Nuclear Tests!

Each tree trembled from an unnatural vibration

in front the shortcut grass

at first glance seemed empty no humans around

but a rhythmic rustling sound

the grass no longer green as millions of worms

covered it like visible germs!


Normally filled with families happily playing

but darkness made them leave

a vast area near wide barren desert plains

unknown to most as a test site

for  nuclear experiments decades in the past

soon repercussions would be cast!


Radiation had seeped down to the sandy base

and preserved fertile soil

part of plans to research radio-active fallout

yet failed to realise consequences

worms absorbing the lethal product mutating

a disaster in the making!


From their natural state transformed rapidly

into flesh-eating creatures

searching for prey surfacing on the grassland

sensing it was nearby

as the park rangers unwittingly approached

as on deadly ground encroached!


No indication as they walked to their demise

just empty bloody uniforms

slithering on until the dawn leaving a gory trail

as visitors came to find

the area cordoned off as scientists investigated

and cause of the horror deliberated!


The mutated worms had gone back below ground

to the cool and darkness

not until the next night would the slaughter begin

their time slot was short

in solving the abomination they unwittingly created

before it truly escalated!


The hours were ticking by as the night was upon them!


The Foureyed Poet.


Dark Knight

Shimmering on that bright yet unspoilt sunny morn

the Dark Knights armour created a shadow.

Standing like a giant before his loyal army

six horses approached upon their backs.

Rode six  more knights warriors full of pride

an ancient elite force were now by his side.


A vast enemy camp lay below them in the early mist

tension was high dark clouds filled the sky.

Fighting for months the force was now cornered

thinking of his Lady Claire whom he had saved.

From the clutches of the Barron who had taken her

his nerves building up how the anger did stir.


Mounting his steed the Dark knight drew his sword

Remembering his Lady as the seven rode forward.

Joining them the rest of the mounted soldiers

followed by his trusty band of loyal men.

In unison silently they headed into the fight

lead by this proud and brave Dark Knight.


As the enemy army below awoke to this new day

unaware of what was about to befall the camp.

An irritated Barron came out from of his stately tent

with a sense of impending danger in the air.

Weary of the never ending drive for power

not even he knew of his own final hour.


The Dark Knight had no idea his enemy had lived

his sword hadn’t pierced the Barron’s chain mail.

Almost laughing thinking how he had cheated death

the scar on his upper arm still giving him pain.

He knew that the final battle would soon begin

wanting more victims blood upon his skin.


Reflections were short lived as the lookouts yelled

a massive army was very close at hand.

Coming towards him the Dark Knight charged

head long into the camp slashing and thrusting.

A complete surprise to the sleepy enemy force

no time to repel as history took its course.


The bloody onslaught raged on through the day

as heavy rain began to form a pit from the depths.

As the knights numbers began to dwindle.

a lone figure stood there in the thick mud

The Dark knight looked in a disbelieving stare

only one would walk away alive from there.


The eye contact was short as The Dark Knight

with no mercy made sure his foe died.

Dispatching in one thrust The Barron’s head

this time he knew the monster was really dead.


The Foureyed Poet.

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