The Ariel!

The Man drove his car through a shop window

witnesses told the police

on examination nothing improper was found

he was an ordinary man

a day later another tried to kill his neighbour

with an antique sabre!


Groups began to gather in a spontaneous mode

smashing windows at random

a mother with a child hit a woman for no reason

then became sweet again

bizarre incidents began to increase more

never seen here before!


A tension filled the once peaceful area

the reasons unclear

was it something in the air or in the water

that had turned the public crazy

as deaths and injuries began to multiply

must find an answer they did cry!


What could be causing the paranoid actions

that was restricted to this area

on investigation they found one addition

a mobile network mast

had been erected but was it involved

a mystery to be solved!


Getting permission they got it switched off

to their surprise they found

everyone’s behaviour went back to normal

the police wondered why

this had not occurred with any other mast

a suspicious cloud was cast!


They were not told it was a military experiment

that had been approved

or that it’s trial had been a complete success

more would  be activated

using the public for dark operations nationwide

the truth always denied!


The lies accumulated over decades continued

if only the public knew

case closed as cause was of unknown origin

no evidence of foul play found

a clamp down was imposed life carried on

as if nothing was ever wrong!


The Ariel mysteriously disappeared over night!


The Foureyed Poet.

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