Fallen Mega Star!

She was a Mega star one of the super elite

from such a young age.

In the public eye as a teen now as an adult

though still only forty.

Finding it harder to keep up the fast pace

and hide lines on the face.


The buzz was always there for adoring fans

from humble beginnings.

The money was mounting the lifestyle good

but deep down depressed.

Endless parties and drinking taking its toll

life became an acting role!


Drinking and drugs becoming part of living

prescription pills needed.

To get some rest as the adrenaline flowed

and keep going when tired.

Exhaustion held back no time to stay still

not on the agenda to be ill!


An ever demanding fan club and her agent

she could never let them down

Mentally and physically pushed her too much

unable to express how she felt

Carried on until the day broke down on stage

a display of an almighty rage!


Fame soon fades without publicity exposure

those so-called friends leave!

Her music would never lose that creative style

but the spirit had been broken

Taking more drugs to survive each hour

eventually losing the will power!


It was announced the death of a Fallen Mega Star!


The Foureyed Poet.


This Bloody State!

He remembered the noise of glass shattering

showering over his face

a glimpse of a baseball bat or something

then being roughly dragged

but nothing after that hard bang on his head

waking in a strange bed!


Bits of memory came then as quickly it faded

what had happened to him

on his finger was a shinny gold wedding ring

was he a married man

how had he actually got in this bloody state

memories he could not collate!


Beside him a policeman stood near on guard

what else could he be doing

everything was so blurry beyond his position

there were muffled voices

his anxiety and paranoia rapidly growing

the despair of not knowing!


Slipping once more into unconsciousness

being shaken from this state

a man and a woman looked down blankly

making his body shudder

a nurse came to assist removing his mask

questions they wanted to ask!


A second nurse helped make him comfortable

raising the pillow for his head

They asked him if he remembered anything

of the road rage incident

Where a man had been killed near his car

as the anger went to far!


This seemed to trigger suppressed memories

as he recalled causing the shunt

going to the vehicle with a bat breaking glass

incensed and with bad intent

pulling the man out it was he who attacked

the thoughts came pouring back!


In turn was hit from behind by an accomplice

but none of this would admit

even though witnesses had come forward

he kept his mouth tightly shut

realising they could soon find out he was fake

his orders not to kill but take!


An under cover agent on a botched covert mission

he waited for his team to come!


The Foureyd Poet.

Agent On The Tube!

The London tube it was busier on this night

than usual after the shows.

More like the chaotic commuter crush

being pushed into the carriage.

Such smart attire he felt very overdressed

squashed like being caressed.


No ordinary traveller on this London tube

an undercover agent on duty.

A threat of an attack had been reported

two suspects identified.

Having one of them in his sight he was cool

this guy looked no fool!


The agent was armed in case of a confrontation

for now could only observe.

Uncertain of this man’s next movements

two stops later he followed him off.

And about to meet with the other suspect

their plan about to connect!


Up the long escalators through the crowds

it was hard to follow.

Clearly watchful and careful of his route

realizing the chance of surveillance.

Then saw the second person slowly emerge

but there was a crowd surge.


Informing his superiors of the situation by radio

had to say he’d lost the target.

Told to stand down the operation was lost

but found out it was a false alarm!

Decided not to waste the chance for the break

an opportunity he would take.


That night he had a good time a rare event

but it was short lived.

As early the following day he had a call

positive information received.

An assassination plot was being planned

he’d been put in command!


None of us know what mortal dangers surround

or what agencies our streets pound!


The Foureyed Poet.

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