Near A Fiery Star!

Amongst the green trees and electric pylons

major roads and hotels stand

in the once rural unspoilt countryside

when there was no traffic to speed

only imagining the peace beauty now lost

at natures mighty cost!


Skies above once unpolluted with chemicals

no man-made flying craft

clouds move across the darkening future

another bad summer ebbs away

as human lives slip by almost unnoticed

our reality could be easily missed!


Relaxing in a quiet place where fields once lay

as man dominates more land

greed of the few causes problems for the many

where love and respects gone

envy violence does engulf the passing bystander

just wanting to peacefully meander!


Always at risk from human stupidity and blunders

many living in constant fear

spirituality is weak the communications lacking

between cultures where’s the humanity

sitting here where once open meadows existed

fresh unspoilt life where man coexisted!


There must come a point when mankind goes too far

on a small planet near a fiery star!


The Foureyed Poet.

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