The pain lasted a split second like a sting

true there were flying insects

as she walked by the fast flowing river

the irritation that followed

soon began to swell on her upper arm

it started to cause alarm!


Determined to finish her relaxing stroll

though that hope was fading

had to rest luckily a large tree was close

drowsiness overcame her

was soon in a deep and unnatural sleep

into a dark place her mind did leap!


Leaning helplessly back against the bark

became aware of creatures

of unknown origin approaching casually

could not move or scream

being dragged nearer the rivers fast flow

terror building to a crescendo!


Into the swirling waters her body did go

grasped by claws pulling her

down into a murky subterranean realm

dark damp a smell of decay

watching these freakish beings with care

trying hard not to stare!


Tried to keep still and shallowly breath

several gazed her way

eyes sunk that started to glow advanced

saw the teeth felt the bite

as severe pain surged through her torso

the transformation slow!


Last recollection was screaming for mercy

so cold could see and feel

surely it must have been an awful dream

until she was now basking

not of human anatomy on the riverbank

an alien beast into the water sank!


No dream but an unbelievable reality!


The Foureyed Poet.



Face Against The Window!

I saw the girls face against the window pane

twisted in pure terror!

At that moment I just didn’t understand

her screams were muffled.

Approaching not knowing how to assist

blood pouring from each wrist!


Looking inside she had vanished from view

the place was in darkness!

Not a murmur came from within the walls

but shuddered just being there!

Approaching the door cautiously terrified

compelled to go inside.


The urge to powerful I had no choice but enter

a shadowy figure materialised!

Fearsome I’d never seen such a thing before

thinking it would savage me!

Yet left me quivering completely unscathed

in my own sweat bathed!


Finding a switch I turned on blazing lights

blood spattered every where!

Shocked like a Coward I ran back outside

from a distance I saw the girl.

Crawling out mutilated onto the pathway

if only that day I could replay!


Angry for not helping this damsel in need

returning to see what I could do!

The girl ripped apart by large sharp claws

looking ghastly she didn’t move!

Checking to see if she had actually died

her long nails ripped my side!


Got up and ran again before anybody came

home the only place I was safe.

Eventually stared into my bathroom mirror

the wound had congealed.

This was weird it was healing and no pain

in my shower refreshing rain.


The problems had just started I soon realised

when the moon was full!

I often recall the girls face aganist the window

and hope she was deceased!

Turning into a werewolf on each lonely night

with my teeth to tear and bite!


But I know she is out there and we will meet

maybe to share the fresh meat!


The Foureyed Poet.

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