The battle was lost thousands of dead mutilated comrades

lay silent guns still firing their deadly shells

pounding the ground all around as the shrapnel flew

many containing radioactive material

that put those breathing in danger of over exposure

drones now dominated the skies

long past need for human guidance had their own brain

the machines on earth did reign!


The war had become a reality mankind fought to remain

on their home for millions of years

created artificial intelligence to assist and enhance lives

but from the heralded blessing

now a curse classed themselves superior us as inferior

had long surpassed our capabilities

infiltrated all aspect of our lives from birth to final breath

even disposing of our bodies after death!


Most weapons in their control transport and computing to

groups had always been suspicious

keeping older weapons and machinery not needing robots

to operate as most systems had become

resistants spread now below hiding deep underground

where the elite had been hiding

but they were soon obliterated by their own creations

accidentally achieving their aspirations!


Self replicating there was little hope for depleted mortals

but with that bloody survival spirit

somehow would never surrender to the hideous machines

as they walked upon the crushed bones

of lost comrades and close family always remembered

as the fires raged and earth shook

clung onto the hope that the saviour they had forsaken

from this hell would our souls awaken!








The Adventurous Youngsters! The Fair! By Malcolm T Gould.

Another adventure beckoned for Tim and Jane! The Foureyed Poet.


Jane and Tim were feeling excited as they walked home from school in the village of Greenfield. There were four reasons why they felt good. They had the weekend to look forward to, it had stopped raining, the sun was shinning. But most of all the big fair that came every year was set up in the field behind their home. The local village store. Both of them were almost running by the time they reached home.

” When we’ve changed let’s go over to the fair and have a look around,” said Tim as they entered the kitchen.

Jane glanced at Tim, ” Yes that’s a good idea, I’ll change before you.”

“Oh no you won’t” said Tim running into the hall and then up the stairs. Jane was only a short distance behind him when she collided with her Dad in the hallway. Mr Green was very surprised and…

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Sorrow Bend!

Do you believe ghosts can cause road accidents? The Foureyed Poet.


The two young men had looked forward to this night out for a drink and a quiet chat for several months. Both of them had been happily married for about a year and worked hard building up their homes. After a lot of persuasion their wives who were friends had got them to go out, as they knew the break was well-earned. And so at seven o’ clock on Friday 13th July 1975 Paul and Alan said goodbye to their wives. Paul’s wife Cherie was stopping at Alan’s house with his wife Maria. When they started off it was a clear evening Paul was driving his two-year old sports saloon car. They called into a local pub The Red Lion at a nearby village of Hinton. For a drink, a chat and a few games of darts. At eleven fifteen they got back into the car and headed for home. They had both…

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The Adventurous Youngsters – The Snowman!

The Brother and sister found themselves talking to ghosts! The Foureyed Poet.


The pretty  village of Greenfield was looking rather bleak as the Autumn passed into winter. The cold biting wind blew across the open fields that surrounded it. Jane and Tim didn’t like the long dark nights, but one good thing about winter was the snow.

One  Sunday morning at about ten o’clock Tim woke up feeling a little grumpy as usual and did his normal trick of falling out of bed. When he got up he thought he’d look out of the bedroom window. When he saw the snow outside Tim opened his bedroom door and ran to his sister’s room and burst in, jumping on her bed shouting. Jane woke up and started screaming at this sudden awakening. ” Tim get off my bed, what’s the matter with you”?

” It’s snowing and there’s already a thick layer on the ground, come on get up” said Tim tugging at Jane’s duvet…

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Daniel’s Friend

A short children’s story written just for fun. The Foureyed Poet.


Daniel was a very excited little boy because it was Christmas eve. Mummy and Daddy had just tucked him up in his cosy bed. But like all children at Christmas, he just couldn’t sleep. And thought to himself I’m going to stay awake and see Father Christmas. Daniel also thought of all the toys he had asked Father Christmas for, a garage with some cars, a batman costume, a watch and some games. But what he really wanted was a shiny red pedal car. Then as he saw himself in his own car Daniel’s eyes became heavy and soon he was fast asleep.

As Daniel slept Father Christmas came quietly into his room and left all the presents that he had asked for at the bottom of his bed. When leaving Father Christmas tapped the pedal car and said ” Now remember, look after Daniel”. He smiled and in seconds…

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The Barn!

Their car broke down the four had to find shelter from the rain in a barn! The Foureyed Poet.


A thunder-storm raged terrifying flashes of lightning sliced across the sky and the thunder sounded like heavy artillery fire. It was a bad place to break down but the two couples in the red mini did not seem worried at this moment. The two lads Tom and Pete got out reluctantly to look under the bonnet. But as it was raining so hard there was little they could do. So the two girls in the car Jen and Sue who had hoped not to have to get out, made the decision to try and find a place to shelter. Jen got into the driving seat while the lads pushed, the girls laughed watching their boyfriends getting soaked. It seemed like hours that they were pushing the small car in the pitch dark except when the lightning lit up the sky. In one of those flashes and loud thunder claps the silhouette of…

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The Skull

A thick fog had come down over the town. It was very dense and the lone young man experienced difficulty in finding his way along the main street. He was not helped by the fact he was a stranger in town. Jim Edwards was considered a very good painter, but he felt he was more of an artist. At this moment he was feeling very lonely as his footsteps echoed through the fog as he walked along the empty road.  He then saw a light  to his right just ahead. Approaching he thought that ‘he’d only come out to get some air and a short walk before going to bed, and hadn’t expected to get lost’. As Jim envisaged an early start the following morning, intending to paint some of the picturesque and old buildings in Barkham in Essex. But he snapped out of his thoughts when he realised he was standing outside of the source of the light. It was an antique shop and there was an impressive array of goods in the window. Then suddenly he had the feeling that he was not alone, turning quickly around but there was nobody there. A cold sensation filled his whole body, as he was drawn back to the small glass panelled window. His line of vision focused on a grotesque object, half hidden in the shadows and amongst other glossy goods a skull seemed to be staring back at him. He glared at it for a moment but came over very nervous and scared and decided to get back to the hotel. But no matter how he tried he couldn’t get the image of that skull out of his mind, it was if it had put a spell on him.

    The rest of the night no way could he really sleep but had cat naps and waking up in a cold sweat with the image of the skull filling his thoughts. Dawn came slowly and Jim was glad he could make coffee in his room. It was very early in the morning when he found himself heading back to the shop to see if he could buy it. I must have it he kept muttering to himself, as the real reason for him being here was now lost. Jim was a Young man of thirty an ex-rugby player not the sort of person you would expect to be looking like a zombie now almost running along in a very agitated state. Making his way from the small hotel back to the shop. Leaving his his nice sports car in the car park. It was a bright sunny morning though he didn’t notice this or just how far he had walked the night before. In the light the shop was a very dingy and unpleasant looking place. He entered behind the counter stood a tall thin man who looked as shabby as the shop.  “Good morning Sir?” said the man in a deep emotionless voice. “Hello” said Jim as if in a trance. “Can I help you, is there anything in particular I can show you?” The man continued. ” Uh yes ” I passed the shop last night and saw a skull in your window and I can’t seem to get it out of my mind,” replied Jim. With this the man’s face seemeed to change shape and his eyes went darker. ” Are you serious Sir, he asked?” Do you really want the skull? It brings bad luck to all who own it!” Jim’s tone of voice changed ” I don’t care that’s utter rubbish, I want it how much do you want ?” ” Well I’ve warned you Sir, but if you insist I’ll take ten pound. ” Is that all that’s very cheap,” replied Jim. That’s all I want for the skull. So please give me the money and go, he was almost begging now. I shan’t be sorry to see it gone from my shop. ” Fine here’s your money” the man gave him the skull and even opened the door for Jim and slammed the door behind him, good luck chuckled the man in a crazy babble. As he walked away the man glared at him looking through the dirty shop door glass. The skull started to glow and a weird low pitch laugh filled his brain for a few seconds then silence. Jim didn’t care he now had what he wanted, though why he was compelled to have this evil object still alluded him. It had been put in a box that seemed hot and heavy as he carried it in his hands. He almost dropped the box several times but got back to the hotel safely. Where he put it in the bottom of the wardrobe.

   He now collected his paints and all the other equipment he needed such as his easel and brushes. Jim put it all in the boot then got into his elegant sports car. Hoping he would forget even for a short whilet what was in the wardrobe. He decided to make a start on sketching the outline of the ancient Town hall. On the way no matter how he tried to stop, his mind kept going back to the skull in the wardrobe and what the man at the antique shop had said ” It brings bad luck to all who own it” But the man had not told him the history of the skull and truthfully he didn’t ask or at that moment care. Was it a real skull/ Never seing one before he couldn’t be sure. So what was this thing that  he had to own? Jim began to panic now, maybe it was better he didn’t know.

    He eventually settled down to do some serious painting as it was important as time was money, especially for a successful artist. Then he heard someone shout out loudly and just as he turned and instinctively moved, a car skidded and crashed into a wall at the exact spot he had been sitting. Taking his easel and stool with it. Stunned and more than a little shaken, wondering if it was an accident or whether the skull was to blame. Jim was not feeling very happy or at ease.

    He was still very shaken when he returned unexpectedly early to the hotel. A kind man had been passing and waited until the police had finished interviewing him and the run him back to the hotel, in  Jim’s car. As he eventually entered the lift after saying countless times he was fine. He took the lift to the third floor where his room was situated. As he got out the lift in his mind he heard that evil laugh, which seemed to be coming from his room. He looked around him again there was nobody else around all was deathly quiet. Reaching his room as he opened the door he felt something was not right. Going into the room he jumped back very shaken, as there on the dressing table looking at him was the skull! He turned and ran out of the room this time taking the stairs and headed back to his car. Not really knowing what he was doing or where he could go, maybe a drink was what he needed. Within a minute he sped off at a high speed through the small town now in a total state of shock. In the hotel room the the skull glowed brightly. 

    The pedestrian a middle aged man, was innocently crossing the road at the pelican crossing and did not see the car coming towards him. In the car Jim turned white with terror for on the passenger seat was the skull. He swerved to miss the man and crashed into a wall that loomed up in front of him. The car burst into flames, taking the pedestrian with him. The emergency services were soon on the scene but both men had died although strangely when the flames were put out the skull was there unmarked by the heat. Waiting for it’s next victim to come along, it became just an item found in the car as the fire brigade approached. For some reason it was not to be one of them.

   It was now three days since the death of the artist whom the experts had forecasted would have been one of the greatest of the century. The police had just got into contact with his family and friends, who were close to him and the funeral was arranged. Amongst his friends was another young artist who everyone knew thought himself better than Jim. Jamie was a good friend but there had been a healthy rivalry between them as far as their work was concerned. The family gathered and talked about the terrible accident and it was mentioned about the object found in the car. Immediately Jammie’s ears were flapping and whatever it was he wanted it, why the urge was so strong he didn’t know or care. He went to the police station and told them that he was a close friend of Jim’s.That he had heard an object was found in the car and if they’d finished with it could he have the object . The policeman on the desk raised his eyebrows in surprise. ” Are you certain you want this item Sir?” We most definitely don’t require the skull anymore and would be glad if you to take it away.”  It was Jamie’s turn to be surprised and was for a moment about to say he didn’t want the skull when it was placed on the counter in front of him.  He looked at it and somehow couldn’t take his eyes off of it. A strange feeling came over him, the policeman was concerned and asked him if he was alright? He gave a sickly smile made his excuse grabbed the skull and ran out. The next chosen victim was hooked. He felt as though he was being controlled by some malevolent force, but he managed to shake it off for a short while. He too had a sports car and in many ways they had been like brothers. But alas Jamie had to be better in everything they did hence an even more expensive car, really too much for him to afford.

    Jamie drove away from the small town as quickly as he could, heading towards London to see his girlfriend. Wishing desperately he had a lot more money, he didn’t have to wait long for this wish to be fulfilled. Another of the skulls powers was to be shown, although he didn’t know this. Nor did he see the skull was beginning to glow and turn to face him, in the back seat where he had placed it. Just as well as Jamie had a heart condition the shock would have killed him. But the skull had other plans for this young man.

    As the car sped nearer to London Jamie could see a car in the distance stopped at the side of the road. It was now getting dark but in the half light he could see the car had run into the ditch. There was nobody else about at the time so he pulled up in front and got out. As he neared the saloon car he could definitely see there were two people inside in the front seats. He reluctantly opened the passenger door and looked in, there was quite a lot of blood and both men appeared dead after quickly checking. He felt no pulses and the bodies were cold and nether moved he was no expert but it was obvious life had left them. Both were well dressed and the passenger had a handcuff around his wrist that was attached to a dark leather briefcase. Then before he realised what he was doing he snapped the chain with his bare hands and he grabbed the case. He was speechless at what he had done. ‘Oh God what’s happening’ he thought. The accident looked as though it had been staged for him. The next thing he remembered was sitting back in his car the case held tightly in his hand. But what was inside he wondered? The next moment he was on the outskirts of the city. He felt as though he was not alone in the car, but when he looked about him there was nobody about. The skull laid still in the back seat. Soon he was hurriedly parking in a quiet Chelsea mews, where his luxury flat was situated. He’d forgotten about his girlfriend as he was in a rush to find out what was in the case. Once in the the flat he grabbed his tool box from a cupboard in the kitchen inside was a crowbar and soon had forced open the leather case. Jamie staggered back when he saw it was full of money. Not being able to comprehend where all this money had come from, but it must be his he guessed, not really caring as he certainly needed it. There was a an odd glint in eyes which his girlfriend would have noticed but he had now forgotten her, this was not really Jamie anymore. But for a short while he seemed to be his old self, but the evil spirit in the skull had virtually taken him over. In this rational mode Jamie was thinking what he could do with all this money. But now feeling so tired regretting ever touching the skull. For those few moments he thought he should go to the police with the money and explain where he got it, this was short lived. His eyes glazed over in a trance he left his flat and got back in his car and strangely headed back the way he had come to that small town. The skull started glowing and Jamie became a zombie his body just a shell. The car stopped outside the old shop and screeched to a halt. And something got out and glided silently into the shop unnoticed, carrying the case of money. The car then drove off into the darkness.

    Bernard Taylor a reputed archaeologist was driving home from a successful meeting in Birmingham and was feeling very pleased with himself. At that same moment on the other side of the motorway coming in the opposite direction was Jamie’s car. Which suddenly crashed into the central barrier and then came over it and skidded down the carriageway towards Bernard on it’s roof like somebody screaming sparks shooting out in all directions he just managed to swerve out of the way. It continued on it’s roof and came to a stop in bushes just off the motorway with a loud thud. Bernard stopped a little shaken twenty yards further on and parked on the hard shoulder. And got out and was not keen on walking back to the wrecked car, then he spotted the emergency phone only a few feet away and telephoned the emergency services. As he then moved cautiously near to give assistance he could see it was a sports car. But then without warning it burst into flames with an almighty bang, which knocked him off his feet. Sitting up rather stunned as the flames shot high into the air. A strange feeling came over him he got up and walked past the burning car and onto the grass verge. Where the skull was laying covered in blood, which had a strange glow coming from the eye sockets. Although at that moment he was not overpowered by by the evil force, he seemed powerless to resist.

    By the time the police arrived the witness and the skull had disappeared. But a bigger surprise awaited them as they approached the smouldering wreck. Expecting to find the burnt remains of anybody in the car, they discovered there was nobody inside. They made a thorough search of the area in case the victims had been thrown out, but still no bodies were found.

    Some distance away on the main railway line from London to the north the express train had been unable to stop when the driver saw a bright light on the track ahead of him. When the train eventuallystopped the driver and the guard jumped down onto the track and ran back rather shaken by the experience. As sengers strained to look out of the carriage windows to see what was going on. As they both approached the spot for a second both said later they thought there was a glowing skull then it was gone.But there on the track was the mutilated body of a young man. When the police arrived papers were found on him given his identity as Jamie which was later confirmed by a relative. Another victim had been claimed by the evil force and the police were completely baffled by this case. As to how a car drove itself onto the motorway and crashed with no driver inside. And how had the body got onto the railway line? There had to be an explanation there must have been a driver the police surmised, that they had still to work out. And where had the person who had reported the incident gone? Still a lot of unanswered questions lingered on.   

    Unknown to the police Bernard Taylor the missing witness was just entering his home on the outskirts of Hemel Hempstead. Jill his wife was getting worried where he was until she heard the sound of the car on the driveway. As Jill rushed to open the front door she didn’t have an inkling of the events that were to follow. Luckily their children were away at boarding school, but there was a housekeeper who was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Her name was Janet and she too had been anxious wondering were her employer had got to. Hearing the sound of the car she hurried on with the final preparations for the meal, unaware of what was about to happen.

    At the same time at New Scotland Yard in London, the facts of the days incidents were carefully being looked at by the the team of detectives led by Chief Inspector Tony Haynes. Who had been called in by the local police because of the weird circumstances. Already the facts of the first tragic incident were coming to light and a sense of urgency was called for by the chief. But they had a long way to go before all the facts could be put together. Time was a commodity the victims just didn’t have.

    As the door opened wide Jill Taylor could see her husband getting out of his car and lock it, unusual she thought as he always put it in the garage. As Bernard came towards her she sensed strongly something was not right. She could see he was carrying something as he drew near it clearly looked like a skull with a dark red colour to it. Jill would not have normally thought anything of this, as her husband often brought home pieces of pottery and other items from past civilisations found at many of the digs he went on. So he could clean them up and study in more detail. But this was different she could feel the evil she felt a cold shiver as he tried to hide the skull and walked by without speaking. As he came into the bright hallway she could also see he had what looked like blood on his coat. she let out a scream and fainted on the hall floor. This brought Janet out of the kitchen, just as Bernard was going up the stairs taking no notice of his wife. Jill was just rousing and struggling to get up. Janet helped her up and ask her what had happened, very surprised at Bernard Taylor’s very odd behaviour. After helping Jill to a chair and giving her a glass of water the housekeeper listened to an account of what had happened a few minutes before. ” It was evil Janet, the thing he was carrying under his arm! It was if he was possessed!” The two of them stayed downstairs in the lounge afraid to move, the dinner was ruined but that didn’t matter any more. No sound came from upstairs for some hours. But then just as the two women were dozing off to sleep, strange noises came from from above them. Then they could hear footsteps coming down the stairs, treading softly coming towards them in the lounge. The door slowly opened and there standing in the doorway was a figure of a man but it wasn’t Bernard Taylor. Jill and Janet sat there terrified and unable to move a muscle. Then the staring eyes off the figure penetrated the brains of these two innocent victims and they lay still. The figure disappeared leaving a pool of blood where it had been standing. Upstairs poor Bernard also lay silently dead. The skull still held in his hands. A shadowy shape materialised and snatched the skull from his gripping hands and with a macabre laugh once more faded away into nothing. The house was now silent nothing lived there anymore. If only he had not been on that stretch of road caught in forces beyond his comprehension.

    The next day a friend called around and found the victims and telephoned the police. This was the break they had been waiting for, as the local constabulary passed the information to the task force. Set up to try and solve this mystery. It was established the male found at the house was the missing witness they’d been looking for after the incident on the motorway. What they couldn’t understand was what had made all three victims appear to have died from fright. This was the conclusion arrived at by the pathologist who carried out the Autopsy, as no injuries could be found. Yet one common denominator between each incident was the strong feeling of an unpleasant presence that none of those present could shake off

    All the evidence gathered so far seemed to be leading back to the the death of the artist Jim Edwards. And to the antique shop in the small Essex town. This was the first place which had been casually visited, but the shop was found to be closed. And nobody seemed to have any idea who the owner was or remember seeing the shop open. So that investigation had to be dropped through lack of evidence, but now it was a different story. Something was happening from within the shop and they intended to try and find out what it was.

    But even as the special squad sped towards the site they thought was the source of all the incidents. An inquisitive young student came across the the glowing skull, apparently thrown into some bushes. A short distance from the antique shop, she somehow felt committed into taking back to the shop, it was a compelling feeling. Alex soon found herself outside of the antique shop, although she didn’t remember getting there. She looked down to see what was in her hands and was horrified to see it was a skull. Alex now pushed the door and it opened yet the place was empty! There was little furniture inside and it was dirty and dusty, It didn’t smell very nice either. She felt herself being drawn into the rear of the shop to a small office. This to was virtually empty except for a dusty desk and a large leather type chair with it’s back towards her. Suddenly it swung sharply around and then facing Alex was a headless skeleton. And she could hear a voice which sounded all around her saying ” You have returned my Skull”, then a loud rasping laugh. The voice penetrated her mind, panic stricken poor Alex dropped the skull and ran for the shop door tripping over a box, but had difficulty opening it quickly enough. When she managed to open the door, she rushed out into the road and was hit by a police car. But for some reason it was only a glancing blow, though injured she was alive. The first car to pull up outside of the shop was Chief Inspector Haynes, quickly getting out he ran across the road. To see the young woman Alex who was laying on the opposite pavement, just as the ambulance arrived. She had been covered by one of the policeman’s fluorescent jackets. But all she would say was the Skull repeating it over and over. The paramedics were concerned about her condition and wanted to get her to the hospital, though she was stable her injuries were series. A little disappointed she couldn’t give more details he told one of his detectives to go to the hospital hoping she could give a statement later. As the ambulance sped away sirens blaring and blue lights flashing he made his way back across the road, after taking one last glance at the ambulance as it faded into the distance. At that second as he turned towards the shop, there was a blinding flash and a huge explosion. Tony was thrown with the other policemen around him to the ground just as his car also exploded in front of him. Everybody got up shaken but unhurt and they all stared at the fire. It was a strange blaze it was so bright and fierce yet within ten minutes as the fire brigade arrived it burned itself out. They all stood and once more just stared in disbelief, it was totally gutted there was nothing left and DCI Haynes was certain no evidence would be found. But he knew something was very wrong and this would not be the end. With a deep sigh he walked away thinking deeply.

    As the sun came up in a small town in Cornwall it was about three months later. In a quiet street there was a small dingy shop that sold antiques and bric-a-brac. A young man was passing walking by and thought the sun was glinting on something in the window. Feeling compelled to look through the window he was surprised to see what looked like an antique skull. ‘ What was it made of he thought to himself.’  Now with an irresistible urge he had to have it. Entering the shop a tall thin man asked him in a deep emotionless voice, ” Can I help you Sir?”

                                                      The End or Is it?

The Foureyed Poet.

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The Thing Saga

My name is Jim Wilson and I would like to tell you my story of what happened to me when I was a young man in nineteen eighty seven. My story began when I was heading home to London from a business trip in west Wiltshire I had visited the small market town of Warminster on Salisbury plain. And I had decided to head towards the M4. It was only some time later I found out the history of the area, which made my experience even more strange.

          As I headed across the plains it was getting late so thought it would be best to find a hotel to get some sleep and rest. When I suddenly felt uncomfortable and  had a cold shiver. It was a summer evenings and certainly not cold, the car was modern and very comfortable for a company car at the time. And a nice piece of classical music was playing on the radio I recall. When without warning a ghostly figure appeared in front of my car, I braked hard but could not stop in time. So I thought I had hit the figure though I heard no sound. I stopped and reversed back feeling very shaken. But there was no sign of any body to be seen, I reluctantly got out. Apart from my pounding heart, there was a faint hum that seemed to be close by. Then as I stood alone on this Wiltshire road a glowing object shot out from some trees to my right. It was just a blob of very bright light which shot straight up into the air without making any sound. I was stunned and absolutely terrified. with no idea what was happening and nowhere to run to.

    Somehow I managed to get back in the car and drove as fast as I could, determined to get away from the scene. But alas this was not meant to be. Because the same object or one very similar was following me at a close distance above and behind the car. Panic was was setting in and my situation reminded me of a film I had seen. Where a large tanker  was chasing a car and it couldn’t get away, no matter how fast it went. This was happening to me the speed of the car was at times in excess of eighty miles per hour. Then all at once the car engine stopped and the lights went out the car coasted along. Without my servo brakes the car was hard to slow down and it seemed an eternity before it came to a stop. The object shot over head and came down landing a short distance up the road. By now I was petrified I am not to proud to admit as I thought what the hell was going on or words to that affect. Looking at my watch an automatic reaction, it had stopped at twelve midnight. Then the same figure came out of the light and came towards me but came to a halt some yards from the car. As I just sat there we looked at each other, though I could not make out a clear form. A voice then spoke to me in my mind which I could clearly understand. It said ” My name is Tor from a distant planet of Zetyr.” He went on ” I am a war lord and you Jim Wilson have been chosen as one of the humans to convey a warning from my elders to your species to prepare themselves for destruction. My people are afraid man will destroy himself and the rest of the universe. We have tried to make contact, but found you are to war like and all our efforts rejected. prepare yourselves.” ” Warnings have been given to humans all over your world.” He gave no gave no other explanations dates or times of when this would happen. Before I could utter a sound, he had disappeared and the object had shot into the sky and gone. A few seconds later I found myself driving again along the same road and all seemed normal. As If noyhing had happened.

    Although I was feeling very tired I drove without stopping again until I came to the town of Trowbridge. Another small town which was in the direction I was heading for. When I arrived I went straight to the police station, which in those days did stay open all night. To  try and tell them of my experiences I did not believe it so I had no hope they would  either. But I had to try even if there was nobody to back my crazy story up. It was of no surprise to me that they laughed. It was now about two am. And I can remember demanding to see a high ranking officer. But all I got was a laughing policeman A big jolly sergeant who was laughing and yawning a lot as well. I was ushered into a small interview room where the sergeant asked me some questions ” Now Mr Wilson what did you see and hear this morning at twelve midnight?” I remember explaining just what had happened, but his reply made me wish the ground would open up and swallow me. ” Do you honestly expect me to believe a tall spaceman spoke to you by thought transference?”  He laughed out loudly.  “Obviously not sergeant,” I said just wanting to get out of the place, I left with his laughter still ringing in my ears. And headed for the local hotel, to freshen up and try to get some rest or at least try. And thinking how I could get anybody to listen to me. But what chance did I have and if it was true how long did I have?

     I recall waking up from my troubled sleep in my small hotel room and in a cold sweat, it was about eight thirty am. Realising the time I jumped out of bed, trying to think what to do next. Once again I started to panic just not knowing how long or what would happen to us all.  I dressed had breakfast and settled my bill  and headed out into the bright sunlight. And the beginning of a busy and hair raising day.

    As I was about to get in my car in the hotel car park, behind the hotel. I noticed a newspaper board outside of a news agent’s which stated in bold black print. ‘ STRANGE LIGHTS SEEN ALL OVER THE WORLD- IS IT A HOAX?’ Then I realised I was indeed only one of many as this being had said who had been contacted. It seems many had better luck than me getting the message out. But it was being treated as a massive hoax when I read the article in the newspaper I bought, only I knew different. It was then I decided it would be impossible to try and convince anybody I would just be thought of as a nut case. Also it dawned on me I hadn’t let my family know why I was late getting home, though for the moment I decided not to tell them about the spaceman. So I said the car had broken down and I’d be home as soon as possible. The tension and shock had eased especially after speaking to my wife. But little did I realise how soon everything would be shattered.

    I was motoring now back on the road but I had that feeling I was being watched. Soon I was nearing the M4 near a town called Swindon, the sky had become overcast which was strange as it was a bright sunny day a few minutes earlier. It was now midday, automatically I switched on the radio a shock awaited. The news was on and there was an odd tone in the voice of newscaster. Almost mechanical he said ‘ All over the the earth large alien craft are landing and contact with certain countries had been lost. World leaders are in an urgent meeting in the “Is the world coming to an end is the cry.” The radio crackled and went silent. It all seemed so strange why was I contacted if they had gone ahead with their threat anyway?

    I got onto the motorway at junction sixteen a couple of miles from Swindon and put my foot down. I thought the police would have more to worry about than me speeding. Forty minutes later I had reached the outskirts of London , here the atmosphere felt very tense and I could definitely see lights in the sky over the old city. The roads out were crammed with every possible vehicle of all shapes and sizes. I tried the radio again and picked up a faint voice speaking. ” The capital is under siege and a state of emergency has been declared. People must leave the city, as the world leaders feel the only way to deal with theses aliens is to destroy them using nuclear weapons before they destroy us all.” The radio went off again and I thought of my wife and children. Just where in the city were they right now I had no idea? As I reached the end of the motorway I could see a line of military vehicles. As an army officer stood in front of my car I lurched to a stop. I wound down my window to hear a cultured voice telling me I could go no further as it was too dangerous. ” You will have to turn back Sir.” But my family are here in London,” I can remember shouting back to him. It made no difference, I was still turned back. As I was directed off at the junction to head the way I had just come. The first large flash appeared way ahead lighting up the darkened skies. Terror filled the air now as well as the columns of thick smoke. The first bomb has been exploded I could just hear the officer say before I was made to move faster. But everybody knew without hearing what he had said. Everybody had expected this to happen sometime but not in this way, protecting the earth from an alien attack. But something didn’t feel right The alien being had told me they were going to destroy earth, unless this was their plan for man to do it themselves.

    It was dark and dismal as I joined the jams beng forced to leave my beloved city, still so worried about my family and unable to even try to contact them.  The evening had set in and it was getting dark though the sun had been blocked out many hours ago now. The radio burst into life suddenly making me jump I thought I had turned it off. ” Devastation on a massive scale is taking place around the world.” The newscaster announced. He went on ” As more alien craft arrive more missiles are being fired, but they were doing us far more harm than to the aliens.” As these weapons are deflected back to the earth.” Millions are reported dead.”

     A flash appeared in the sky that suddenly lightened the darkness. The radio now was transmitting weird noises which I had heard faintly in the background during the broadcast I had just heard. Now the Prime minister was speaking, but it sounded very hollow and not as I imagined he would speak. ” My people what has happened came so suddenly that we were not fully prepared and at this moment we are just holding our ground against these invaders. Still we must not give up hope that we’ll prevail.” Before another word was uttered a bang came from the radio speaker making me jump almost out of my skin. And another huge flash and explosion came from the direction of the city. The radio now fell silent just a faint static crackle.The cars were crawling along even slower now it seemed as I thought of my my family dreading what might have happened to them. And I’m not ashamed to admit tears of fear and desperation were pouring down my unshaven face. As I had to fight back the sleepy feeling that had come over me the hours went painfully by, as dawn came around before I realised the time. It was still dull, but in the sky above us I could now see several large saucer shaped craft hovering looking like prying eyes menacingly watching us. The traffic now at a stand still, with pillars of smoke all around reaching to the clouds. It was a sad and pitiful sight the like civilisation had never seen before. But I was still confused as to what was happening . Why tell me to warn those in others then instantly attack!

    My first thought was to pull off the road as I wasn’t going any where. It was a struggle I was not near a normal exit, then I spotted a police exit a chance to get off. Well I thought today I don’t care so I veered off the motorway and as the gate looked pretty flimsy I drove through and headed into the narrow lanes which were empty. I found a raised area where I could stop and survey the scene. I was feeling very tired scared and terrified of what was happening, yet I felt at peace this I couldn’t understand. Then remorse struck me when in my mind I had failed to really warn anybody the police thought I was mad. Now the world seemed doomed from a superior alien power. But I summarised it thinking who would have believed me anyway those who really tried were classed as hoaxers. I then heard a faint shout from the distance the voices became familiar as they grew louder. My heart then missed a beat as coming towards me were my wife and children. This had to be a miracle how could they be safe from the devastation and actually find me here? As they neared I ran stumbling towards them in disbelief, I could see the pain and terror in their faces. Before I knew it they were all safely in my arms my wife Jane and my wonderful children Beverly and Jason. My wife told me how they had almost been dragged out of the flat by a neighbour who had some how predicted the imminent danger and got them out of the city. And safely away before it was too late and the panic had really got hold.

      We were together again I still can’t take it in how my wife found me. All Jane could tell me was she felt something had guided her and my children it was like I omitted a homing beacon. I’m still lost for words. There had been no explosions for hours and we both were beginning to hope it was over. When another ear splitting explosion shattered the peace, even though it was along way off. After  getting my family into the car which was looking the worsed for wear, we drove through countless country lanes and in the end we were completely lost. And the fuel gauge was about to click onto empty, but luckily this didn’t happen as a petrol station came into sight. So we pulled up at the pumps, but the place looked deserted. Pressing the car horn, the loud sound echoed around the empty garage. A few minutes later a middle aged man cautiously came over to me. It turned out he was the owner, he was on his own and told us he had heard that a large part of the country was devastated. As for filling the car with fuel luckily he had a generator working so he could  fill the tank. I also go t two extra cans filled up as well in case it was difficult to find anymore. He added the tanks were low as people had been panic buying. I offerd to pay but he kindly said don’t bother as the way it was going money was of no use. After a short conversation we thanked him and drove off. Realising how frightening it was to think how society could get to this state so quickly.  What was to become of us now where could we go? What had happened to the rest of our family? It’s still hard to imagine that on that lovely day out of the blue an alien civilisation had attacked us intent on our total destruction. So many science fiction stories had been based on such a possibility, nobody really thought it would happen. Our weapons powerless against them, but what made it worse it seemed to be our own weapons were doing most damage to us. Still my immediate family were together and even more amazing we all had no effects from the radiation from our weapons which did surprise us. The next priority was survival and finding shelter, as night was again settling in. As anything would be better than trying to sleep in the car. What seemed like hours past when Jane spotted a cottage and became very excited about the prospect of a roof over our heads and a real bed to sleep in. The place did look too deserted for my liking. There was no sound at all total silence. Which under the circumstances should have been expected. But we all felt uneasy even the children who it’s said at their ages can be far more sensitive than adults. We got out of the car which was parked just a short distance from the short driveway and gate leading to this old place. It had a thatched roof and trellis work around the door we noticed as we approached the front door the sort you get on picture post cards. I was still cautious but everyone else was just excited even the children seemed more relaxed, so was I being silly. The place was locked so reluctantly I broke a small window and my son got in and opened the front door. It was nice neat and tidy with plenty of food in the cupboards. Because it was so tidy andthe area seemed unaffected I couldn’t understand why it had been deserted. There was no reason I could think of why the owners would have wanted to go. But these thoughts faded as exhaustion had set in and all they wanted was a snack and to get some sleep. So it wasn’t long before they had fallen asleep in the soft warm beds.

    For myself I found it hard to sleep and sat by the bedroom window watching for anybody coming. As no doubt gangs of looters would soon start roaming the country. There was no way to know at that time if law and order had totally gone as the radio had fallen silent and the cottage had no television to check if that was still broadcasting. We were now living on our nerves not knowing what was going to happen next. I had found a twelve bore shot gun in the cottage and I had it tightly grasped in my hands. I had never touched one before so strong was the fear of the unknown. As I stared out of the window it all seemed so quiet and peaceful there. Then high in the night sky a large array of bright coloured lights appeared that looked just like pebbles to me on a beach and were definitely in a formation or pattern. Andfrom the ground specks of light could be seen going up to meet them, it was fascinating but it didn’t last for long. Then the explosions started again and dawn broke which brought me back to the cold reality nothing had changed. It seemed mans puny efforts against a superior force was futile, but what did happen during those few minutes in the dark skies? Until now the human race had thought he was the dominant being in the universe. It was strange I recall watching the flashes from such a lovely and homely cottage window. We seemed to be pawns in a vast deadly game being played out andearth was the battle ground. I do remember thinking was this the end of the world as predicted in the bible for so many centuries andby other visionaries. As I pondered a loud explosion crescendo-ed all aroundthe cottage this one wasn’t too far away. It awoke Jane and the children who were crying with this rude awakening. We all had a odd feeling come over us so without any words needing to be spoken they quickly got dressed and soon we were getting back in the car and were once more back on the road.

    I didn’t know where it then seemed the car itself was being guided by some force, we were going somewhere. The hours past nobody still spoke I suppose at that moment we didn’t know what to say. I remember my thoughts were taken up thinking of happier times before this nigtmare began. We stopped I recall somewhere but the memory is vague. The next thing I remember was driving the car with a sense of purpose in my mind. Now darkness was falling again how the day had flown by none of us could understand it as we thought it was the early afternoon. But we seemed to accept it, as the light faded we had to stop and rest. It was so quiet and no people or this was how it seemed to me as I recall. It felt cold bitterly cold and the air was heavy and we must have fallen asleep in the car. The night was long and we were all restless, noises could be heard in the distance that could have been screams and shouting. When we awoke from our troubled slumber there was a strong sensation that we were being watched something that could not be shaken off. A faint hum could be heard and it seemed so bright, I had to wipe the steamed up car windows to look out. To my surprise the car was standing in the middle of a large field. In the sky just above us hung several unusual craft similar to the one I had seen on the road. They were metallic and very much like the reported UFO’s seen all around the world. except these were so close I could almost jump up and touch them or that’s how it seemed to me. I could also see lots of cars parked around us I had not heard any of them arrive. Once again panic nearly overwhelmed me but I couldn’t show it with my wife and family watching me. I told them to stay put while I got out to see what was going on.

    I took a deep breath as I reluctantly opened the car door and slowly got out and started to walk around the numerous cars looking in them as the crafts above watched in silence Like evil eyes glaring . The cars were empty though I had expected to see people asleep in them. It never crossed my mind what all these cars were doing in a field. But there was nobody inside except for piles of what looked like ash on the seats. After awhile I had no idea of the time  I was exhausted and headed back to my car. As I neared I shouted out to my family to make sure all was well, but there was no reply. I flung open the front passenger door but to my horror, they weren’t there only four piles of ash where they had been sitting. But where had they gone I was alone in the field. I was screaming out just not knowing what had happened. I sat in the car in a state of shock eyes closed tightly trying to block out this terrible scene yet I had to be in the car close to what remained of my family. It was all so vivid, then a jolt and I opened my eyes and to my utter surprise, I found myself now sitting still in the car. But in a car park which I found out later was the centre of Swindon town. My head really ached my face eyes and hands were burning hot. In my mind I could hear this voice telling me, ” You have been shown your future, if your leaders do not change their ways quickly this will happen. Be warned.” I did feel scared but I could see a telephone box nearby and had to phone my wife. I rang my home number praying my wife would answer. It seemed to ring forever then she picked up the phone and I heard her voice. “Thank God your safe” I said, Jane couldn’t understand what I was talking about. I could hear the children in the background, now I new they were safe and it hadn’t really happened. As I talked a glint in the sky caught my attention, above me a very intense bright light was hovering. A chill ran down my spine I quickly finished my call telling my wife I loved her and I was heading home. Then I drove homeward bound on the M4 it was now much quieter than the last time I had been on it and I’m sure the light followed me. Or had it really been a dream or premonition? Or had an alien race given me  a vision of the future? At that time I just prayed I would get home that night.

    It’s now two thousand and eight the children are all grown up and doing well I’m still happily married and I don’t mention  that time in nineteen eighty seven. But I thought it was the right time to record my experiences even though I’m not sure if it happened. But I’m sure we’re being watched at this very moment, I know it changed me for the rest of my life. What’s that outside of my window—



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The Adventurous Youngsters The Holiday

The atmosphere at Jane and Tim’s home was one of excitement and chaos. It had been three years since they’d been away for ‘a proper holiday’ as Tim often  said. So packing cases was like a fresh experience for them and as usual caused arguments. ” I want that case Jane, it’s just the right size” said Tim grabbing a large suitcase. ” No I’ve got more clothes than you, you’ll wear the same clothes for the two weeks anyway” said Jane getting cross. ” Of course I won’t, I’ll change them after the first week” added Tim with a smile. ” You’re serious aren’t you? I’m glad you’ve got your own room,” said Jane with her expression of disgust. Tim snatched the case out of Jane’s hand and ran with it almost tripping over the case into his room, slamming the door shut. Leaving Jane speechless with her mouth open. With a deep growl she turned and said” Alright  you have  the best case I’ll manage.” She picked up a smaller case and went back into her own room slamming the door shut. Their Dad Mr Green came up the stairs to find out what the noise was all about. But it was now quiet, ” Teas ready” he called out. As he turned and started to go back down the stairs Jane came out of her room following her Dad.  ” Thanks Dad” said Jane now sounding happier. ” When are we going on holiday?” ” Not until early tomorrow morning Jane.” ” Oh” uttered Jane sounding disappointed. At that moment Tim came out of his room adding his opinion, ” Can’t we go tonight the roads will be much quieter.” Jane and Tim followed their Dad into the kitchen. ” No Tim you know I’ve got to sort the shop out, I hope one day when you run this business you’ll have learned  it’s not just occasionally filling the shelves that has to be done.” Tim looked bored, he’d heard his Dad’s comments many times before. ” Of course not Dad.”  Mr Green looked at Tim and shook his head, he some how always managed to look innocent. ” Yes alright Tim, but you know I can only come down to Cornwall for the first week.”

    They all sat at the kitchen table, there was a nice cooked tea waiting for them. ” Now eat your tea up, you two will have to go to bed earlier tonight” said their Mum. ” Yes Mum,” they said in unison Jane and Tim felt happier with themselves but neither were keen on going to bed any earlier. After tea Mr and Mrs Green went to check the fridges in the shop. Jane had offered to wash up Tim was given no choice and was reluctantly  drying up the dishes. He had been warned not to drop anymore crockery. So as usual when their parents were not watching they splashed themselves with the water. Then through the kitchen window Tim spotted Old Ben and Scratcher coming up the garden path. Jane now saw her chance to really soak her Brother While he wasn’t looking. With a quick flick she threw a jug of soapy water all over his head. Tim had been taken totally by surprise and before he could retaliate or even utter a sound, Scratcher was barking at the back door. ” I’ll open the door,” said Jane laughing. ” I’ll get you back,” said Tim spluttering as he quickly dried himself as best he could, with an already wet tea towel. but his elbow knocked a large plate onto the kitchen floor which made a loud smashing sound. Tim picked up the peices as quietly as he could. But didn’t have time to put them in the kitchen bin to take out to the main bin outside.   

     Old Ben was now at the kitchen door, Jane let him in but the dog had to stay outside. Mrs green came into the kitchen, at the sound of barking she knew Old Ben must be nearby. Smiling she spoke”Come in would you like a cup of tea?” ” Well I never say no to a cup of tea Mrs Green.”  ” Muriel please, we’ve known you for such a long time surely you can be less formal.” ” True Muriel said Old Ben with a nervous half smile. Jane and Tim had to laugh at their Mums name ‘Muriel.’ They glanced at each other, then Jane said ” Can we go and see Scratcher Mum?” “Yes but remember it’s an early night tonight.” Mrs Green then noticed that Tim seemed to be very wet. Though she hadn’t noticed that he still had  the broken plate behind his back. ” You seem to be wetter than usual Tim,” said a curious Mrs Green. ” Oh it’s rather warm Mum, just sweating a lot.” Tim smiled broadly then he quickly followed his Sister into the garden. ‘Walking strangely backwards,’ thought his Mum. Just outside was large wheelie bin, lifting the lid he put the pieces in making sure it was well covered. Then giving a load sigh, he put the lid back down.  and joined Jane racing around the garden chasing Scratcher and throwing a ball that was especially bought for him by them. Old Ben looked out at the youngsters having fun as he sipped his tea. Mrs Green came over to join him watching out of the window. ” They all look so happy in the garden, they’ll miss Scratcher for the next two weeks.”  Said a thoughtful Mrs Green. ” Well maybe not I have a friend down in ‘Padstow’ whose always asking me to go and visit him anytime. So I’ve decided to take him up on his offer.” Old Ben said still looking out of the window. ” That’s nice, what a coincidence that’s where we’re going. My Sister has a house over looking the Camel Estuary” said Mrs Green thinking back. Continuing ” The last time we were there was when Jane was small and Tim hadn’t been born.”” Oh it’s so lovely down there.” Thinking of her last visit brought a broad smile to her face. Both of them were still looking out of the window when Mr green came in from the shop. Mrs green turned around. ” Hello dear, cup of tea?” ” That would be nice, I’ve put most of the luggage in the car.” He glanced at his wrist watch. ” It’s time the children got ready for bed.” As he sat down at the table he noticed Old Ben. ” Hello I didn’t mean to ignore you, but it’s been a very busy day.” ” That’s alright.” Mrs Green gave her husband his cup of tea. ” I’ve just said to Old Ben to call us by our first names.” Oh yes what a good Idea, call me Cyril.” Mr Green wasn’t really bothered in stopping to talk, as he had a lot on his mind. He got up and continued I would like to be on the road by seven am.” He glanced out of the kitchen window and then at his watch again. ” Old Ben said he’ll be down in Padstow at the same time as us dear.” Mr Green watched Jane and Tim still running around the garden still chasing the dog that never seemed to tire.  Then said thoughtfully ” That’s good especially as I can only stay the first week.” Thinking aloud  “those two always manage to get themselves involved in something or other wherever they are nice to know there’s somebody to keep an eye onthem. If you don’t mind?” He shook his head as he remembered some of his childrens past ventures. ” If you don’t mind?” ” No of course not,” the old man smiled at that.  He turned and faced Old Ben, ” Where are you staying?” ” Oh I’ve a friend who has a cottage just off the Camel trail on the estuary in ‘Padstow.’ It’s very peaceful I understand.” ” Well I hope it stays that way,” muttered Mr Green. They smiled at each other thinking what could happen in Cornwall when Jane and Tim arrived. After a couple of minutes Old Ben made his excuses saying he had to go and pack. ” I’m getting a train down, I only hope Scratcher will be alright, it’s his first time on a train.” He said going out into the garden. ” Thank you for tea Mrs Green Uh Muriel.”  “You’re welcome.” ” I’m sorry we couldn’t give you a lift, but our car will be fully loaded.” Mr Green said sounding genuinely disappointed he could not help. ” I understand Cyril, thank you for the thought.” Cheerio for now, no doubt I’ll see you at some time.” he said with a knowing smile. Jane and Tim were called in. They  said cheerio to their two friends as they went down the long garden path and out onto to downs.

A short time later they were ready for bed, almost to excited to sleep. Their parents said goodnight as they all headed for bed. Before long they were all fast asleep.

    It was about six o’clock in the morning when Jane woke up and got out of bed. she pulled back the curtains. The sun shone brightly into room, making her shade her eyes. Tim came running in a few minutes later fully dressed. ” I’m ready Mum’s made the sandwiches and there’s toast made.” Tim was very excited and unusually lively for this early hour and was soon gone. Jane hadn’t really woken up yet. Downstairs Mr Green came into the kitchen. ” Are you nearly ready dear?” Mrs green had just finished washing up and tidying the kitchen. ” Yes Cyril I’m just finishing cleaning up, but Jane’s not down yet.” Said Mrs Green who wouldn’t be hurried. At that moment Jane came into the kitchen yawning she found it hard to speak ” Morning.” Mr Green glanced at his watch and raised his eye brows. ” Morning Jane don’t be long, I want to get on the road.” ” Alright Dad I’m almost ready I’m just going to have some toast.”  Jane sat down and started munching a plate of toast. ” Fine! Now where’s Tim?” “He had to go to the loo” Jane said with difficulty as she had  just scoffed another large piece of cold toast. ” Not with your mouth full Jane.”Mrs Green said, making sure the back door was locked. With a sigh Mr green said ” I’ll go and check the car again.” As he made his way along the hallway, Tim came running down the stairs. As he called out to his Dad he slipped on the stair carpet and bumped down the last four steps on his bottom, landing at his Dads feet. ” Hi Dad, I’m ready” Tim looked up with a cheeky grin on his face. ” Good! Are you alright?” said a surprised Mr Green helping Tim up. His Mum and Sister came quickly out of the kitchen when their heard the noise. ” I’m fine let’s go, I can’t wait to get to Cornwall.” Tim ran on through the shop to their big estate car parked outside. ” neither can I” Jane added still munching on a piece of toast.

    Mr Green led the way through the shop. When everybody was outside he took one last look. Then setting that alarm he securely locked the door. Soon they were heading out of Greenfield and were on their way at last to Padstow. The time was seven fifteen later than their Dad had hoped, but he knew it could have been a lot later knowing his children. The sky was clear and blue, it was going to be a really warm day. ” A real Scorcher.” said Tim happy to be on holiday at last. Mr Green had worked out the distance to be about one hundred and sixty miles and wanted to be well on the way before it got to hot. ” Cornwall Here We Come.” said Jane excitedly, suddenly coming to life.

    Two hours later they were approaching Exeter on the motorway and beginning to feel they needed to stretch their legs. ” I’ll pull in at the next service area,” said Mr Green who also felt he needed a break from driving. ” That would be nice, I can get the sandwiches out then, said Mrs Green with a gentle sigh. ” Sandwiches mm.” Said Tim his eyes widening and his mouth watering. ” I’m hungry too, when did you make them Mum” asked a pleasantly surprised Jane. ” Just before I went to bed you had already gone.” ” I’d love a cold drink too.” Jane was feeling the heat. ” Well I’m sorry Jane, you’ll have to buy that, I’ve only got a flask of tea.” That’s OK Mum” She smiled at her Mum. Just then the slip road to the motorway service area came into view and they all cheered. A few minutes later they’d parked. Jane and Tim got out to stretch and have a look around. ” Don’t go far now.” ” No Mum, we’ll be back for some sandwiches.” Jane said calling back They made their way towards the main building to get their cold drinks and some sweets. When they’d mentioned to their Mum she gave them their usual lecture about too many sweets not being good for their teeth. As they neared the entrance a very dirty looking motor home caught their attention. There was something about it that set their nerve endings tingling. Tim naturally being nosey, had to look at it more closely. glancing inside with difficulty because he wasn’t very tall. He could just see what looked like wet suits on the bench and other diving type of equipment on the floor. Jane who wasn’t so keen to take a look, kept a watchful eye for the owners.Tim was straining to see what might be under some covers when Jane called out. ” Tim there’s somebody coming.” Tim turned and followed Jane’s gaze. Two men were coming towards them. ” Ere what are you two doing looking in there?” shouted the taller man who looked like the pictures of pirates that Tim had seen. Rugged, well sun tanned, thick long beard and his hair looked greasy and uncombed. Tim moved quickly to stand by Jane. ” Very Brave of you Tim.” ” Just protecting you Jane. They both whispered to each other.The other man was shorter but looked very similar, except he just had a moustache, which was long and droopy Both were in jeans and T-shirts. ” Oh nothing,” said Jane looking straight at them. ” Well clear off then.” said the shorter man glaring at Jane and Tim who decided to retreat quickly without saying anything else. As they headed for the shops the two men got into the motor home started the engine and as Jane and Tim turned to look at the men. They gave another unpleasant stare sneered and drove out of the car park heading for the motorway. ” They looked suspicious.” said Tim dramatically. ” Yes and very unpleasant too.” Jane added as they went on into the shop.  After buying what they wanted Jane and Tim still browsed around the shop not realising the time. When they eventually came out their Dad was coming towards them. He was getting worried as he had wondered where they had got to and was ready to go ‘ You can’t be too careful these days’ he often use to tell them. ” Ah there you are, times getting on we need to get going,” said Mr Green who turned and headed back to the car. ” Yes Dad,” Jane said as they both tried to keep up with him holding their cold drinks and sweets tightly. As they got near to the car,Mrs Green called out relieved to see them. ” There you are now come along and eat your sandwiches.” It didn’t take long for them to scoff their food. It was really warming up now, within minutes the car was back on the motorway. The sign for Torquay flashed by in a blur. ” The countryside looks nice even from the motorway,” muttered a bored Tim wishing they were there. Mr Green looked in the rear view mirror, he could see they were bored., ” It won’t be long now,” he said smiling. But he to thought how long the journey seemed. Mrs Green glanced around “We’ll be on Bodmin Moor very soon  we’ll stop at The Jamaica Inn.” ” Oh that’s  great ,” said Tim coming to life. He was fed up of playing games, reading his comics and looking at the speeding scenery. After the Tamar bridge they all cheered. It now felt the holiday had really begun. Tim spotted the Jamaica Inn first and soon the car was pulling into the car park. He was also first out and looked intently over the moorland, then turned to look at the Inn. Jane joined him and was curious to know what he was thinking. ” It’s a long way from the sea for smugglers to bring their contraband to this place,” he suddenly said to Jane ” It was only a story Jane said thoughtfully.” Oh no it wasn’t? Contraband was brought here from the coast” Tim replied knowingly. Thinking about it Jane could just imagine the smugglers coming over the moors loaded with goods. She shuddered a little, even though the sun was beating down on them. Mrs Green came over to them with two cold glasses of coke. ” Here you are children, it’s lovely up here” She breathed in the air which seemed so fresh. ” Thanks Mum.” Jane and Tim eagerly took their drinks. ” Yes It’s great said Jane also enjoying the view breathing in the air as it blew across the open moors. They were not far from their destination now. As Jane stood almost in a daze she heard an engine starting up behind her. Turning in the direction of the sound, she found herself looking at the same dirty motorhome they’d spotted earlier. It was just turning onto the main road and in the direction they’d all soon be heading themselves. It made her feel a little uneasy, as it disappeared out of sight. Turning to Tim she realised he had already seen it. He thought there was somebody looking out of the rear window as it passed but he wasn’t sure. So decided he wouldn’t tell Jane. Putting their glasses on the wooden table, Jane suggested they go and find their parents. ” I’m sure they’ll want to get to Auntie Phyls soon”. Grabbing his arm she pulled him along. ” Hey let me go I’ll race you.” “Alright” said Jane letting go  then running ahead. Tim’s short legs were not able to catch his Sister. ” I’ll beat you one day.” Tim was not happy As they approached the main entrance to the very old coaching inn their Mum and Dad were coming out. ” Ah that’s good timing,” said Mr Green who seemed more relaxed. ” Last stage Mrs Green said feeling much better now as they got in the car. ‘ Yes nearly there thought Tim’.

    Jane spotted the sign post first , ” Six miles to go.” She couldn’t help but feel relieved as Her dad indicated  and turned right down the narrow lane. It was  two o’clock when they drove up the track leading to the old stone house of their Auntie, their Mum’s Sister. They parked on the cobbled driveway in front of the house., Jane could see the estuary. There were a lot of small  sailing boats and a few speed boats and she could even see wind surfers. The light warm wind made them skim so gracefully over the glistening water. ” Come on Jane. let’s get the cases in quickly,” said Tim very eager to be out and exploring the area. Jane for the moment was happy just to enjoy the view of the water the fields and the sand dunes she could see near the small village on the other side of the estuary. Auntie Phyl was waiting patiently at her front door to greet them. As they carried their cases into the house Tim followed Jane. As she approached the entrance, a big ginger cat strolled sedately in front of her. She walked around it and on into the house. But Tim who was struggling with the bigger case, didn’t see the cat and tripped over it. The very shaken cat ran off making some strange noises, leaving Tim sprawled over his case halfway in the doorway. ” Hello Tim do come in” said Auntie Phyl trying to keep a straight face as she looked down at him. Jane glanced at him and laughed, then went back in. His auntie helped him up as he was shaken, it had caught him by surprise. He was quiet for a short time but it didn’t last long. ” Thanks Auntie” he managed to say after a couple of minutes. Auntie Phyl carried Tim’s case and wished she hadn’t, it was rather heavy. She showed him to his room. ” It’s great Auntie thanks”. Tim said as he looked around. The furniture was’ ancient’ he thought, but was somehow nice. Then he looked out of the window. The view was ‘spectacular’ as Tim put it, it looked over the Camel Estuary. ” I’m glad you like the room Tim,” his Auntie smiled she knew he would like the view. Jane then came up the stairs and her Aunty took into the room next to Tim’s it was very similar in it’s design. She was happy with the room but not being that close to her Brother. Their Mum and Dad were further away in a bedroom at the back over looking the countryside. ‘That’s good’ Tim thought, he was certainly happy his parents were not to close. It didn’t take long for him to be ready to go out. He left his case under the bed, then walked into Jane’s room unannounced. She was neatly putting her clothes into a drawer in the dressing table. ” I like this room and the house” thought Jane allowed, happy in what she was doing. Tim had come in very quietly so when he spoke it made her jump. ” Talking to yourself now Jane?” He paused and smiled then added,” Are you ready to go?” Jane turned sharply, ” I wish you would knock before walking in you made me jump!” ” Oh sorry are you ready to go out?”Tim repeated his question now getting grumpy. Jane closed the draw and gave her Brother one of her long looks, then sighed and said” Yes.” by this time Tim was was fed up with waiting and was already halfway down the stairs and on his way out. But then he spotted the food laid neatly on the table, when he reached the bottom of the stairs. There was fruit and jelly, cake, salad and meats of all kinds.” Cor smashing,” said Tim sitting down at the table. Their Mum and Dad were already there enjoying the spread. Auntie Phyl was pouring out the tea as Jane appeared at the table in the dinning room. Tim looked up at Jane with a mouthful of food and spluttered, ” This is smashing Jane.” “Tim you shouldn’t speak with your mouthful.” Mrs green said looking sternly at him.  Jane looked amazed and sat down, her mouth watering. She hadn’t realised how hungry she was until she saw all the food in front of her. By the time they’d finished, Tim didn’t really want to go anywhere, because as usual he had eaten too much. Jane was full but had made sure she hadn’t over indulged. ” Well I’m ready to go and explore, how about you Tim?”She said with a wicked grin. Tim was determined not to let his Sister say’ Had too much again?’ So with a deep breath he stood up. ” Ready when you are.” But truthfully he was feeling rather unwell. Jane looked a Auntie Phyl. ” May we leave the table Auntie? Thank you for a smashing tea.” ” Yes thanks Auntie.” Tim surprisingly said ” Thank you my dears, of course you can.” Impressed with how well mannered they were. Their parents looked at each other, surprised at their children’s goon manners. ” Don’t go too far.” ” we won’t Dad, Jane said with a smile. Auntie Phyl got up and followed them as they went out. She was going to make a fresh pot of tea. ” Auntie how far is it to Padstow from here?” enquired Jane. ” About a mile along the coastal path, it’s a pleasant walk. Surely your not going that far now?” Their Auntie sounded concerned. ” Oh no Auntie, just thought I’d ask” Jane said hastily. ” We thought we’d explore around here.” Tim said.  ” It’s very peaceful here and the sands are safe, but be careful when the tides coming in or going out.” Their Auntie told them giving them very important information and advice. ” Yes Auntie, Bye.” Only half listening, then she noticed Tim had opened the door and was across the courtyard. She had to run to catch him up. Just outside the of the stone gate posts where the gate was missing and to the right was a foot path. A sign read ‘ Public Footpath.’ Jane ran down but Tim didn’t feel well enough for that. The path sloped downwards so she was soon at the bottom waiting for Tim to arrive. When he eventually got to her, they turned right again onto the stony coastal trail. They walked for some time having to follow the trail around a small cove, on they walked. A light breeze was still blowing. Fifteen minutes later  they came to a building that looked as if was being rebuilt. It was pointing out to the open sea, A sign read ‘Gun Point.’ ” There must have been a gun here once.” said Tim fascinated and imaging the gun there. ” Yes I read in a book these were placed around the coastline, to help defend this country from invaders.”  Tim looked at Jane wide eyed. ” What space invaders?” He then looked up at the sky. ” No silly other countries that have attacked us over centuries. These guns would have been put here in the nineteen forties.” Tim looked at the building then at the beach and sea. He was feeling better but now his imagination was creating a picture. ‘Of old sailing ships with guns blazing. The skull and cross bones of the pirates fluttering in the breeze, coming into the mouth of the estuary. And big pirates with thick long beards and eye patches with swords in their hands. Landing in long rowing boats on the beach and charging towards them.’ ” Awed by his day dream he started walking at a fast pace. ” Come on Jane let’s go.” He headed along the footpath, glancing back occasionally to see if anybody was following.  Jane had been happily looking at the building when she turned to speak to Tim. She couldn’t believe he’d gone. ” Hey Tim wait for me.” Jane had to chase after him, when she caught up with him she asked him what was up. ” Oh nothing.” He couldn’t tell her about his daydream. ” Well don’t just run off like that again,” she looked at the view,”I’m sure we won’t get bored here.” ” No of that I’m certain.” said Tim thinking of his daydream again. Passing through some iron gates they stood next to a monument in memory of the men from ‘Padstow’ who lost their lives in the past wars. They could now see the fishing town in front of them.

    As they stood resting by the monument. A dog could be heard barking in the distance but it was coming nearer. They were feeling tired as it was further from their Aunties than they had realised. ” I wish we had our bikes,” muttered Tim thinking aloud. Then as he stood in a daze, there was a loud bark and a blur of hair. Tim now found himself with Scratcher in his arms licking his face. Before he could say anything the lively dog had jumped down and was heading back down the path. Jane to was taken by surprise. She looked at Tim ” He wants us to follow him!” “Yes” he was still shaken but keen to find out where the dog was going, ” Let’s go.” They didn’t feel like running so they walked after him. Scratcher kept stopping and looking back. Then in the distance they could see a familiar figure sitting on a bench. As they got nearer they could see he was dozing in the early evening sunshine. But the barking soon woke him up. ” Hello Old Ben said Jane and Tim in unison. Startled he turned and looked up at them. ” Well hello you two.” It’s lovely to see you here.” ” You look tired.” Jane said a little concerned as  she and Tim thought of him as their adopted Grandad. Old Ben smiled as only he could, ” Well looking at you and your Brother, I’d say I wasn’t alone.” He continued, ” It was a long journey for me but enjoyable. Scratcher loved it, didn’t you boy.” His precious dog ran about stopping occasionally to live up to his name for  a scratch. ” Great to see you, cor Scratchers lively today.” said an excited Tim.  Old Ben then asked them about their journey, so they all sat down and talked when Scratcher let them. In their conversation Jane mentioned the two suspicious characters in their ‘old motorhome’. Their friend was intrigued but as he felt tired, suggested they meet the following morning at about ten am at a covered shelter often used by the locals in the town. ” You can’t miss it, it’s by the clipper restaurant” he said. Then he proudly showed them his new walking stick. ” It was given to me by my dear friend to help me get up the hills,” he added with a chuckle. Then looking serious again.” I think you two had better get back to your Aunty’s, your parents will start to wonder where you are.” ” Oh yes I’d forgotten the time, it’s been great seeing you down here,” said Jane. ” yes they’ll be wondering why our exploring had taken so long.” Tim said looking unusually concerned, but truthfully he was feeling hungry again. They said cheerio” See you tomorrow,” Old Ben called out waving his walking stick in the air. As he and his companion headed back into the town. 

     When they eventually got back to their Aunty’s house, their Mum and Dad were sitting around a garden table drinking long cold drinks talking happily. But as they approached both felt all the eyes turning to them. ” Nice walk?” Said their smiling Dad. ” Yes thanks Dad” said Jane with an equally broad smile. ” We were beginning to get worried, time is getting on,” said said their Mum in her telling off voice. ” We met Old Ben and Scratcher on the coastal path,” slightly bending the truth. ” It was a surprise,” said Tim. ” Oh yes I forgot to mention that he was coming down,” Said their Mum who also bent the truth as she didn’t tell them on purpose. Auntie Phyl then said, ” Would you both like lemonade and some supper?” ” Yes please,” said Jane and Tim together. ” The salt air has given me an appetite Tim said sitting at the table as Auntie Phyl put a big plate of sandwiches down. Jane looked at Tim thinking of all the food he’d eaten only a few hours earlier. Then she to tucked in as well. As they ate Mr Green cleared his throat and spoke with a touch of excitement in his tone. ” Your Auntie has got a surprise for you.” They both looked up at their Dad then turned to look at their Auntie. ” Yes I have my dears., your Dad mentioned there was no room in the car for your bikes.” ” No we were very disappointed,” said Jane thoughtfully. ” We could do with them now,” said Tim sadly. ” Well!” continued their Auntie, it so happens that I’ve got two bikes in the garage.” Jane and Tim’s face lit “Great.” ” They’re not new and have been there a year or two, left by some friends of mines Gran children. Who seemed to have forgotten about them.” ” Can we see them now please?” Jane said with a big smile. It was agreed they could but not until they’d finished their supper. So when the plate was cleared their Auntie led the way to the garage and everybody followed. They were so excited ‘Transport ‘ was their first thought as the door was raised. There in front of then were the two nice bikes, leaning against the back wall. A little dusty and the tyres a little flat but “OK” said Tim. Going over to them and sitting on the boys bike. Jane eagerly ran over and sat on the girls bike. ‘That’s handy’ thought Jane.  “These are smashing Auntie, they’ll be just right for us. ” We’ll clean them up tomorrow,” said Tim riding the bike out of the garage. Mum and Dad happily moved aside, Jane followed him out. After a few minutes their Dad reminded them about the tyres and said it was time for bed. Neither of them protested as they were feeling tired. After all it had been along day. But tomorrow would be different now they had their own transport and happily went to bed.

    It was about ten fifteen the next morning, when they left their Aunties to meet Old Ben in Padstow.  It took longer than they thought to clean and check the bikes, but it was worth it. Saving a lot of time getting around. So after speedily eating their breakfast and getting the usual lecture about not causing any trouble. At last they happily set off Jane’s was a pale lilac and Tim’s a dark blue bike. This time they went along the country lanes which they found was longer but easier on two wheels than the coastal path. The sun  shone brightly on another warm day. Getting lost a few times both thought Old Ben would get fed up of waiting. Then coming around a bend they saw some houses ahead, most were built on a steeply sloping hill going down into the town. “This must be’ Padstow” Jane called out as they had fun going down the hills. Hoping the brakes would be alright. Soon they found themselves by a Post Office which had a big sign that read ‘Padstow Post Office’ on it. “Good we’ve arrived.” Jane said sighing with relief. ” Which way should we go now?” enquired Tim. ” Let’s turn left,” said Jane leading the way, but it wasn”t easy with all the people walking about. ” Hey Jane look, ‘The Olde Shippe Hotel’ that looks old.”  ‘Mm but nice though’ thought Jane looking around to try and get her bearings. ” We must be near  shelter,” she said now walking they turned right and saw the harbour in front of them. Coming out of  the small road Jane walking but Tim determined to try and ride every where. They stood by the harbour wall and watched the many yachts and all sorts of boats. That they had only seen in films owned by millionaires all of them just slightly moving in the other wise still dark water. A large metal gate blocked the exit, stopping the water from draining out of the harbour at low tide they found out later. It was a picturesque little town, they both thought as they looked about. Then a voice called out from behind them hearing their names both of them turned sharply around. There they saw two familiar figures sitting in the shelter enjoying an ice cream. Scratcher was laying quietly for once, at his masters feet. But you could see he’d had an ice cream as it was all around his face and he was still licking it off his whiskers. Old Ben was pleased to see them and gave them some money to get their own. They parked their bikes by the railings and locked them with the locks their Auntie gave them. After getting two big cones with flakes in. They sat watching children crabbing around the harbour wall and down a boat slip way next to a small band stand. Where the parents were resting on some green benches. Old Ben admired their bikes  and was pleased how much easier it would be for them to get around. As they looked over the harbour a familiar motorhome drove into a car park opposite them it was just visible and easy to spot. Intrigued they wandered towards the car park it wasn’t a big place. As they got nearer three men got out, one they noticed went in the opposite direction most likey to get a parking ticket. While the other two whom they recognised from the motorway services, walked along the quay to the largest cruiser. Jane stretched herself to try and get a better view, as the two of them went on board. Jane and Tim stood by the railings very near now and saw them being greeted by a man and woman who were both sun tanned. A couple of minutes later the third man joined them. Old Ben was wondering what they were up to and came around to join them. And enquired what was so interesting. Jane explained that she recognised the motorhome they’d already told him about. ” It arrived about ten minutes ago and the two men have just got onto that boat”, she pointed. ” And were joined by the third man.” But there was nobody in site now. ” The plot thickens,” said Old Ben with his theatrical quote leaning gently on his new walking stick. Scratcher sat up realising everybody had moved. He didn’t intend being left behind, so quickly got up and moved towards them. But he made sure the road was clear before he walked across it. When he reached them he barked to let them know he was there and was a little upset they’d left him behind. Tim bent down and stroked him and soon all was well.

     “It could be a long wait, the tide isn’t due back in until about four this afternoon.”Said the wise Old Ben. As he thoughtfully  starred at the boat for several minutes. Jane was determined to walk around and take a closer look.Tim too was keen to go with her, but  a better idea was put forward by their wise old friend. ” Why not get a crabbing line and join  all the other children on the slip way, you can then watch and not look suspicious.” Jane and Tim thought it was a good idea, but didn’t like to be called children. It did make a lot of sense, they could watch and have fun. ” Tim announced he would go and get the crabbing line, his Sister was shocked a he always said he had no money. ” You’ll need some Bait as well,” said Old Ben smiling. ” Bait?” Tim repeated unsure of what it was. “Obviously not a fisherman, the crabs will need something on the line to attract them he continued .” You can by that at the same time.”  “Tim not wanting to be thought of as stupid agreed.  He had never been interested in fishing at home. He preferred to be riding his bike or visting new places looking for adventure and going to school in between doing things he preferred to do. Or mischief as his parents often told him. ” Go on I’m sure you’ll enjoy it,” said Jane with a wicked grin on her face. “Come on I’m going to the shop, let’s be quick we don’t want to miss them I’m Sure Old Ben will watch the boat.” ” OK Jane I’m coming.” Soon they were going into the shop further around the harbour. Inside it seemed to sell everything. Besides what he wanted there were shells, games to play and all sorts of toys. As his eyes darted about the shop, a kind shop assistant asked him what he wanted. He wasn’ going to speak. But Jane nudged him forward so he had no choice. And in no time at all he came out with his line, bait, a bucket , and a net. He nearly bought a plastic spade but thought that a silly idea, now he was wondering why he offered to spend his money. With all this clutched in his hand, Jane said she would carry the net for some reason. They made their way back to the slipway. Old Ben reported that nobody had come out. And announced he was going back to the shelter to sit in the shade, it wasn’t far away if they needed his help. But he did offer to show Tim what to do with the line as it did remind him of when he was a Tim’s age. Scratcher was confused at first as he didn’t know what was going on. But as soon as the line was baited with a piece of fish and thrown into the water, his attention was assured. After about twenty minutes and nothing was happening Jane had decided to get nearer the boat and Tim would be look out. Soon she was nearing the boat, unsure of what to expect. Turning right into the private car park next to the rowing club and information centre, her heart started to pound. She stopped suddenly when she realised the boat was only a meter away to her left.Jane decided to appear to be admiring the picturesque view of the harbour in case they had a look out watching her. When the chance came to take a good look, the first thing that caught her eye was the name of the big luxury cruiser in large bold lettering- ‘THE FURY’- on the back and the sides in red against the shinning white body. At the back just below the name was a rubber dingy with a large outboard motor, it was hanging over the water. Supported by two strong ropes attached to a winch. Above was a wide lower deck and two large patio type doors. She then heard footsteps, glancing towards the sound she saw another young man approaching. He was smartly dressed and was coming over the metal bridge from another car park, further around the ‘O’ shaped harbour. Jane had been taken by surprise and had to quickly retreat behind some fishing baskets and large nets hanging to dry. She held her breath as he passed by grasping tightly a large briefcase. He made his way on board. He went inside through the doors at the back Jane could just see him shaking hands with those already there. They all sat down she now took a big risk by getting very close to get a better view. The smartly dressed man opened his briefcase, inside she could just make out it was a lot of money. Her mouth dropped open in surprise she had never seen so much before. At that moment the suntanned woman got up and closed the curtains, Jane moved cautisously away hoping she hadn’t been spotted.

    A short time later the man with the beard came out of the cabin, he looked around as if to make sure the coast was clear. Jane moved quickly over to where Tim was standing still watching himself and crabbing on the boat slip way. They both continued to watch with great interest every move. When he seemed happy all was well, he moved slowly still glancing about nervously. Back over the bridge towards the motorhome. Jane was just about to go when the man returned struggling with a big bag. As the bearded man approached the boat the other man she’d seen before came out to help him. They lifted the bulky bag onto the deck, looking about them and really making themselves conspicuously and then took it inside. Jane thought it would be best to go and tell Old Ben what she had seen. She had to smile as Tim now sat dangling his feet in the water, with one eye on his crabbing line and the other on the boat. A brightly coloured bucket by his side and Scratcher watching the line closely. As she walked towards the shelter she laughed to herself thinking how funny it would be if a crab grabbed his toe.  Just as she approached the shelter keen to tell all, but before a word could be uttered Auntie Phyl and her Mum and Dad came into view, coming down the coastal path. Her Auntie started waving and calling out excitedly. Mr and Mrs Green looked rather tired  as they tried to keep up with her. As she got to the shelter she turned to give the rapidly approaching family trio a big wave back. ” This isn’t a good time,” muttered Old Ben. Tim was enjoying himself ” Hey Jane, I’ve caught two so far, have a look” Jane could see him waving but was just to far away to hear him. She had more important problems at this moment. turning back her Parents and Auntie were standing in front of her. “Hello have you had a good morning?” her Aunt enquired. Who soon noticed the distinguished bearded man looking at her smiling, she returned the smile and said ”  Hello my names Phyllis but everyone calls me phyl” She stretched out her arm to shake his hand. Old Ben was taken by surprise and for once found it hard to speak, ” Oh good morning Phyl I’m always called Old Ben,” he stood up and warmly shook her hand. Jane looked at her parents they were amused at this first meeting. Jane thought she saw her Auntie and Old Ben blushing. Unable to speak at this moment she made her excuses and went back over to Tim. To find out if anything had happened and tell about what had just happened. Tim was keen to ‘Olde Shippe Inn’ for something to eat.” Announced Mrs green Looking at Old Ben, But before he could answer Tim came running up to show them the crabs he’d caught. ” Hey look at these?” Everybody looked his parents were not keen to see the crabs in the bucket. And made their excuses and headed for the pub. Auntie Phyl was use to seeing them and said to Old Ben, ” I might see you later.” As she walked after them looking back smiling. ” Well done Tim right on cue.” That’s alright Jane said, my Auntie fancied you so I thought I’d better come and save you.” ” Uh yes thank you Tim.”  He looked at Tim and smiled feeling embarrassed but was relieved. Mr Green was unaware of what had gone on as he had been looking in the estate agents window. And noticing his wife disappearing towards the pub followed happily after her. Tim was fed up with crabbing now and didn’;t want to miss out on any food being offered so he ran after his parents. ” See you later.”Tim shouted as he ran off. Jane wasn’t in such a hurry to follow her parents. She looked at the boat, nothing was happening. Still watching she walked over to Old Ben who told her where her family had gone. “Are you going to eat anything?” ” Don’t worry about me Jane I’ll get some fish and chips later.” Jane smiled looking down at Scratcher who had just stuck his head in the bucket with the crabs in, that Tim had left in the shelter with the net. Before he could get his nose out of the bucket,  a crab caught it with one of it’s claws. Scratcher yelped loudly and jumped away from the bucket. Jane laughed tears running down her face. ” He won’t do that again in a hurry. “Jane spluttered out.”  Old Ben joined in ” No he certainly won’t.” A sorry looking dog looked up at them rubbing his sore nose with his paw. Wondering why they were making such a noise, his nose hurt! In disgust he turned his back on them. Still laughing Jane said good bye and went off to find her family at the pub. She felt certain they would see those men again. She was determined to find out what they were up to. By this time Scratcher was now barking at the bucket from a safe distance. ” Come on let’s eat to.” He picked up the line and wrapped it around the spool and then the bucket but forgot the net. And went to the side of the harbour and carefully put the crabs back in the water. Then they headed for the fish and chip shop the one thing they both enjoyed.

    As it was a nice day, they all sat outside at the wooden tables and benches. Jane and Tim had chicken and chips with baked beans. Afterwards they sat sipping their cold cokes. Jane was still laughing about the crab. Tim wished he had seen it. After they had finished their meal both of them thanked their parents and Auntie, asking if it was alright to go. As they both got up to go back to the harbour. Scratcher came running around the corner barking excitedly as he wanted Jane and Tim to follow him. ” Alright we’re coming.” said Jane. ” See you later,” added Tim leaving their Auntie and parent wondering just what was going on. ” Don’t be late back,” Mrs Green called out, but they’d already gone.

    It had only taken a few seconds to get back to the quay. They could hear the sound of powerful engines revving with the exhaust billowing out of the back. Old Ben was standing and watching with great interest.An excited dog also continued to bark at a now  empty bucket. ” What’s going on?” said a now vey excited Jane. ” Cor that’s a lot of smoke,” said Tim standing with the others wondering what was going on! ” That’ll clear soon, the engines are warming up. They’ll be moving off as soon as the harbour gates are open.” The wise old man was as keen as his two young friends to find out just what was going on. As they stood there the gates now slowly opened as the tide was now in and the water levels equalised. So it was obvious the next chapter in the mystery was about to unfold.  The men they had been watching now cast off the lines securing it to the quayside. Just before it pulled away the third man they’d seen go on board got off quickly.The big sleek cruiser then slowly moved into the estuary. And he stood waving until it was out of site. Then headed back to the motorhome, he had the briefcase they had seen the money in. Jane and Tim were just thinking they’d now lost any chance of knowing what these people were up to. ” We’ve lost them”, said Jane. “yes it looks like it,” Tim said very disappointed. But Old Ben smiled broadly, ” I don’t think we have, I was talking to that  young man over there,” They followed his gaze and they could see him sitting in a powerful looking speed boat, that was tied up a short distance down the quay from them. He waved and the man waved back. ” Shall we go?” “Great” said Tim and before anything else could be said he was off. Tim was already on board when they reached it. To get on there were some narrow slippery steps to go down. The man gave Jane a hand to get aboard then she helped him give Old Ben a hand to get on the swaying and small boat.  Scratcher wasn’t so keen but they couldn’t leave him behind so Jane promised to hold onto him tightly. She was impressed after they introduced themselves and found out his name was Joe And was from ‘Padstow’. He asked them to put on life jackets before he would go. But it wasn’t long before they were speeding out through the opened gates. Tim couldn’t resist saying, ” Please follow that boat Joe”. Joe just smiled and nodded at them both, then he accelerated out into the Camel estuary, pushing them all back into their seats making them yell out with exhilaration. And with the spray in their faces the dog howled with delight he was enjoying it to. As the boat went out through the entrance Mr and Mrs Green and Auntie Phyl came around the corner and headed to the quay the boat jhad gone out of view. They were wondering where Jane and Tim had got to as their bikes were still chained to the metal barrier. Mr green kicked the bucket and was certain his two children were up to something again.

      Unknown to Mr Green as he stood by the quayside the third man who had gone back to motorhome had now come into the town and walked passed their Dad and went into a pub near the rowing club. Then with his wife and her sister they passed the pub as they walked back up over the footpath to her house. But as they all looked out over the Camel estuary none of them had any idea their children Old Ben and his dog were in a speed boat chasing possible smugglers.

   At that very moment everyone was enjoying the speed boat ride, it was a new experience for them all. Just what dangers they could be heading into hadn’t occurred to Jane or Tim as the salty air blew in their faces. Joe who thought he was just taking a kindly  old gentleman and his grand children on a boat trip was just beginning to wonder what was going on. But for the moment as it was a lovely day he was enjoying the trip himself. Soon the cruiser ‘ THE FURY’ came into view, they were a safe distance behind it. ” I’m glad it’s calm day”, said Jane not taking her eyes off the cruiser. Tim had noticed it had slowed down and a short time later it stopped, his attention to was on what was happening ahead of them. Old Ben and Scratcher who now sat on his masters lap on the other hand were both feeling a little sea sick as the boat bounced around on the water. ” Hey it’s stopped, said Tim suddenly shouted urgently, Jane for a few seconds had been watching people on the beach and was just beginning to wish she to was on the beach. But her attention was drawn back to the cruiser. “Can you please stop,” said Tim not averting his gaze.  Joe who had already slowed down to a more gentle speed. Had realised by this time there was definitely something going on he hadn’t been told about. ” Just what is going on here?” Nobody replied as their attention  was fully occupied in what the cruiser and it,s crew were going to do next. So with a sigh and a shrug he stopped the boat and hoped he would eventually get an explanation. Soon they could just make out the anchor had been dropped into the water. Being some distance away so it wasn’t easy to see anything,  Jane turned to Joe to ask him if he had any binoculars. With a knowing grin he took out a pair from a storage space under his seat and handed them to Jane, who took them. “Thank you Joe,” with an obvious surprised look on her face. Turning back she looked through the powerful binoculars. It took some time to adjust them before she got a clear view of what was happening. Two figures in wet suits and diving gear got into the dingy they’d seen on the back of the cruiser which had now been lowered onto the water. ” They don’t seem to have spotted us yet.” said Tim straining to see anything. ” No they haven’t, said Jane feeling like a secret agent. Tim then saw she had a pair of binoculars unaware until then. Jane could see the dingy was moving it seemed towards what looked like a life boat station at the mouth of the estuary. ” Please let me look,” Tim said eagerly. Reluctantly Jane handed them over to her Brother, knowing it was the best thing to do or he would only sulk. Tim grabbed them making the small boat sway even more, he nearly lost his balance narrowly escaping falling overboard. Jane just caught him in time though she had thought about letting him fall in. But decided that was not a good idea he would whinge even more if he was wet.  He also nearly dropped the binoculars into the sea water. ” Thanks Jane”, said Tim glancing at her sighing with relief and giving Joe an innocent glance. Joe had moved forward thinking he would be pulling Tim out of the water. He too sighed pleased all was well because he knew how strong the currents were and how a potentially dangerous situation had been avoided. 

    Neither Jane nor Tim were shaken after the near accident. They too were not feeling well not helped by the meal they’d eaten only a short time ago.Old Ben and Scratcher were still feeling just the same. But they were determined to try and find out what this group were doing. Tim was once again watching the divers, as their dingy had stopped by a buoy, they jumped over the side and disappeared under the water a few minutes later reappearing getting back into the dingy carrying a medium sized package. Then headed back to the cruiser securing the dingy at the back. Then winching it back into place before they got on board. And were soon heading back to Padstow. Tim had been giving a running commentary to Jane. It was then Joe wanted to know just what they were up to, Again no reply. Tim handed the binoculars to Jane much to her surprise, she looked for the cruiser only to see it heading their way. ” What’s happening?” ” They’re coming this way!” She said calmly. She handed the binoculars back to Joe he put them back safely under his seat, and still wasn’t happy he had not been given some more information. “Please can we head back Joe?” Joe started the engines and turned the boat around. as Jane and Tim watched the cruiser. Old Ben who felt a little better told Joe all about their trip and apologised for not putting him in the picture earlier. But now none of them could be sure they had not come under suspicion. As it came closer panic set in. But it didn’t last long with these two youngsters who started to enjoy it the adrenaline was pumping by the time they’d passed the north quay and headed into the inner harbour. But they were glad to be getting onto land again. As they entered Jane looked back only to discover the cruiser was no longer behind them. A couple of minutes later the speed boat came along side the quay near to the Granary Coffee house. Joe got off and secured the boat with sturdy ropes to one of the big metal rings spread along the old stone quay. Jane and Tim were relived to get on solid ground. But not as much as Scratcher was who had been very quiet and he ran up the steps barking. They Helped Old Ben off and up the steep steps, he was feeling shaky but alright now and had started to enjoy it. He thanked Joe and gave him some money then made a hasty retreat trying to find out where his dog had gone. Tim stared around the harbour, ” Where did they go?”As he wondered where the cruiser had gone. As Jane stood next to him in deep thought. Tim stepped backwards and somehow caught his foot in a length of rope and abruptly sat down on a young girls plastic bucket squashing it, there were no crabs but it was full of water. It cheered Jane up but the girl was not happy about her bucket. But lucky for Tim he spotted his still on the quay. Noticing It was empty and gave it to the now smiling girl. But Tim was wet and he now had dripping trousers. ” Huh I’m glad your happy, I don’t find it funny why does it always happen to me!” Maybe because your just clumsy.” Jane said trying not to laugh. As they headed back to their bikes, Old Ben was sitting back in the shelter looking more relaxed now Scratcher was laying down still getting over being on that fast boat. As they stood by their bikes giving Old Ben a wave. Tim said, “I wonder where it went? I felt sure they were going to catch us” ” Maybe they didn’t see us Tim” said Jane thoughtfully. Realising they had forgotten to say cheerio to Joe, they and waved to him. He spotted them smiling he waved back, thinking what a crazy pair they are. But glad somebody had given him an explanation even if he didn’t really believe it. ” What are they doing?” Jane muttered unlocking  her bike. Tim said” I wonder what was in the package those divers had?” He to was unlocking his bike and he made what he said sound mysterious. Tim then noticed with his sharp eyes Old Ben frantically waving at them from the north side of the quay. He was very surprised as only about fifteen minutes before he was in the shelter, he quickly told Jane. A very excited dog ran around to them barking and heading back. They followed him on their bikes he was just passing the tourist information centre weaving in and out of the tourist who scattered out of the way. As usual Tim was nearly knocked off by a very cross tourist who was not happy at him getting to close. But Scratcher was also weaving by everybody and ran in front of Jane, who had to break hard and skidded off her bike. Lucky for her she was only shaken up, the dog had already run on. Hot and bothered within a minute they stood looking at a very excited old gentleman, which was very unusual as he was always calm. Tim was still laughing at Jane’s mishap, when he spoke ” Hello you two,” he said sounding out of breath. ” One of the men just came out of a cafe and I followed him he’s gone on the ferry to ‘Rock’ from this quay, which is on the other side of the estuary.” Old Ben took a deep breath, “maybe that’s where the cruiser was heading and not back here. ” He got a multi coloured handkerchief out and wiped his brow. ” This is getting exciting, I wonder what their up to at this moment.” He said looking for a reaction from the others.  “Well I reckon they’ve got another vehicle over there and they intend getting away from there..” Jane said with a lot of confidence. ” Yes I agree but the most intriguing thing is what are they eager to get away with?” I think we you’ve stumbled on a very clever smuggling operation here. That has most likely been going on a long time.” ” If we can get across to ‘Rock’ quickly maybe we can find out what their doing and stop them. But we will have to inform the police as soon as we can without suspicions and hope they believe us. ” I wonder if Joe would take us, I’d Like another ride in that speed boat.” Said Tim feeling he’d come up with a good idea. ” Yes that sounds like a plan,” said Old Ben tapping him on the shoulder.  Jane had to agree she didn’t really have any choice. They locked their bikes up again futher around the harbour. Then  walked back to find Joe, But they went on ahead as Old Ben couldn’t walk that fast Scratcher went with them and ran ahead.

    Joe had just enjoyed an afternoon snack and a nice pot of tea. As he came out of the cafe he felt relaxed after the strange day. Glad he had been left in peace, he still wasn’t completedly sure why they’d been following the cruiser. As he thought to himself how a nice elderly gentleman two lively children and a crazy dog were chasing around this quite fishing village. He didn’t spot them advancing on him until he heard the dog barking at his feet. Looking down he definitely recognised the dog, sharply looking up he was confronted with Jane and Tim’s innocent smiling faces. Who was quickly followed by the old gentleman. His good mood had been shattered and all he could do was stand with his mouth open. ” Hello Joe,  could you kindly take us over to ‘Rock’ now?” Said Old Ben. ” Please added Tim and Jane together, with a bark from that crazy dog. Before Joe knew it he had said ‘yes’ and regretted it. They all got on Joe’s boat, it was’ Deja vu’ he thought. Old Ben didn’t find it any easier getting on this boat again, something he had hoped to avoid. Scratcher felt the same and nearly nosed dived into the water. Soon they were heading at some speed over to nearby ‘Rock.’ Old Ben had to hold on tightly to the side of the boat and his dog who was enjoying this ride. The journey only took about ten minutes. Joe brought his boat alongside a wooden jetty, which was part of the skiing school. Tim was the first to jump on the jetty quickly followed by Jane And Scratcher. They helped Old Ben struggle off the boat, Joe had to lend a hand as well, he was not going to get on such a small boat again he thought to himself. Luckily the two crooks looked as if they had only just gone ashore and had started walking along the sands with a positive step appearing to be enjoying the early evening sun. Unaware they were now being followed, it was proving difficult trying to hold Scratcher back. And keeping him quiet as he was a very active and vocal dog. in the distance the distinctive outline of the cruiser could just be seen heading back to the mouth of the estuary. They were determined not to let them get out of site. I bet the third man is is waiting somewhere ahead whispered Jane not wanting to draw attention to themselves. The two men then turned sharply up a steep roadway leading off the beach. Which looked like a slipway designed no doubt for the many small boats and surfboard trailers, to have easy access from the roadway down to the water. Jane Tim and a weary old gentleman trying to hold back his dog were finding it hard to be inconspicuous as they cautiously walked up the very steep ramp.

    Old Ben made his way into the coast guard office he had spotted, the nearest place with a telephone and the right place to be in. So he could call the police and now he could speak to the coast guard direct to tell them about the cruiser. And the strong possibility of there being smugglers on board. He was pleased to have a rest on a seat that didn’t move from side to side or up and down. Bored Scratcher had gone with his two young friends.

    Jane and Tim were now not far behind the men who had reached a car park that was surrounded by sandy hills. They’d stopped by a smart dark green car. One of the men that to Tim looked like a pirate got into the front passenger seat, the other man that reminded Jane of a weasel got into the rear seat behind him. As they closed the doors the car purred into life and it came out of the car park  and headed down the road towards them. ” I told you the third man was waiting,” said Jane. Tim felt a little cross he hadn’t said that, I did guess he would be here really”, Tim said not very convincingly. ” Yes this is definitely well organised.” Jane said thoughtfully watching the car coming towards then with nowhere to hide. All they could do was look towards the sea as if enjoying the view and move back down the ramp. As the car car came level with them it slowed down and the men glanced their way. But at that second Scratcher seemed to appear out of nowhere after he had wandered off. He ran passed his two very surprised and nervous friends and into the road a few feet in front of the car. The three men were even more surprised and the car skidded to a halt, only inches from him but this dog stood his ground. Jane without hesitation after making sure no other cars were coming, ran over and picked him up. The three Pirates Jane thought were glaring at her menacingly. She didn’t hang about and ran straight back over to Tim. As they both thought the men were going to get out. But Old Ben came up the slope panting as his dog was  barking at the car and the men he didn’t like. He wriggled free from her arms and went over to his master who had a mobile phone in his hand and was speaking into it glancing at the car then turning away.  Neither Jane nor Tim saw this as they weren’t sure what was going to happen. At this the car engine revved up loudly and the tyres were spinning burning rubber on the road it then shot off towards the small town of ‘Rock’ and disappeared from their view.  Each one relieved they had gone but hoping this was not the end. As the smoke and smell of the burnt rubber lingered in the air. Old Ben looked at them with a knowing smile,” Don’t worry they won’t get far.” he sounded very confident about that. Then he explained he had actually made contact with the police and told them all he knew about these possible smugglers. Knowing they shouldn’t be hard to spot either in the car or the cruiser but there was a lack of proof. Glancing once more down the road then turning to head back to the beach. They heard sirens in the distance  that were getting louder. suddenly into view came the green car this time speeding their way. ” Oh no!” they all said at the same time. The car skidded to the left creating a mini sand storm. They all had to jump out of the way as the car just missed them as it headed to the beach persuade by several police cars. Standing up Jane and Tim asked Old Ben how the police got there so fast. ” Well in the coast guards office they loaned me one of these new fangled mobile phones,  all I had to do was press a button and I was put straight through to the police. You were to busy to notice at the time. “Maybe you should get one each, I quite like them,” said Old Ben admiring the phone in his hand. “I think we had better find out what’s going on.” He said seeming much more sprightly now. Scratcher barked as he followed him, Jane and Tim looked at each then ran after them. A couple of minutes later they got to the beach just in time to see the green car crash into a sea wall. As the men jumped out as the police cars skidded to a halt and the police were in pursuit chasing after the smugglers who were finding it hard to run in the soft sand. The three were caught easily now and handcuffed.

    As they all kept their distance from the action moving further away along the beach, there was an element of fear creeping in. As the situation seemed to be escalating out of their control. ” I wonder if Joe’s still at the jetty?” said Jane feeling trapped and straining to see along this normally pleasant beach. ” No he left after we got off.” Said Old Ben now feeling more positive and enjoying the excitement. Tim was also finding this great, he had also spotted the ferry was on it’s way back over. Scratcher to had realised it was best to hold back as he wanted to protect his friends. There was still a lot of shouting as the three men didn’t intend to be put in the police cars  quietly or easily. It was an amazing site all the lights flashing and so many police running around. It certainly had livened the place up and attracted a lot of sightseers to this spectacle. But as the group got to the ferry pick up point on, the beach was soon cleared. And it all went back to it’s normal peaceful scene. Relieved Old Ben smiled,” well you have to admit that was exciting.” ” A bit scary at first though.” Jane added but now had to agree. Tim agreed as he watched the ferry come to a stop near the beach and they walked along the jetty. Glancing down the Estuary he said thinking aloud, ” I wonder if the coastguard have caught the other two yet?” They all looked and wondered. ” We’ll find out soon enough ,” said Old Ben as they got onto the walkway that had been lowered from the ferry. It just filled the gap to the jetty beach so nobody got wet. One of the crew came down the wooden walkway and stood in the sea water. He wore long long fisherman type waders that nearly came up to the tops of his thighs. Several people got off, which seemed to take a long time. Especially as they wanted to get back. The boatman made sure none of them fell in as they walked the bendy plank onto the ferry Though Tim nearly fell in as he decided to jump on the plank and found it was much like a springboard, the man just caught him. The man shook his head Jane Laughed and Old Ben just grunted. Scratcher ran on wondering what all the fuss was about. The man got on and pulled the plank on board. This time Jane tripped over a step and catapulted over a seat and had a soft landing on a very surprised dog, who then started to lick her . The short journey back to Padstow was uneventful after that nobody talked. Besides them and the crew there were no other passengers and a very happy dog stood at the front of the ferry looking like the figure head on a ship the wind blowing his fur.

    Fifteen minutes later they were walking back towards the north quay. It still hadn’t sunk in that there was the possibility they may well have broken a up a big smuggling ring. As yet just what was being smuggled was still a mystery. Tim wanted to get back to his bike, complaining he was tired and hungry. Jane to felt weary and was glad to see her bike to. Old Ben sat in the shade his dog collapsed at his feet. ” Please let us know what the police said”, Jane said as she unlocked her bike. ” I’ll ring you later, you better get back to your Aunties, they all be wondering where you are .” I must get back for my tea before I’m contacted.” said their old friend in his kindly Grand Fatherly voice. ” Yes your right,” glancing at her watch, come on Tim we must hurry.” ” I’m coming Jane!” “Cheerio” they both called back as they wearily rode up the coastal path as it was a shorter distance, Scratcher barked at them less enthusiastically as he to was tired.  The tired old gentleman picked up Tim’s net as he passed the shelter on his way home. And felt the crabbing line in his pocket. Tim had forgotten about them now, he was feeling tired. I must remember my walking stick next time, he thought. As this one man and his dog passed the fish market his temporary home was in sight, not long now.

    Jane and Tim now so tired rode into Auntie Phyls cobble-stoned yard. TheirMum and Dad were anxiously looking out of the window as they rode on into the open garage and got off their bikes. Then headed into the house through the covered porch, their parents met them at the inner doorway. The smell of cooking greeting them both, it was so good. ” Hello where have you two been?” Said Mrs green looking concerned as it was getting dark. ” It’s getting late and we were very concerned.” Added their Dad who didn’t usually seem to mind if they were a bit late. ” Oh we’ve had a great day,” said Tim happily. Jane glanced at Tim. ” Oh yes after we saw you we went for a speed boat ride to and looked around the town of ‘Rock’ on the other side of the estuary and didn’t realise the time, we were with Old Ben and Scratcher.” We were surprised to see him! She sounded convincing after all it was partly true. ” Oh that’s nice, as long as Old Ben was there. Mr Green said who some how felt there was more to it, but relieved they were back safely. Their Mum just smiled she too knew her children had been up to something. ” That’s right I forgot to tell you he was coming down for a holiday as well.” Now go and wash your hands and change those dirty clothes, dinner will be ready soon. ” Thanks mum, neither of them had to be told twice where food was concerned. Tim wanted to be first and ran up the stairs tripping up everyone. As Jane went to follow the telephone rang loudly in the hall. Auntie Phyl came out of the kitchen to answer it, but Jane had a feeling it would be Old Ben and managed to pick up the receiver first. ” Hello” Jane spoke a little on edge. It was him he didn’t t like talking on the telephone so spoke rather quickly. ” Ah Jane I had to contact the police in the end, they caught the couple on the cruiser. The Coastguard picked them up as they headed for the French coast and they discovered diamonds on board!” “I thought it could be something like that.” Interrupted Jane. ” And lastly the police will need to see us.” ” That’s not good.” said Jane. ” No It’s not, I doubt you can keep this from your parents anyway I’ll be intouch shortly, Bye.” There was a click and the line went quiet. With a deep sigh she put the telephone down, thinking to herself as she headed up the stairs. As she was not keen on telling her parents the whole truth. But there was no choice, her thoughts faded very quickly when Tim collided with her as he ran back down the stairs to eat. ” Sorry Sis, hurry up, you’ll be late for dinner.” Before she could answer him back he’d gone. Determined not to let him eat all the food, she quickly went and freshened up. Soon she joined him at the table smiling at the thought of telling him what Old Ben had said. It would be a joint effort telling their parents of their latest adventure. On the whole it had been an exciting and successful day. Looking at Tim they both knew there would be more of it to come on this holiday. ” Come on children eat up.” ” Yes Auntie.” Jane and Tim tucked into the mountain of food in front of them.

The End

The Foureyed Poet.     

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The Barn!

A thunder-storm raged terrifying flashes of lightning sliced across the sky and the thunder sounded like heavy artillery fire. It was a bad place to break down but the two couples in the red mini did not seem worried at this moment. The two lads Tom and Pete got out reluctantly to look under the bonnet. But as it was raining so hard there was little they could do. So the two girls in the car Jen and Sue who had hoped not to have to get out, made the decision to try and find a place to shelter. Jen got into the driving seat while the lads pushed, the girls laughed watching their boyfriends getting soaked. It seemed like hours that they were pushing the small car in the pitch dark except when the lightning lit up the sky. In one of those flashes and loud thunder claps the silhouette of an old barn became visible just ahead of them. They wondered where they were, because the last time they’d seen a road sign it read eight miles to Cheltenham. As the four of them were heading to the town hall for a dance. But in the torrential rain they had taken the wrong turning and got completely lost. The group neared the barn a cold shiver ran simultaneously up their spines. All of them were cold and the lads had the added discomfort of being soaking wet. Luckily for Tom whose car it was kept a few blankets in the small boot. This they were all thankfully for. One of their first blunders was to leave the car headlights on as within half an hour the lights were very dim. As the car crept closer towards the foreboding looking barn. The front wheels sank into the rutted muddy road up to the axle. So now there was nothing else they could do but abandon the vehicle where it was. Consequently the tired weary group walked the last fifty yards to the entrance. Standing outside they did not want to go in. Jen Tom’s girlfriend suggested they stayed in the car but Tom and Pete were soaking and didn’t think this was a good idea Jill agreed. So Jen was out voted as it was felt it would be easier to keep warm. But soon they would wish her suggestion had been heeded.

It was as they stood there odd things began to happen. Tom looked behind him to see his car was safe, only to discover it wasn’t there anymore. Taken aback he gave out a cry of surprise, when he did that all of them turned around to look at the empty space. This was not the only strange happening. The whole scene seemed to have changed, now it was a clear night with the stars in the sky and no clouds to be seen. There was also a feeling of frost in the air. Tom decided to run back in the direction of where the mini had been standing, but found he was stopped by an invisible wall. As with great surprise he hit it and ended up rubbing his head on the ground. Once again they all stood stunned then what sounded like gun fire could be heard in the distance. As if on cue the barn door opened all of them had to jump out-of-the-way. But nobody had touched the large wooden door.

The four young people just stood frozen to the spot unable to understand this strange experience that was happening to them. As the large old door that seemed in very good condition now crashed to a halt on a stone door stop and came to rest. This did indeed shock them out of their paralysed state and they very cautiously walked inside. As they did the gunfire seemed to be getting nearer. Inside the barn it appeared like any other barn they’d seen on the television, not that any of them had actually set foot in a real one before. Or what looked real in their blurry eyes, though it was a dark and damp smelling place. A loud bang behind them made them all turn sharply around to find the barn door had slammed shut. This was when their nightmare really began for them all. It now felt they were enclosed in a tomb, except they could still hear the gunfire outside. Although the sounds somehow felt from a different time alien to their senses. Yet none of them felt alone there was something else lurking in the shadows and for some reason the they had walked in on a terrible event that had happened long ago. The barn was fully equipped or so it seemed in their layman’s eyes. The loft was full of hay and hay in the stalls seemed fresh. But there were no animals about but plenty of ploughing type equipment. And there were horse harnesses they recognised these all looking in very good condition. The lads decided to go up the ladder into the loft and look out through the loft doors, but neither would open. But there were large cracks to see through. But neither of them could see anything it was just pitch darkness outside. The girls shouted up nervously almost to afraid to call out. ” What can you see?” ‘Ah’ both the girls screamed as they had seen a grotesque figure hanging by its feet from a cross beam by a chain. The body was rhythmically swinging, blood dripping from a large gash in its throat a large pool of blood was on the floor below. The girls now shouted hysterically and so the lads came down quickly to see what the problem was. But when they got there the figure had disappeared . Vanishing a second before as the girls stared in disbelief unable to turn away. Each one was now feeling very tired, hungry and scared. Suddenly loud bangs were heard on the main doors, then it flew open. Voices were heard shouting and they could see more phantom figures that looked like soldiers dragging a body behind them. An agonising scream was followed by even more blood curdling screams. The clanking of chains and the sound of something heavy being hauled upwards was also heard followed by silence. Then Tom thought that he saw a shadow and felt something dripping on his left shoulder. When he looked up in the dim light, he found that it was what looked like blood dripping from a cross beam above his head, but there was nobody there. Then figures appeared laughing as they went out of the barn and the door banged shut. A cold wind started to blow through the cold barn and a faint rasping voice was audibly heard whimpering ” Help me!”

Apart from the wind which seemed to chill their very souls and that faint voice everything was quiet. This remained the case for a short while, they had a chance to try and force themselves to rest. Though this proved to be a near impossible task, for there was the uneasy sense that a tragedy had happened here . An unsettled spirit was with them which was almost too much to bear. The four of them huddled together for warmth and comfort, yet it was no good it was getting colder and colder in an oppressive atmosphere. Peter looked at his watch only to find it had stopped at nine thirty. This was the time that they had entered the barn, it was though time had stood still but when?

Time might had stood still but the two couples hadn’t. They were feeling sick with hunger and their conditions were deteriorating. All losing weight which was so odd they thought as it had only been a few hours. Tom foolishly decided to wander off on his own, though feeling weak he had the urge to look around. It was a big place and a strange feeling came over him then he noticed there in front of him stood a weird-looking man. His sudden appearance was a shock to him. Although only a few feet away from him he had difficulty seeing him in the poor light. But could make out it was dressed in a ragged military type uniform. Tom called out as loudly as he could in his poor state, for the others to come over to see for themselves. But after struggling to the spot the figure had gone. They all stared in disbelief with no idea what would happen next. Pete decided he had to get out of the barn as he felt the building was falling in on top of him. He told the others he was going to look around outside.  They were not keen and didn’t want him to go, but he ignored their concerns and headed for the doors. As he did the soldier dressed in a ragged uniform stood in front of him and this time spoke. Pete tried to call out but no sounds came out. The soldier spoke but his lips didn’t move yet he heard every word. ” I want my revenge on my killers, I have waited so long.” With that no other sound was uttered. The soldier turned the barn door opened enough for the figure to go through, Pete couldn’t stop himself from following. It was so dark he thought in the emptiness. Then he felt himself falling with a chain gripping tightly around his ankles, to late he realised the soldier was the man hanging in the barn. And now he was the victim, the unknown soldier had been avenged for his brutal slaying.

Jen, Jill and Tom didn’t see Pete go out and were wondering where he had got to as panic was now setting in. They sank to the floor as they were so weak, nearby etched in a wooden panel was the date 1783. But none of them saw this or cared as each of them slipped into a deep sleep and had the sensation of falling. Then they all heard the familiar sound of birds singing dawn was breaking, the three looked at each other wondering where Pete was. And staring at each other not believing what they saw. Their clothes were in tatters dirty and each was so thin and they were so hungry. So it could not have been a dream because they were still in the barn though it now looked much older. Yet they could not understand where their close friend Pete had gone.

It was  an effort to try and get up it was so painful to move quickly, as the three edged their way to the now half-opened barn door. Outside the car was visible in front of them still stuck in the drying mud. To their left stood a clump of trees near the narrow road. As they walked towards them there was something hanging from one of the trees swinging backwards and forwards, it was a body! They stopped abruptly in their tracks it was Pete! He was hanging by his feet attached to a chain, a pool of blood below him with his throat cut. Feeling so tired all of them sank to the ground below the hanging body.

In the distance the sound of the police and barking dogs could be heard approaching, searching for the missing youngsters. The four of them had been reported missing just over ten days ago. As the police neared the clump of trees the dogs got the scent. What they found was three bodies emancipated and their clothes in tatters and a fourth body was found hanging from a tree. Bur amazingly Jen was found alive but only just and was rushed to a local hospital nearby. She had survived but it would take many months for her to recover. But she never did remember what happened on that fateful night when the car she was in with her friends broke down. It was locked deep inside her mind. But from then on she could not understand why she was so scared of the thunder and lightning. At the time they were found the police inspector commented to his sergeant ‘ I don’t suppose we will ever know what happened here.’ How right they were as a cold breeze started to blow across the open fields. There was no barn to be seen anywhere on the landscape. Time is endless but man is not.

The Foureyed Poet.

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