Revenge for her parents death the drive

that became her passion.

The story began when she was a  child

witnessing their killing!

Every detail taken in by her big eyes

to get the killer the prize!


Seventeen years painfully trickled by her

becoming an assassin.

As the hatred coursed through her veins

revenge drove her on!

Though wanting to seek the love she craved

retribution on her soul engraved!


She had found a man making it complicated

her fine tuning distorted.

This new friend had found her mobile phone

saving her photo image.

Trying to find out about this mystery female

allowing others to find her trail.


Gangs had lost foot soldiers to her expertise

who acted like a shadow!

For the first time had to be far more aware

her parents murderer alerted.

The last pages of her diary soon completed

could this evil be defeated?


Knowing he would catch up with her soon

she prepared to strike first.

Entering his mansion in a covert manner

dispatching silently his crew.

Until he was there without support alone

recognising his arrogant  tone.


From a hidden point confronted head on

glaring with an evil stare.

Going to fire the gun held in sweaty hand

diving found a hidden weapon!

A bullet went right through her shoulder

he was quick though much older.


Her shot caught him in a main thigh artery

shattering the femur to!

There before her the man she hated so much

was now at her mercy.

She had prayed for years to see him die

openly then she did cry!


One more deep breath she shot him in the head

cruelly on his face a smile as he lay dead!


knowing she would be a target vanished from sight!

revenge in the end did not feel right!


The Foureyed Poet

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The Call!

That call took the officers to a bogus emergency

both enthusiastic and dedicated.

Doing their duty never knowing what to expect

at speed they went to aid.

To citizens needing help at a reported break in

the assassin waited within!


Arriving at an empty house on a large  estate

ran up the garden path.

There was no warning an evil man came out

automatic gun in hand he fired!

Neither stood a chance they’d been trapped

falling their energy sapped!


The murderer looked at what he’d just done

no remorse in his face or thoughts!

Throwing the weapon down strode to his car

leaving the police women to die!

A mid morning on what was a typical day

now one in history that will stay!


Stunned witnesses tried to give them comfort

but one had died instantly.

The other with somebody holding her hand

as for the killer a wanted man.

An hour later walked into a police station

the public still wait his explanation!


But like so many murders there’s no answers

lives are lost families shattered!

Most have no understanding of these actions

but see violence escalating!

These two deaths show the dangers they face

any time they go out on a case!


The world is not only a danger from nature

but the coldness of many humans!


The Foureyd Poet.

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