From within their home felt a strong presence

yet nothing seemed out of sync

the interior became illuminated a piercing light

shone into their back garden

their gaze drawn upwards to a majestic display

clouds formed of rainbow colours

changing shapes as if an angelic glorious rave

to the magnificence were its slave!


As though their minds were being manipulated

spellbound their eyes fixed

over the vast historic wilderness others gathered

some praying others recording

this mystical aerial pageant filled them with alarm

use to seeing flying objects

of unknown origin leaving everybody confounded

as their hold on reality pounded!


As the event had started it was now gone from sight

exhausted as if the spell was lifted

they retreated back into their homes to at last sleep

but there was still a distant sound

of voices like a perfect pitched choral choir singing

or this was what they perceived

high above them lights darted at super sonic speed

below ley lines were deeply laid!


These unbelievable images increasing is it a warning

of mans evil by a greater being us scorning!

Or could there be truth in the threat of aliens existing

whatever the phenomena is persisting!









The last aircraft had just safely landed

in the air traffic control tower

a unified sigh was expelled by them all

as the tension within released

their long twilight shift had now ended

from nowhere a plane descended!


No blips were observed on the radar screen

nor radio contact received

soon could visibly see it from the windows

a twin turbo prop like a shadow

did a text-book landing on the unlit runway

what strange forces were at play?


The fire service and base security alerted

sped to the unexpected scene

they could only watch this spectacle

unfolding before them below

the markings and airline were unknown

from where had it flown?


On the tarmac it seemed lifeless ghostly

armed police waited agitated

as steps were hastily wheeled into place

nothing stirred as the door

was forcibly opened they rushed aboard

into a domain yet unexplored!


What they found was a new experience

an unbelievable sight before them

rows of skeletal remains in their seats

clothed in a very old style garb

appeared no sign of panic or any threat

on the fate passengers had met!


On the flight deck both pilots were found

bony hands on the controls

but how could it land nothing was alive

there was no power on the craft

soon discovered it departed from here

but soon after did disappear!


This happened sixty years ago to that day

no trace was ever found

until somehow it landed where it had left

the mystery was kept quiet

all evidence hidden from public exposure

so there could be no closure!


Years later a reporter was told of the case

who dug deep the truth to trace

any enquiry to seek out further information

blocked so never got confirmation!


He did persist but had a fatal accident!






Desolation Manor!

He only went there for work but found more than he wanted! The Foureyed Poet.


It was another working day for the carpenter

one of a group renovating a house

admittedly it was a big premises with a past

named oddly Desolation Manor

but he found himself uneasy being inside

afraid this he denied!

Here in an overgrown country park at dawn

arriving before anyone else

the manor looked more bleak on this day

very reluctant to go near

never liked working here standing outside

his time to bide!

All the while drawn to a mother and child

waiting at the main door

trying to turn away he heard a child laugh

nobody else was about

compelled to take another look that way

an empty doorway on display!

At last his fellow workers came down the drive

he felt very relieved

greeting each other they went into the dim hall

his job renovating the staircase

hearing their laughter echoing in the building

soon he had…

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High on the lonely yorkshire moorland

the village set was built

a long way from their main city studio

an imaginary society

had the feel of a real existing location

not a television creation!


When not in use an unsettling stillness

filled the fresh moving air

unseen activity as if life was going on

faint constant whispers

cast and crew aware of a muted sound

their subconscious did hound!


Amongst the farm animals beasts roamed

hypnotic glowing red eyes

savage snarling devil dog’s fangs exposed

wandering on the village edge

always in the shadows rarely are they seen

their very presence obscene!


Security patrolled quietly as filming proceeded

as reality and fantasy mingled

unaware of the other dimensions interacting

the crew huddled observing

actors becoming familiar characters on action

creating believable interaction!


Moments when an image mist or a shadow

that was not within the script

added to the mystique of an enchanting take

that the cameraman or director

could not grasp in the pressure of the shoot

when the schedule was acute!


But maybe the fears of any ghostly presence

is not always something to dread

this is just the mingling of nature’s elements

that should be embraced

there undisturbed since the earth was formed

before man the planet swarmed!


Do those who venture to this moorland oasis

need to fear the ghosts and spirits

blend and tease those gathered in the village

passing in and around their bodies

everyone prepares for another take to begin

feeling a slight tingle on the skin!


The anticipation of the moment is absorbed

as the pressures of a schedule

has blocked any fears of the village ambience

in a vast open landscape

paranormal discoveries remain imagination

with a disconcerting agitation!


In the village the filming goes on!


The Foureyed Poet.


The Visit! A Play By Malcolm T Gould


Jan Jones and Tony Allen are members of a Paranormal Investigation Team or P.I. T. They have been contacted by a Tara Green who thinks her House is haunted. So when they call one Autumn evening for a preliminary visit to ascertain if the place warranted a full investigation. But they soon wished they had not made the appointment for the visit. A one-act play set in real-time. Present day.

Cast of characters.

Jan Jones- Psychic medium mid thirties.

Tony Allen- Paranormal Investigator late thirties.

Tara Green-A Housewife.

Erica Green-Daughter early twenties.

Act 1              Scene 1

Curtains open to a darkened stage. A wind can be heard blowing around the theatre. front spot lights up. To show Jan sitting on  her daughter  Erica’s bed. Both look terrified.


I did see something Mum it was a dark shape and it grabbed my arm as well.

(Sits up and hugs her mum.)


(Letting go and glancing around the room.)

I do believe you Erica. I’ve felt odd thing in this house to.  ( Sounds scared )


Let’s get out of here ( Pauses )  I’m getting up and coming downstairs. I can’t stay up here.

( They both look terrified Jan gets up and moves  Stage Right. Footsteps are heard

and a door slams. Erica gets up putting on a dressing gown that’s on a chair to the

left of the bed quickly.)


Come on then.

(Erica joins Tara and they exit together Stage Left.)

Scene 2

The stage lights go on to reveal the front room in an old house. Neat but a little shabby.   Tara is pacing up and down by the closed curtains up stage center. It’s the evening of the same day. There is a clock on a small table up stage right.  It strikes eight PM.



( A deep voice  groans. Tara shouts out.)

Shut up please, just leave me and my daughter alone! ( Pause ) Go away.

( There is a knock at the door Tara pulls curtains apart and glances out.)

Good at last I hope that’s them. ( Thinking aloud. )

(Tara exits back stage left there is a second gentle knock  sound of door opening and closing voices.)

Please come into the front room.

( Enter Tara followed by Jan and Tony.)


Can I take your coats? ( They all look cold and nervous. )


No thank you ( Smiles. )


I’ll keep mine on to, if you don’t mind?


I don’t blame you, it’s chilly in here. I just can’t seem to get it warm.

(Jan and Tony move left they all stand by the settee down stage left both shake Tara’s hand then nervously sit on the settee.)

Please sit down.

(She sits on chair opposite stage right.)

Thank you for coming so quickly I’m Tara.


That’s alright, my names Jan ( Glances at Tony. )


Hello I’m Tony. As I’m sure you know ( Gives a strained smile. ) we’re from the The Paranormal Investigation Team or P.I.T’s for short.


This is our preliminary visit so we can get some background information and find out what your experiences are.


Yes we do try to visit within twenty four hours of a call. I hope you don’t mind if Jan uses a digital recorder to takes notes?


No that’s fine I’m just glad you could come so quickly.

(Jan takes a small tape recorder out of her hand bag and places it on the coffee table in front of her and switches it on.)


Uh no of course not, is it alright to begin? ( Pauses.) What do want to know?


If you could outline the sort experiences you’ve had here, time of day, frequency.

(As he is speaking a lamp on a small table  back stage right .Starts to turn itself on and off.)


That happens all the time, the electric has been checked but nothing was found to be wrong ( She preempt their question.)


Thanks that saves asking. ( smiles )


( Continues )  There have been strange occurrences happening in this House for a few years I can’t be more accurate. It seems like an eternity and it’s getting more intent.

(There is a screaming sound off stage.)

That’s my daughter she’s in the kitchen ( Looking worried she glances off stage left .) Excuse me I must go and see what’s wrong.


Of course.

(Tara quickly gets up and exits back stage left Jan and Tony follow her exit.)

I’m glad she’s gone out the room, I saw a dark figure behind her. It’s an odd place we should make our excuses and go.

( Grabs Tony’s left arm tightly.)


( Whispering ) Wait a minute Jan we can’t just walk out. We’ve only just arrived, to me this has the potential of being a real haunting case. I’ll do some base line tests, we can’t miss this opportunity. We came to assess, the rest of the team are waiting to know. She needs help let’s see if we can. ( He now gently holds her hand. )


( Gives a deep sigh )

Alright but I do feel very uneasy in this house.


( Tony gives Jan a hug.)

Thanks I understand.

(Tara re-enters back stage left Jan and Tony quickly separate.)


( Sitting back down in the chair.)

Sorry I had to leave so quickly. But my daughter was very upset, she told me something had touched her arm in the kitchen.


Did she see anything Tara?


No Erica never mentioned seeing anything, just a strong feeling of being gripped firmly. I used to think she had a vivid imagination but not any more.


Is she alright in the kitchen on her own?


Yes she’s fine for the moment she’ll come in here in a little while. (  fidgeting )

(Sits on the edge of the chair.)


How old is your daughter? Because young teenagers can be very sensitive.


My Daughters not a teenager anymore, she’s twenty-three now. How old do you think I am? Erica may not act her age sometimes, but she’s certainly not a child anymore.


( Jan and Tony glance at each other embarrassed.)

Sorry we honestly thought she was younger.


( Smiling ) That’s fine,  I must look younger than I thought. ( Pauses.) This house isn’t easy to live in.


We can certainly understand that feeling.

(  Cautiously glancing around the room.)


I don’t mean to pry but where is your husband?

(She moves to the edge of the settee checking recorder on coffee table.)


(Sighs as she composes her thoughts ) I do have a husband he left me and Erica about two years ago, not long after we moved into this house. He had been having an affair with his secretary.

(Jan and Tony fidget nervously.)


(  Breaks the uneasy silence moving on the conversation.)

Can you be more specific on when these events started? You said it was about two years ago. I—-

(Jan suddenly stops talking and appears to go into a trance she slumps back on the settee. )


I didn’t say how long (Pauses ) Are you Alright Jan?

( Tara looks at Jan unsure what is happening.)


( Turns to Jan and tries to guide her through the trance he holds her hand.)

She’ll be fine this happens often, images come into her mind without warning . I’ve got use to it now.


Does she have many of those?

(Jan is staring in front of her she points and screams. Tony has a job to restrain her as she stands and points wide-eyed.)


Yes all the time.


What is she seeing?

( Tara  turns to where she pointing and Tony follows her gaze as well.)


I don’t know I can’t see anything. (Pauses) Wait a minute I could have sworn I saw  shadow by the fire-place.


I can’t see anything!

(Straining her eyes almost panicking)


(Jan suddenly  relaxes and slumps back down on the settee Tony stops her from falling on the floor. Coming around and sitting up putting her hands over her face.)

Oh that’s better, sorry about that those were clear images. Please give me a few moments.


Are you  sure your OK?


( Glancing at Tony.)

Yes stop worrying you should be use to this by now. ( Smiles. )  I would like a cup of tea though. If that’s alright


(Unsure just what is going on.)

Sorry I should have offered you one, I’ll make a pot of tea.

( Jan and Tony look at each and nod in agreement. )


Thank you that will be lovely.


Good then I’ll go and get it, I expect you would like a break.

( Half smiles and exits back stage left.)


What did you see?

( Glances over left shoulder.)

I wish I could see some of the activity you do.


I don’t think you would Tony. It looked like a middle-aged man, I didn’t sense it was Tara’s husband though. Whoever he is he appeared for a few seconds near the fire-place.

( Jan points while Tony gets up and moves to the fire-place.)


Here? ( Standing in the exact spot.)


Yes that’s about right.

( Walking over and joining him.)

Ooh it’s much colder here , don’t you think?


( takes out an electric spot thermometer from his right coat pocket. And takes a reading)

I’m glad I brought the thermometer at least we can get an idea of how cold it is. It’s ten centigrade. A definite cold spot,  I’ll check the other side of the room.

( Points thermometer gun at other side of stage.)

Twenty centigrade a lot warmer than here, drafty old place.


It is but that does not account for such a low reading in this small area. I’m feeling edgy maybe we should go and come back with the full team.

( Moving back to settee.)

Much better over here.


No it’s just getting interesting.

( As he stands by the fire-place talking. There is a loud thud to his right.)

Hell what was that? That sounded like a heavy object being dropped.


A body maybe! ( Pauses. ) There’s something just moved passed you!

(Tony jumps back and stares in front of him then turns to Jan. Just as Tara enters back stage left. Holding a tray She puts it on the coffee table, then turns to see what Tony is excited about.)


What’s happening I heard a bang.


There’s a lot of activity in this room Tara.

( Jan looks at Tara as she sees  something following her.)

And there is a shadowy figure behind you!


( She turns in a complete circle surprised at what Jan said.)

I don’t see anybody in fact I feel very comfortable at the moment.

( She moves to the coffee table kneels down and pours the tea.)

Which is unusual for me. Milk or sugar?


Just milk please.

( Tara hands her a cup.)

Thank you.


And you Tony?


Milk one sugar please.

( He comes over and takes the cup from Tara then sits next to Jan on the settee.)


So you’ve found something then?

( Pours a tea out gets up and moves front stage right.)

It’s certainly chilly here.

( Turns.)

I should go and find out what Erica is doing.


Yes I think it’s better we are all together.

(She gets up and moves front centre stage. Tara moves up stage and exits back stage Left she takes her tea with her.)

I don’t like it Tony. I’m not happy.


Tara enters back stage left without her cup, but with her daughter Erica. Tara guides her daughter centre stage right, she sits on the chair. Tara then stands behind her.)

Ooh, it felt as though somebody was walking over my grave. ( Shudders.) I was alright just now.


( Jumpy glancing around her.)

What’s that I thought I heard a voice!

(A wind can now be heard blowing faintly in the background. The three are silent. Then the lights go out and there is a loud scream. Lights come back on Tara is sitting on the arm of the chair holding Erica who is crying.)

Mum I saw him! ( Shaking.) I’m really scared!

( Tara looks at Jan and Tony.)

Yes Erica I truly believe you. What is going on?

( Jan and Tony put their cups on the table as Tara continuous to stare at them intently.)


Hello Erica. I’m Jan and this is Tony we are from–


(Looks up sharply and sitting up straight her words bite as she cuts in on his conversation.)

I know who you are!


That’s good. So what do you think you saw tonight, anybody you recognise?


I  honestly don’t know!


My daughter is obviously very upset.

( She gets up and moves down stage centre.)

Please give her a breather, ask me some more questions.

( Jan and Tony stand and move down stage centre to join Tara.)


Can you give us some idea who you think it is Tara?


( She turns angrily on them.)

Haven’t you seen something yourself Jan? I’ve only witnessed shadows, lights coming on maybe objects moving and weird sounds.  I’m not sure it could be my imagination!


Yes I have seen things here I can’t explain. And it wasn’t my imagination. I don’t want to scare you anymore than I have to but–


(Cuts into Jan’s conversation.)

I can assure you could not scare us anymore than we already are. Though often I’ve felt it’s been a nightmare here. Yet other times all has been well. This was such a happy home when we moved in and before my husband left us.

( Tara screams with frustration.)

I never know what will happen next.


( Comes down centre front stage and puts her arm around her mum.)

Please Mum don’t get upset.


(Tara stops crying and takes a deep breath.)

I’m sorry about that, the tension just builds up inside.


(Moving closer.)

It must be hard to bear for both of you.


( Moves front stage left and turns to face the ladies.)

And neither of you seem to have any idea what it’s all about.

( Tara and Erica wearily move back to chair centre right Tara sits.)


Why do you keep on prying its upsetting my mum.

( Erica sits on the left arm of the chair Just as the clock strikes the quarter-hour.)


( Moves over to Tony’s side right front stage left.)

I hope we haven’t upset your Mum or you. We are only gathering information to discuss your case with the team. But if you no longer want us to investigate we will go now.


No please don’t go we need to get to the bottom of this nightmare.


( moves back to the settee and sits on the edge.)

( Another deep sigh.)

Alright have your neighbours ever told you they’ve heard or seen anything passing here?


Nothing has been said, but their elderly and rather deaf. So I’m not really surprised. Though we have never had much to do with them.


( Comes back up to settee and stands by coffee table centre stage.)

Did you know of any history about the house before you moved in?


No all I know is the house had been empty for sometime. We did here a middle-aged couple owned it they split up and the house was put on the market. At the time it seemed strange it had been empty for so long. The price did seem low for the area.

( For a few seconds there is silence then the lamp flickers on and off several times.)


That’s interesting this could be the key. Gosh! it’s got very cold.

( Jan stands up.)


( Shivering.)  Yes you’re right something is going to happen.

( As Jan looks at Tara and Erica she suddenly screams. The two jump backwards. Tony to is taken by surprise and catches Jan as she falls . Both ending up on the settee.)


( Looking shaky.) Have you seen another image Jan?


What did you see?


( Struggling to her feet.)

I must get out, this is an evil place.


( Supporting here.)

What is it?


( Hesitating.) I feel faint.

( Holding onto the Tony for support.)

I saw a man stabbing a woman by the fire-place.


( Trying to whisper.)

Was it Tara or E—


(Cutting his conversation short.)

No no I didn’t recognise them, but is was much clearer.


( Standing up and moving towards Jan.)

Hey! What are you suggesting?


( Coming up besides her mum.)

They think we killed Dad!


( Turning to face them.)

I admit that was my thought, but now it would seem I was wrong!

( As they all stand looking at each other a picture on the wall above the fire-place. Suddenly without warning crashes loudly to the floor. All of them stare. Tara and Erica back around the coffee table and sit heavily on the settee. Jan and Tony have bravely moved towards the chair, to get a better look.)


( Putting her arm around Erica.)

That was my husbands photograph.  (Looks shocked.)  But we didn’t kill him he is alive somewhere.


Yes I realise that, it was to easy to put two and two together and come to the wrong conclusion. I think we had better finish our questions.


Yes I agree with Tony. I don’t want to alarm you both but whatever is here it’s getting stronger and we need to help you quickly if we can.

( The and lamp goes on and off.)


I’m still not sure it was a good idea calling you. Also I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s a good idea you being here!


It’s never been quite so bad before.

( Erica glances around the room then hugs her mum then pulls away and gets up.)


Let’s try and calm down none of us especially Jan and myself thought anything like this would happen.

(As he talks Erica is moving around the settee. she’s  being drawn towards the kitchen back stage left and exits.)


All I know is there is an evil presence in this house and we should move as quickly as possible towards the front door.

( Jan and Tony slowly move across the back of the stage the curtains start to blow.)


Where’s Erica?

( As she speaks Erica enters quietly moving down front stage left to front center stage her back to the audience who can see a knife behind her back.)

Erica there are.

( Tara starts to walk down stage.)


No! stop where you are please!

(Erica now moves slowly towards the fire-place Tony turns and heads back towards the spot he had just left unsure of what was going on.)

Tony be careful she has been possessed!


Alright Jan.

(Erica moves to the fire-place stage right just as Tony draws near. Suddenly Erica brings the knife from behind her back and raises it  high, lunging forward and bringing the knife down with force and screaming. Tony finds himself having to move back quickly.)


Die You Bitch!

(Erica collapses on the floor crying, Tony courteously moves towards her and gently helps her up.)


(Runs across the stage and helps Tony bring her back to the settee.)

Erica are you alright.

( Hugging her daughter again Erica is shocked dazed and still crying.)


I think so. It was the most strange thing I felt I had to kill. The urge was so strong I could see a shape in front of me. I could not stop myself bringing the knife down. Then all the thoughts had gone and Tony was helping me up.


( He picks up the kitchen knife and puts it on the shelf above the fire-place stares at it for a few seconds then moves down front centre stage deep in thought. just as the lamp flickers and the lights go out for a few second. When they come on he glances instinctively. but the knife has gone.)

The knife it’s gone!

( Moves back to fire-place he looks around then moves stage left and joins Jan by the settee.)

Where did that go? ( Nervous.)


I don’t know Tony! Erica was certainly possessed but by what?

(They look at each other uncertain of what to say or do next. Staying close together in a self protective group.)

There is a presence I can feel it’s power, let’s head towards the lounge door and hopefully the front door.

( Tara and Erica stand and hold hands as they all move slowly across the back stage towards back stage right as they approach the exit a door is heard slamming loudly.)


That sounded like a door upstairs.


Definitely a bedroom door.

(Footsteps are heard coming down the stairs.)

Oh dear lord! Something is coming down the stairs!


This malevolent spirit does not want us to leave this place!


We’re trapped it’s going to kill us all,  why did I ask you to come.


(Footsteps stop just in front of them.)

It’s trying to stop us getting out of the front door. We may have no choice but go out the back.

( Another loud bang is heard.)


(Screams and shout out hysterically.) Who are you? What do you want? Leave us alone! ( Pauses.) It’s  freezing!

( They all stare as they appear to see something in the doorway.)

Did you see that dark shape?



( The lamp flickers on and off once more than crashes off the table onto the floor as a wind is heard and the curtains start to blow.)


Did you see that?


See what Jan?


A dark shadow just ran into the room past the curtains.


No but I thought there was something in the hall. But I agree with Erica its freezing worst it’s been.


So what do we do now?

( Footsteps are heard again.)


Let’s try the back door, we can’t stand here.

( Tony leads them and they stand back stage left.)

I’ll check the back door, Will you be OK?


( Gathering Tara and Erica by her side.)

Yes hurry.


( Exits voice off stage.)

Damn the doors jammed!

( Sound of breaking glass and splintering wood.)

It’s open, Ah


What happened? Tony!


( Re-enters.)

Yes fine I cut my hand it’s only a scratch. Come on Tara you and Erica had better go first.


Thank you.

( Tara and Erica run off  back stage left Jan and Tony look around the room.)


( Lamp flickers continuously the wind can be heard moving the curtains.)

( Gasps.) Oh God.

( Grabbing Tony’s  Left arm. )

There’s a figure in front of me! Let’s go!

( But as they try to exit back stage left Tony is wrenched back.)


Hell! something is pulling me back into the room.

( A tug of war commences Jan Pulling him with all her strength.)

Don’t let go!


Hell might be the more than just a word! I’m trying, but it’s to strong for me.

( Calling out.)

Tara Erica so sorry, but I need your help.


( Running on back stage left.)

What’s up?

( Realising the situation.)


Give me your hand.

(There’s a physical struggle and a battle of wills, Tara enters but is too afraid to help and is routed to the spot by the settee.)


I can’t! I can’t move!

( Slowly and with all their strength Tony is almost dragged back. Suddenly the force stops and they all almost fall over. And stand looking very shaken.)


Go while you can!

( Tara and Erica exit back stage left Jan’s still holding Tony’s hand.)

This time nothing will stop us. ( Out of breath.) But I want to get to the bottom of this place, we must come back with the full team Jan!


We’ll talk about this Ton.yThis is a scary House, Let’s go and speak to them


Fine. Oh better not forget the Dictaphone that should  make extremely interesting listening .

( Jan reluctantly let’s go of his hand,  he goes over to the coffee table and snatches the Dictaphone and holds it tightly. Jan quickly comes over and grabs his hand they look at each other.)


Can we leave now?


Yes a very good idea. But we are coming back.

(Jan smiles knowingly and they exit back stage left both looking exhausted.)


What a visit!

( As they exit the curtains blow gently a low deep groan is heard as the clock strikes the hour and the lamp flickers on the floor.. Fade stage lights.)

The End ( Or is It?)

The Foureyed Poet.



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House Hunting A Short Radio Play – By Malcolm T Gould

Cast Of Characters

Narrator.        A Sinister sounding male voice.

Jean.                 A young and happy newly wed.

Alan.                  The Husband a few years older.

The Son.            Not a thoughtful man.

Old Lady.          Mysterious.

Mr Bateman.   A nasty man who is not what he seems.


Scene One.



A young couple are very excited as they open the squeaky gate of an old terraced house they had come to view, they walked up the short garden path.

(Sound of gate opening and footsteps.)


I can’t wait to have a look around, just imagine our first house. It’s so exciting Alan?


Yes it’s very exciting.

(Sound of key turning in the lock door opens.)

It’s a bit dingy in here.


Well I understand nobody has lived here for sometime, what do you expect Alan? OOh it’s very cold.

(Door slams)

What’s that?


Probably next door, sound does travel. The estate agent did say that it’s an old house that’s been empty for a long time.

( Footsteps on old wooden floorboards)


Yes he did that’s true. ( Voice Fades )


We now look back to the couples first meeting with the strange Mr Bateman the state agent at his office.

Mr Bateman.

Ha ha ( A sly laugh ) Now Mr and Mrs Grey ( He pauses for a few seconds ) I think I have the ideal property for you.


Have you Mr Bateman?

Mr Bateman.

( Clearing his throat ) Yes. The occupier uh moved into sheltered                     accommodation some time ago ( Paper rustling ) Here are the details I just have them to hand.


Mm ( Unsure ) Seems OK. Can we take a look. Is it possible to see it today?

Mr Bateman.

Of course you can

(Sound of a draw opening, objects being moved then keys jangling)

Ah here are the keys, take your time there’s no hurry to return them. No hurry at all. Ha Ha ( he chuckles to himself again as voice fades)


We now return to the present as Jean and Alan continue to explore this little house.


I wonder why Mr Bateman didn’t come to show us around? he seemed very keen for us to see this place.


Maybe he was too busy.


Something wasn’t right about him. I felt icy shivers up and down my spine as he spoke.


So did I Alan so did I. ( Sounding worried  as voice fades)

Scene 2


Alan and Jean are very nervous as they venture further into the interior of this ordinary looking terraced house.


It will need a lot of work done to make this our home.

(Sound of door opening)


It certainly will.

( Sound of curtains being pulled open.)

( Coughs ) It’s very dusty. These old curtains would be the first thing to go.

(A door bangs loudly.)


Ah ( screams loudly ) What was that?


I expect it’s just a draught or the neighbours ( trying to laugh it off ) after all this is a terraced house. This room will need a lot done, maybe we could get a grant.


True putting it like that.

( Footsteps as they move around.)

Shall we try the next room? Yes this would be big enough for a kitchen diner.


( Try’s a door handle ) This handle seems hard to turn.

(Twists vigorously.)


Let me have a go.

( Noise stops sound of door opening.)

There you are, lost all your strength then? ( Laughs ) Just teasing.

(Sound of a something  heavy falling a thud it echoes, then silence.)

( A shaky voice ) Alan what a strange noise, surely that’s not next door as well.


It’s a bit spooky nothing to worry about Jean. ( Unconvincing ) Let’s have a look in this room.

(Sound of their footsteps as they walk about and enter another room.)

This room is very dark. yet there’s no curtains.

(There is a banging sound.)

Ouch damn table.


Are you alright?

( Sound of running footsteps as she runs to him.)


Yes thank you Jean just my pride hurts.

(There is a sound of scratching coming from somewhere.)

Where did that come from?


I don’t know.

(A scream is heard and footsteps on the stairs.)

What now? Let’s go Alan I’m really getting scared now.


So am I alright.

( Footsteps a slamming door.)

Hey the front doors shut on its own.

(Rattling of door handle.)

This door handle seems jammed now I can’ open it. ( His voice is sounding shaky. )


It must open please try harder.


No it won’t open, let’s try the back door.

(Footsteps as they move quickly to the backdoor.)


What’s happening?


Alan and Jeans excitement at viewing the old house seems to have gone. Now they are moving about frightened and scared. both of them were unaware of the dark shadow at the top of the steep stairs.


It’s getting colder please stay close.

(A key is put in a lock and turned the sound of door opening.)


Of course I will. Yes that’s the key, let’s get out side. It’s a big garden.

(Footsteps on path.)

It’s very quiet out here. no sounds at all.


That’s odd. I wonder why the there’s such a high wall? And no rear exit.

(Movement on soft ground.)

Why is the earth looking freshly turned when nobody has lived here for years?


I wonder Ha Ha. ( Fade Slowly. )


I just don’t know, it’s best we get out if we can. The front door is our only hope,

(Quick footsteps as they re-enter then sound of pipes rattling.)


What now?


It sounded like an air lock from the pipes in here.

(Increasing intensity of rattling door handle.)


There’s something in this house. I can feel it Alan.


You could be right one thing is true its freezing.  Why can’t I get this door open?

(He bangs on it in frustration.)


Is there anybody in this house with us? ( Jean calls out. )

(There is a cough.)

That sounded like a cough it wasn’t you was it Alan?


No it wasn’t.


A strange voice suddenly calls out as the couple stand not knowing what to do next.


Sorry Mum I’ve got to go out. Cheerio.

(footsteps on stairs sound of a door opening and closing.)

Old Lady.

(Pleading ) Don’t go out tonight son please. Please!


Alan and Jean stand shivering at the bottom of the stairs listening to these disembodied voices in this damp and dingy house. The fear grew what was happening? Ha ha.

Old Lady.

Son come back.

(A scream, then a thud, a gasp then silence.)


What’s happening?

(There’s a sound like a walking stick banging on the floor.)

Then a tapping which gets louder.


ALAN! I’m being forced up the stairs.

(Heavy footsteps upon stairs.)

I can’t stop myself.


Nor me it’s happening to me as well.

(Tapping is louder more intense a door creaks open on its own.)

We’re being drawn towards the front bedroom. The door it’s opening  ( An evil laugh )

Oh what an awful smell. There’s an old lady lying on the floor.


Yes. Oh she’s gone.

(The bedroom door slams shut then opens.)

Thank goodness it opened. ( Out of breath )

( More tapping sounds as they run down the stairs.)

Let’s get back downstairs.

(An evil laugh seems to follow them the back door clicks open on its own.)


What’s this the back door now opening on its own. Come on let’s try the garden again.


That laugh, I wish it would stop.

(There is a bang then scuffling sound.)


Ah! Get off me.


( Screams ) Go away leave us alone.

( There’s silence.)


Thank you. I couldn’t get away!It felt as though I was being grabbed and held. My head hurts, all we wanted was a quick look around. That Mr Bateman has a lot of explaining to do.


He certainly does there was something really odd about him.


Let’s try the garden again.


As they move to the back door that had opened alone its slams shut.

(Back door slams shut.)


Damn. Have you got the keys Jean because I haven’t.


No neither have I what now?


There must be something around to force the door.

( Sound as Alan looks around for something.)

I wonder if there’s anything in the cupboard under the sink? yes that’s interesting a rusty old hammer with a flat end.


That seems rather convenient.


Don’t knock it Jean we need a bit of luck at this moment.

Right here goes.

(There is a sound of splitting wood then a loud crack as the door give way.)

It’s breaking Great! Let’s get outside.

(Footsteps on concrete then soft earth.)


Certainly is a high wall, any ideas?


Very odd. Look get on my shoulders. you’re not that heavy and see if you can look over the wall.


Thanks very much if I must. Don’t drop me.

(There are a few groans.)

Keep still.


OK I’m trying, can you see anything?

(There is a rumbling sound.)

Quick Jean I don’t want to drop you.


I’m trying. No I don’t believe it

(Struggling then a she yells out.)


I wonder what she has seen, I think Alan has dropped her Ha ha.


Sorry Jean I couldn’t hold on any longer the grounds soft and the rumble made me lose my balance. Did you see anything?


I’m fine thank you Alan. ( Annoyed. ) No there was nothing there it was like a void, it was eerie.


Just what have we got ourselves into.

(He trip’s over a skull jutting out of the ground A thud.)

Ouch what the heck have I tripped over?  It’s a skull.


Yes there’s more all over the garden.

(Rumbling sound stops.)

The rumbling has stopped.


Let’s get out somehow. So there was nothing there where are we?

(A wind starts to blow.)


So where are they,   trapped in a time warp another dimension will these two figure it out or die?


There has been a lot of nasty deeds here, we must have gone into a different time. Though I think time has clashed. I’m sure that two different incidents are playing at the same moment.


That’s comforting, what now?


Let me think a minute, whatever is causing these strange events I’m pretty certain is feeding off our own fear.


That I can understand . So what’s our next move?


OK our only aim is to get out alive. And hopefully back to our own time. As I see it the front door is the portal. Keep your mind clear and ignore anything that happens.


I see we must focus on the door. let’s get going I’m sure the time is short.


Good hold my hand ready?


Yes let’s go now.


Now they’re running for their lives can they escape.



Running footsteps and heavy breathing a crashing sound as they burst into the kitchen.

The kitchen door had shut, but it’s not stopping us now.

(An evil laugh seems to follow them.)

Great we’re at the front door, now concentrate Jean. don’t let the evil in here stop us. Are you with me?


Yes–Yes hurry.


Let’s get this door open, can you grab that hammer Jean.


Yes here it is please hurry.

( Grunting  turning handle wood ripping sounds.)


Come on door OPEN!

Old Lady.

Help me Help me.

(Hollow haunting voice. Cracking sound then a whoosh, Jean screams.)


The doors open, come on Jean.


Thank God. We’re back in the front garden.

(Running footsteps squeaky gate opening).

That’s better, I never thought we’d ever get out.

(Starts crying with relief and joy. Sound of a kiss.)

Thank you Alan.


That’s alright, any time. ( They Laugh nervously )  How uncanny it appears so ordinary from outside. I wonder how many others have been fooled like us?


And how many not as lucky as us in getting out. A strange place.


I agree.Let’s get back to that estate agents ( determined. ) I’m sure we both want some answers to this nightmare.




Where did we leave the car? i thought it was just down the street.


It was about here ( Puzzled ) Blast somebody’s stolen it. This isn’t a good day. we’d better report this to the police.


Fine we’d better get walking, it’s not far thankfully.


Right no choice.

(Footsteps fading into distance.)



What secrets does this humble old terrace house hide? Will they find out from the mysterious Mr Bateman the estate agent? I very much doubt it Ha Ha. what really happened to their car?Ha Ha. ( Evil laugh Fades )


I’m certain this was the estate agents address.

(Footsteps on pavement then stop.)

Where’s that paper with the house details on?

(Rustle of paper.)

Ah here it is.

( Whoosh and a crackling sound.)

Ouch. Damn! It’s ignited it’s only ashes now.


This is hard to believe. I thought these things only happened in writers imaginations.

(Footsteps then stop.)

There’s no  estate agent in this block. Thoughts the second-hand shop does look familiar. I’d better go in and ask?


Not on your on your own. I’m right behind you. ( Takes a deep breath ) OK in we go!

(Click of door opening a bell tinkled.)


(Footsteps clears her throat.)

Hello is anybody in here?

(Silence.) Hello.

Mr Bateman.

Yes can I help you?

(Evil sounding voice and chuckle.)


( Startled ) yes I–You look familiar.

(Evil chuckle.)

I remember the last time we met. this was an estate agents and you were in a suit–Mr Bateman!


Yes your right. It’s him. ( Shocked )

Mr Bateman.

( Laughs ) Life is but an illusion. I–can alter time and space.


Who are you/ Why are you hounding us?

Mr Bateman.

When the time comes you will know who I am ( Raises voice ) I need your lives to survive. How you escaped me before is what you call luck! But yours has run out. ( Laughs .)


Never jean hold onto me tightly–run now

(Jean screams loudly shattering of glass.)

Mr Bateman.

( A roar ) Come back!


Look there’s a taxi over there.

(Running footsteps and street sounds.)

It’s about to go Hey wait.

(Screech of tyres.)


I’m so tired, it’s stopped, a very old-looking car.


Yes and where’s the driver? I never saw him get out. It’s getting crazier by the second. Hey the keys are in the ignition. We’ve no choice get in Jean.

Sound of car doors opening and closing and car starting screech of tyres as it drives off.

Here we go!


Where are we going?

(An evil laugh is heard again.)

This must be a nightmare, I don’t recognise anything around us.


It’s no nightmare, we’re both wide awake. This is happening! Somehow we’ve both been drawn into something evil. How I don’t know we’d better find some answers quickly. Or else our souls could be lost forever!

(A bang the engine stops.)

What now? ( Angry ) We’re being toyed with.


( Screams again ) It’s gone dark now. There’s no streets anymore. Where’s the car? Alan! I won’t let this thing defeat me!

(Evil voice echoes in the background.)


What dark forces are weaving their Webb’s around this couple, can they survive? So far they have kept one step ahead of the evil determined to destroy them. Will they continue to do so? suddenly Alan and Jean are confronted by a familiar figure. As they once again stand in front of the Old House. Ha Ha. (Laugh Fades )

Old Lady.

Hello young ones ( Soft and Kind ) don’t be afraid.


Uh– I thought I saw you dead on the floor ( surprised and intrigued )Who are you?


( Sharply ) What’s been happening to us?

Old Lady.

( Soothing positive voice ) I’ll try to explain. I have no form so I had to take a form, the old lady seemed  the easiest to present to you. Sorry if I startled you. You have both been caught in a time-lapse which had centred on this house. Many murders took place here including the images of the old lady you have witnessed. She was left neglected by her own son, who was the murderer? This was caused by this evil being. I’ve sworn to seek out and destroy, even if it takes forever. This being is powerful and I often weary of the battle.


Is the estate agent this evil being?

Old Lady.

Yes we are of the same race, he can change like me. But we different in every other way.


Where do we fit in?

(Wind in background increases.)

We’re just an ordinary human being couple, trying to find a home of our own.


That’s right ( Softly ) we just want to find a place and be together.

Old Lady.

( Firmly ) That’s where you’re wrong.

( Wind grows louder.)

I’ve observed you both for some time. Your wills are strong. My search has been long to find two special humans who are powerful enough to become my allies in my quest against evil.

(An evil laugh is heard once more crashing sounds.)

I’ll place you both back in your present home and contact you again very soon. You must go from here now.

(There’s a flashing sound.)

You’ll be safe under my protection.


Wait! you haven’t—Blast she’s gone.


Twenty four hours have passed by. Jean and Alan find themselves back in their bed. Was it a bad Dream?



Ooh ( Dazed ) What happened? Alan wake up.


(Snoring  clearing his throat) Uh! Jean. What’s up? ( Yawns ) I’ve had the most weird dream. I feel so tired

(Bed Creaks.)


It wasn’t a dream Alan. It happened we’re still fully dressed ( Yawns ) I feel drained.


Yea I remember now–It’s hard to believe. I’ve always tried to keep an opened mind though—

(Suddenly everything starts to shake.)

Hell what’s going on now?

(The laugh is heard again. Then a the old Lady’s voice is heard  soothingly.)

Old Lady.

Hold on have no fear. I’ve come for your help.


( Frightened ) Don’t worry. All will be well, your destiny’s written. I’ve created your disappearance from this time frame. neither have close family to miss you.


True but we need more time to let this sink in. Surely you can understand it’s hard for us to visualize what’s going to happen.  we’ve had virtually no warning or time to prepare.

Old Lady.

I shall guide you, all is well. Prepare for travelling in time.

(Voice fades and so does the laughter.)


( Sighs ) So Alan it begins it seems we  have no choice. Our unexpected journey begins into the unknown. Hold my hand. I Love you so much.


Yes we’ll be together. I love you too.

Old Lady.

The time is now stay close together. All is well.

( A whooshing sound then silence.)


So their journey has begun, what will happen to them? That’s another story. In the local paper shortly after Alan and Jean vanished. An article read” Young couple mysteriously disappear on a weekend break to the seaside. Their car is found abandoned near the beach. But no bodies found. They are feared drowned ” we know different don’t we?Ha Ha.

(Slow haunting laugh and voice fades.)

The End ( Or is it )

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