What Favour?

Why he had agreed to help his old  mate

was to return a favour

what favour to this day never recalled

just help me move my gear

to a new flat well seemed a simple task

was he about to be a jackass?


Inside the car and the boot was crammed

setting off to find the address

surprised on seeing where he was moving

a huge refurbished asylum

turned into varying sized flats for rent

his at the top a long ascent!


That was when it dawned this was a mistake

first the lift did not work

no matter how many presses of the button

nothing would happen at all

struggling to the stairs his arms were full

then it came hard staying cool.


Ran back  just as the door closed so annoying

this happened three times

before he gave up having to go up six floors

as he got to the floor level

the lift had arrived first out of breath cursed

as to himself conversed!


Down the corridor saw what looked like a nurse

approaching went to speak

but they proceeded to fade and then disappear

his mate had not made it yet

confounded wearily moved to number fifty-one

but actually wanted to run!


Dropped the gear exhausted heard heavy footsteps

expected to see his tired friend

coming closer but there was nobody to be seen

yet was sure somebody was close

feeling oppressed the atmosphere seemed choking

with his emotions stroking!


Standing afraid to move his mate staggered his way

surprisingly jovial and spoke

wondering why he looked so scared and miserable

struggling to utter even a word

could not understand why he did not perceive

made his excuses had to leave!


Almost falling down the stairwell glanced upwards

for a few seconds saw a figure

at the top before making his way to the outside

petrified as he got to his car

promising himself never again to enter within

for he feared what resided herein!


Many stories continue to be told about the asylum!


The Foureyed Poet.









The Haunted Location!

The film crew pulled up outside the location

at that moment felt chilled

no words spoken the fear choked them

it was said to be haunted

the asylum certainly had a sordid history

to investigators was a mystery!


As a location this was perfect for their movie

a  scary paranormal tale

soon they were setting up for the first shot

directors and actors ready

to film the first scene within its sordid walls

starting after the night falls!


Though no longer used it was safe to work in

from the start noises were heard

even in the late spring air it was freezing

none of them felt at ease

ready for the take the cameras rolled

each shivered with the cold!


At the end of the nights long schedule

the footage was reviewed

there were strange shadows and sounds

on the soundtrack!

voices screams and shouting was heard

what in this place stirred?


As filming proceeded they became petrified

blurry shapes came into shot

unknown footsteps added to sound effects

an arc light crashed to the floor

in the end everybody refused to go inside

told to go back this they defied!


They could not abandon this major project

so studio sets were erected

to finish this big budget ghost adventure

with unexplained extra effects

what had plagued them came along as well

how they could not tell!


At the studios an exorcism was carried out

real phenomena none had any doubt!


In the decaying asylum the activity increased!


The Foureyed Poet.

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