A shaft of light filled my sight

looking over at you tonight.

I saw your stunning face

noisy and bright a crazy place.

    Through the smokey haze I gazed

at your presence I was amazed.

I guessed the night was made

if the right moves were played.


    Across that flashing noisy dance floor

it was only you that I saw.

Across that flashing noisy dance floor

it was only you that I saw.

    A shaft of light filled my view

deep breath aching heart I knew.

Told me I had fallen for you

surely this cannot be true.

    Would this be my lucky night

had I got into another plight.

Then you walked smiling my way

this would be a long stay.

    How the time melted away

dancing closer as night became day.

Emotions brought us together so tight

with you there it was always light.


    Across that flashing noisy dance floor

it was only you that I saw.

Across that flashing noisy dance floor

it was only you that I saw.


And another lyric I had ago at writing some time ago. It’s only for fun as I’m not able to read or write music. But I enjoy having ago and that to me is what it’s all about. I do like so many different forms of music.


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Those dogs are howling

it sounds so loud.

Something is prowling

a ghoul in a shroud

a ghoul in a shroud.

    There was a full moon

a fog just appeared.

Like a large cocoon

terror and evil neared

terror and evil neared


Phantoms in the night

thing’s you can’t see.

Giving us a fright

a shock is the key

a shock is the key

     Silence filled the woods

then wolves were out. 

Weird figures in hoods

roaming silently about

roaming silently about

    A scream could be heard

the air turned icy cold.

No living creature stirred

let the fear unfold

let the fear unfold.


Phantoms in the night

thing’s you can’t see.

Giving us a fright

a shock is the key

a shock is the key.

 Just another of my attempts at a lyric on the theme of Phantoms in the night. Most people have a fear of the dark-side of the day. When it’s easy to let your imagination take over. But maybe there are such things in our world. Can you honestly say you have not considered the possibility.

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Video Games

Noise all around me

so much sound.

Without you I see

I’ll be hell bound.

    The video game

was no fun.

Nobody’s to blame

my hearts been won.


   When I turned you’d gone

playing video games.

not knowing what was wrong

playing video games.

    Your lies had hurt me

did you care.

Gone away free

life seemed unfair.

    In my heart I felt fine

thinking straight.

We tread a fine line

for you’d I’d wait.

    Then a soft warm hand

touched my hair.

There was no demand

you’d heard my prayer.

    After the long night

friends once more.

Bright in morning light

it’s even score.


When I turned you’d gone

playing video games.

Not knowing what was wrong

playing video games.

  I must admit I do not play video games I’m niether quick or clever enough to play. But I thought it made an interesting theme for my idea of a lyric. Hope you like it.

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He sensed a slight movements in his space

scared to turn something touched he knew

silence is all that surrounded the empty air

strong icy breeze blew passed stubbled face

sitting in that cosy flat but nobody was due

something was with him became aware!


Certain he had never before felt this way

always been a sceptic with an open mind

power had gone strange noises increased

each sound was magnified should he pray

what was here within his home confined

frozen was this caused by the deceased?


Breathing heavy fear over came all senses

tripping over furniture opened the front door

went outside sweat pouring it felt like hell

what had attacked his personal defences

instantly it was fine not scared anymore

slowly went in now light inside all was well!


But from that moment knew it had stirred

movements and noises loudly heard

the friend he murdered had returned

wanting to get his revenge now confirmed!



The Foureyed Poet.



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Your Smile

I first saw you alone

by the gentle flowing water.

Our love was yet unknown

you’re someones precious daughter.

    I halted but could’nt speak

the softness of your smile.

Just made me feel weak

as I walked another mile.

    Often I saw you walking  

but kept out of sight.

I’ve never stopped talking

about you day and night.

    You’re always with me

even when we’re apart

The river to the sea

your picture by my heart.

    Then one day we met

by the riverside inn.

The day was very wet

yet enhanced your skin.

    We sat for hours together

the day just melted away.

neither noticed the weather

having so much to say.

    It was so pleasent there

then you had to leave.

in the early evening air

on this our first eve.


         The softness of your smile

thrilled me mile after mile.   

   Another simple lyric from  a simple man.

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Lights Twinkling

Lights twinkling in the night

piercing the darkness so hauntingly.

Like eyes watching bright

just as you looked longingly

Sitting very near to me

holding each other tenderly.

    Watching the motorway was restful

the closeness was strong.

Relaxed contented so cool

the warm evening went on.

A few headlights breaking the dark

looking across the car park.

    The stars shone down silently

we absorbed the quietness.

All was in tune really

both filled with such happiness.

A pleasent way to be

the night you and me.

    We finished our bar meal

and glass of cold shandy.

Our relationships strong as steel

at home we’d toast with brandy.

Then headed homeward bound

with the understanding we’d found.

    Passing over a wide bridge

glancing back at the inn.

Near to the old ridge

it made us both grin.

Because we met just there

our long romantic love affair.

    Only the rare bright light

spoilt our perfect quiet date.

On a warm summers night

being in a euphoric state.

I wrote this in nineteen eighty four as a poem or lyric. Just my romantic thoughts. I hope you like it.

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Can’t You Tell

1) Can’t you tell how hard I’m trying

where do we stand.

Hush please stop your crying

this wasn’t planned.

2) Can’t you tell how much I need you

sitting far apart.

Somehow thinking you knew

loves in my heart.

Chorus Can’t you tell how hard I’m trying

loves what we need.

Hush please stop your crying

we shall succeed.

3) Can’t you tell I’m proud your my wife

don’t turn from me.

You’re love fills all my life

just let us see.

4) Can’t you tell I’m doing my best

how much longer.

It’s time we showed some zest 

to be stronger.

5) Can’t you tell in my special way

I need your strength.

So our love will stay

at any length.

6) Can’t you tell before it’s to late

we need to talk.

Being more than just a mate

with you I’ll walk.

Chorus) Can’t you tell me how hard I’m trying

loves what we need.

Hush please stop your crying

we shall succeed.

Here is another attempt at lyric writing. Well I’m trying I did write this a long time ago. And I want to put them on my site for people to see and I hope my family will look. Even if it’s to have a chuckle.

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The Pier

1) At the pier entrance you stood

near to the ice cream stand.

Lost in a large sun hood

as people surged to the sand.

Pushing by you so small

i had the urge to call.

CH Hello can you please hear me

2) You turned away towards the pier entrance

and went slowly on alone.

Glancing out to sea so clear

in your actions I was unknown.

To you at this time yet

i was drawn into your net.

CH will you ever turn my way.

3) You moved so smoothly strolling gently

along the old pier listening to.

The sea lapping below us faintly

as a cold damp wind blew.

Over the wooden structure around us

with it’s small pier bus.

Ch I’m now drawn closer to you.

4) I moved nearer then she sensed

someone behind her turning at last.

We looked and smiled I Tensed

as she started to walk fast.

Into the noisy arcade I followed

we met as you purposely slowed.

Ch Hello Hello our feelings gradually showed.

                Chorus if required.

On the pier on the pier

for us us it seemed so clear.

Shedding a tear a tear

for us it was clear.

I wrote my version of a lyric many years ago yes yet another one. Not to be offensive but a bit of fun. Have a go I always say. Nothing ventured nothing gained. There is always a chance somebody might like it or it could be a talking point or the centre of fun. Try not to take life to seriously. The problem is a lot of people do and so makes life more complicated and creates a lot of misery.

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Night Life

1) How frightening is the night

when the sun has set.

CH)Life goes on in the darkness.

You may even get a bite

in the nights closing net.

2) There’s even creatures stalking

when it’s dark outside.

CH) Life goes on in the darkness.

Are you afraid of walking

Just wanting to hide.

3 Any sound seems all around

you just can’t escape.

Life goes on in the darkness.

Strange noises come from the ground

they take any shape.

Ch) You can’t escape the night

darkness swamps the light

all around you.

4) Your heart starts to pound faster

shadows are real.

CH) Life goes on in the darkness.

Thoughts of an unknown master

such terror you feel.

5) How long to see the day

to let your mind rest.

CH) Life goes on in the darkness.

Those nightmares have passed away

at last you can rest

6) These creatures of the night

have gone for awhile.

CH) Life goes on in the darkness.

As you greet the morning light

your in denial.

CH) you can’t escape from the night

darkness swamps the light

all around you. 

I cannot remember when I wrote this but I am sure it was long before Buffy was around. But it does remind me of that fantastic series and how I miss it. As I have said many times I am just a simple person and write what I see, feel and hear in my own simple way.

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The Cold wind

The cold winds blowing

deep down to my soul.

Outside it’s still snowing

and I have no coal.


The icy winds may blow

but I love you so.

Your actions are so tender

but I feel a chilly streak.

You were my one defender

has our love become weak.


Outside the snow is deep

my heart is sinking to.

I just want to sleep

please forever next to you.


Don’t turn away from me

and go into the snow.

Or leave the door key

as the cold winds blow.


Come back and sit close

in front of the fire.

No matter how it blows

this fuels our real desire.


The snow is melting away

the wind blows no more.

You have decided to stay

love is back for sure.


The icy winds may blow

but I love you so.

Yet another attempt at writing a lyric. Well I do have a go. This was written on the 30-1-1985. I thought it sounded alright then but maybe not now. I’ll let people have a l;augh at it.

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