Mayan Prophecies 2012

Could there be any truth in the prophecies

that the Mayans had written?

Over five thousand years ago about 2012

foretelling a spiritual awakening!

And the possibility of the end of mankind

is it fiction that’s outlined?


Prophecies written have come and long gone

scholars say they’ve happened.

Were these disasters predicted as it was told

or how they were interpreted

Whether vague and their meanings calculated

their accuracy debated!


Many are sceptical of those who say they foresee

from past times to the present.

Though a lot of predictions of the natural type

what of mankind’s folly?

If there’s  a way that the future can be seen

to know seems obscene!


Usually nothing can be done to prevent it

causing fear and uncertainty.

Prophecies of the past make no difference

those of the future no comfort!

Whether the Mayans is true it’s a short wait

if not next year let’s debate!


The Foureyed Poet.

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The smart exterior made the building impressive

standing fifty stories high.

In the busy business district of the new town

nobody suspected its real use!

Nor that there were over twenty floors below

where only certain staff could go!


Life raced on with no outward sign for concern

deep within the interior.

A series of experiments were being carried out

certain it would be undetected.

Drawing no attention in an unexpected location

not worried about the exploitation!


The nature of their work was futuristic in concept

the earth’s structure at risk!

Where they were in an advanced stage of creating

the first working time machine!

Determined to succeed losses were accepted

the deadline more respected!


The pressure was coming to a breaking point

mistakes bound to occur!

A special chamber was set into  motion

power surged through cables.

Another human sat motionless as once again

they felt the energy drain!


Seeing the atmosphere pulled violently apart

but this had not happened before.

The disintegration was no longer contained

enveloping them as well!

Then upwards through the floors to the roof

exposed in tangible proof.


That something covert was within their midst

but nobody had time to care.

A shimmering light replaced the office block

yet something was there!

From this matter a hideous thing did crawl

on the town death did befall!


The military were soon evacuating survivors

and blocking any entry!

Without any idea of what had been allowed in

to our time line or where it came!

Interfering once more with no back up plan

the irresponsibility of man!


As the crisis got out of hand the date stood out

it was the 23 rd December 2012!


What do you think happened next?


The Foureyed Poet.

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