A huge explosion that knocked him down

forcibly hitting the marble wall

no warning given as the building shattered

around him deafened by the blast

vomiting and gasping from dust and smoke

began to think he would choke!


In the hotel lobby with friends and others

guests and staff happily talking

such a headache and pain in both his legs

was quickly able to stand

disorientated he almost fell on a body part

as the scene tried to depart!


Ears ringing blinded by his pouring blood

through thick pulverized concrete

saw a glimmer of light as more explosions

were occurring far above him

a fireman came helping him out into sunlight

quickly removing him from the site!


From a vantage point inside an ambulance

he watched the skyscraper

disintegrate before his aching sore eyes

ground shook dust engulfed

once busy roads hidden in a deathly smog

that their lungs did clog!


After he had witnessed this appalling carnage

he quickly lost consciousness

the enormity of this major event developed

as a shocked world watched

a mystery still remains as other buildings fell

on that day it felt they were in hell!


He never woke up one more victim added to the many!


Still today it is assumed terrorists this act did invoke!


Could This Really Have Happened?





Before The Nation!

Before the nation many have volunteered

to join military forces

fighting for Queen and country in wars

proud to serve until death

facing many different enemies they went

with honour and good intent!


Politicians controlled them like chess pawns

dispensable in action

no thought for precious loyal fighting men

serving in appalling conditions

families waiting in constant concern at home

as into the abyss they roam!


There with comrades violence all around

often with devastating odds

campaigns of battle rage on into infinity

ravaging the once innocent

becoming oblivious in time to the carnage

as the spirit fills with rage!


Exhausted their courage can never be denied

against all odds heads held high with pride!


The Foureyed Poet.






Forever Being Shown

Forever shown on the media as if to be proud

man’s appalling history.

Wars have always dominated human culture

through countless strife.

Carnage constantly depicted on our screens

where you see real fiends!


As if these are trophies proud to be shown

maybe to view our mistakes.

Film makers creating war films more graphic

documentaries digitally enhanced.

Any footage clarified raising major reactions

trying to analyse the actions.


Maybe we need reminding of our blunders

often the young don’t want to know.

Brought up with never ending war zones

becoming blaise to the horrors!

Many don’t even read see or hear news

interesting in personal views!


Violence is part of our hereditary code

natural mode physical combat.

Rather than talk it through to rationalize

so they rage ever on.

And the atrocities will I can see continue

guiltless killed by the few!


The human species is a breed apart!


The Foureyed Poet.

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