Elvis Presley!

Nineteen thirty-five was the year

Elvis Presley was born.

Then seventy-seven was the year

that all his fans would mourn.

He came from a humble background

yet he rose to great heights.

Elvis was soon heading star-bound

his name in bright lights.

Millions truly loved his sound

with a voice so tender.

The king of rock and roll was found

filling hearts with pure splendour.

So much has been said and written

about Elvis the man.

But true followers were smitten

each one a real fan.

He gave them tremendous pleasure

though his time was so short.

Creating such fun-filled leisure

all his music was sought.

Elvis’s memory will always live on

in so many sad hearts.

The champion to thrill the throng

singing in many film parts.

Fan’s really could not believe

when Elvis passed away.

Or ever wanted to conceive

the bad stories anyway.

The king will go on forever

an image that cannot fade.

His spirit lives on forever

history’s entry made.

I remember this time forty years ago! Amazing singer and Performer. A very sad end. But his voice and songs will live on forever. For me always a big Fan!



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