Two Mystery Fires!

The historical building had once stood complete

until two mystery fires!

Had totally gutted the once listed attraction

arson the suggested cause!

Though the public remains unconvinced

accidental at this even I winced!


Suspicions abound at the loss of this building

owned by the towns council!

Like many listed properties now destroyed

conspiracy theories were born!

Was it because as usual their money was tight

they’d lit the naked light!


The first fire we thought an unexpected disaster

but put out very quickly.

Serious damage it was thought had been avoided

but a few months later.

Fire number two gutted it to a mere shell

something had done the job well!


Had it been destroyed on purpose but by whom

no proof its said was found!

Or as passers-by added they saw movements

yet nobody was about!

Like any buildings standing for that long

weird things must have gone on!


Whether you believe in spirits or human interaction

mysterious fires have occurred.

This is not the only place that’s burnt down

the cause remains unexplained!

None thought to be by any earthly hand

there’s much we don’t understand!


The Foureyed Poet.

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