approaching not knowing how to assist

blood pouring from each wrist!


Looking inside she had vanished from view

the place was in darkness!

Not a murmur came from within the walls

but shuddered just being there!

Approaching the door cautiously terrified

compelled to go inside.


The urge to powerful I had no choice but enter

a shadowy figure materialised!

Fearsome I’d never seen such a thing before

thinking it would savage me!

Yet left me quivering completely unscathed

in my own sweat bathed!


Finding a switch I turned on blazing lights

blood spattered every where!

Shocked like a Coward I ran back outside

from a distance I saw the girl.

Crawling out mutilated onto the pathway

if only that day I could replay!


Angry for not helping this damsel in need

returning to see what I could do!

The girl ripped apart by large sharp claws

looking ghastly she didn’t move!

Checking to see if she had actually died

her long nails ripped my side!


Got up and ran again before anybody came

home the only place I was safe.

Eventually stared into my bathroom mirror

the wound had congealed.

This was weird it was healing and no pain

in my shower refreshing rain.


The problems had just started I soon realised

when the moon was full!

I often recall the girls face aganist the window

and hope she was deceased!

Turning into a werewolf on each lonely night

with my teeth to tear and bite!


But I know she is out there and we will meet

maybe to share the fresh meat!


The Foureyed Poet.

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She laid on the varnished wooden floor observing

nothing seemed different.

The children played and jumped on her back

as normal sighed getting up.

Walking away keeping a quiet presence

the love for her immense!


Part of the family they had called her Jess

not one of the illegal breeds.

A golden labrador with a gentle nature

but on that day it changed!

An urgent call to the police was received

the scene they hadn’t perceived.


Jess sat calmly on the wooden front porch

covered in blood wagging her tail!

Inside the house two badly mutilated bodies

as if attacked by a savage beast!

They heard children whimpering nearby

an awful sobbing cry!


Two children were found in a walk in wardrobe

both in a state of shock.

Jess offered no resistance when she was handled

licking and barking loudly.

The police were very wary putting her in a cage

there was no sign of any rage!


The dwelling was sealed the children taken to safety

after tests it was proved.

Jess had killed her owners the only witnesses told

of their friend going crazy!

The once beloved pet was quickly put to sleep

sadness in the county ran deep!


It was never disclosed that in the dogs blood sample

an unknown virus was found!

But it just disappeared before its origin was traced

so the mystery remained!

The case was closed a tragic accident and filed away

until another call the following Sunday!


Now the authorities began to fear the worst!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Desolation Manor!

It was another working day for the carpenter

one of a group renovating a house

admittedly it was a big premises with a past

named oddly Desolation Manor

but he found himself uneasy being inside

afraid this he denied!


Here in an overgrown country park at dawn

arriving before anyone else

the manor looked more bleak on this day

very reluctant to go near

never liked working here standing outside

his time to bide!


All the while drawn to a mother and child

waiting at the main door

trying to turn away he heard a child laugh

nobody else was about

compelled to take another look that way

an empty doorway on display!


At last his fellow workers came down the drive

he felt very relieved

greeting each other they went into the dim hall

his job renovating the staircase

hearing their laughter echoing in the building

soon he had regret coming in!


Opening his tool box a loud sound up the stairs

instinctively glancing that way

a couple  argued where had they come from

the man pushed the female

falling violently down with a pitiful scream

blood flowed like a stream!


A child came into view kneeling by the body

sobbing holding a still hand

he jumped back in a spontaneous reaction

but nothing was visible

in a cold sweat he picked up his tool case

never returning to that place!


Nor dare to look back or speak of it again!


The Foureyed Poet.

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The Blood!

He could not get the blood off himself

no matter how he tried

it was him or that monstrous creature

not alive anymore

just couldn’t get used to all the blood

worse mixed in mud!


How had he become killer of these things

always been a quiet lad

that was until he met that fantastic girl

pity then he didn’t know

she wasn’t of the homo sapiens breed

spawned of another seed!


Beginning to age yet she looked the same

never knew they co-existed

drawn into their feud against their vile kind

had to learn to fight

or by knowing her would be dispatched

head from body detached!


This race had been here long before man

from a distant galaxy

they could only be killed by decapitation

at first not believing it

until the girl he loved made her first kill

that was in his brain still!


Now he had to wearily keep on the move

with each kill their power grew

but a moment would come when either

he would certainly die

either murdered or he’d simply grow old

to his lover this he told!


That day arrived sooner than he’d feared

but this way he cherished

the two of them attacked while walking

his instincts were fast

always a sword at hand he protected

a fatal blow was deflected!


Striking the enemy before they hit the girl

taking the full blow

in her arms he thought this was the end

but a strange sensation

hot fire surging inside the blood exploded

his mortality eroded!


Never before had this mutation occurred

he was now a hybrid

together on equal terms they were joined

knowing the blood would flow

violence and tracking their reasons to exist

the quest they would persist!


Beware they wouldn’t let anything stop the kill!


The Foureyed Poet.

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For Eternity!

That day will stay in my mind for eternity

the moment I sat in that shaded garden

my fete was sealed but then had no idea

lost in my own lonely and dejected mood

at first never saw her there watching me

then a soft hand slowly touched my knee!


Certainly aroused my suppressed passion

my girlfriend had finished our relationship

like an angel sent to rescue my aching heart

so beautiful it was an amazing stroke of luck

was my first reaction that perfume so strong

not realising the whole scene was wrong!


Darkness was now upon the once warm spot

suddenly felt pain on the left side of my neck

sensing her weight on me becoming so weak

moments before losing any consciousness

this monstrous yet intoxicating young female

drank my blood she looked cold and pale!


Come she said in a  mesmerizing voice so quietly

with no will had to go as she helped me up

so strong she carried my limp body to her car

captivated and trapped by this creature now

unable to resist her had uncontrollable desires

had I become one of these fiendish vampires?


That was ninety years ago how time has passed

everybody I had known were now just dust

yet looking exactly the same as that distant day

the vampire that turned me sleeps by my side

we have become close and wait for the dark

to return to our favourite spot in the same park!



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