Eternally the conflicts with no everlasting accord

the children suffering and dying

the grieving families living in squalor and rubble

cries for mercy and peace

as the shells and bombs rained down evermore

who were the enemy nobody sure!


The misery continues the guns are never silent

so many torn from their homelands

hidden agendas are pursued the people victims

land scorched buildings flattened

a constant movement of wretched humanity

caught up in the insanity!


How the many yearn for that feeling of friendship

when all nations can unite

earth home for humankind to find that respect

know that we are all one people

hand in hand solving problems without threat

when hatred and anger we can forget!


Maybe just a dream but the thought gives a spark of hope!






What if spiritually man was united

no greed or the very rich?

Kind to neighbours and strangers

without any hidden agendas.

Weapons removed no use anymore

with nothing to fight for!


Slums and poverty was just a memory

we had at last to be fair.

Every country working in harmony

plundering of earth ended.

Care for human and animal welfare

everybody happy to share!


Peace and love was all that we knew

conflicts only in books.

Bad words removed from dictionaries

museums housed all weapons.

A fair society had been established here

not a soul lived in fear!


It’s a world regrettably only in my imagination

but is it too virginal?


But I thought how nice to think what if—?


The Foureyed Poet.

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