The Bungalow!

The burglars had been observing the bungalow

set in an out-of-the-way place.

Smart expensive cars parked on the small drive

but they didn’t observe well!

Certain this would be a profitable break in

their planning could now begin.


The bungalow down a long narrow track

owned by a middle-aged couple.

Few knew they were devil worshippers

this the gang failed to find out!

Not digging deep into the victims past

this job would be the last!


In the community locals kept well away

from this evil bungalow!

The thieves were only focused on money

they had blinkered vision.

Confident they would not be disturbed

and certainly not heard!


The large dark van parked out of view

hooded men approached.

It was after midnight now in the garden

quietly making an entrance.

And dealing with the expensive alarm

it was going like a charm.


Though it all changed when they heard a sound

noises came from below!

Ignoring it they proceeded to search and steal

robed figures came from nowhere.

Overwhelming them and taking each by force

dragged to the sounds source!


More robed figures chanted from every corner

dimly lit by black candles!

It was some sort a temple with a central altar

the first was put on top!

Gagged so they could not shout or scream

something bright did gleam!


The bungalow looked peaceful in the morning

nothing looked out of order.

Guests staying had already gone before light

the couple left for work.

The van was removed from its parking spot

smoke blew from a chimney pot!


Unless invited nobody visits the bungalow!


The Foureyed Poet.

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