There is a new brightness in me

a new path in the way to be

somehow found how to cope

facing life with much more hope

accepting frailties as they appear

through the days without fear!


On an even keel was how I felt

with vigour and joy I knew

long the path of my mental health

feeling worth more than wealth

standing to face the golden sun

the battle at last I have won!



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Long is the road that he alone treads

with obstacles strewn in his way

darkness clouds each waking hour

fearless he strides to suceed

a stubborn pride deep within

determined somehow he’d win!


Everything continued to go wrong

yet he found an inner strength

intention controlled every emotion

to move forward and step forth

not to be the concurring hero

but a being to rise up from zero!







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Confusion seems to fill my mind

how I long for passed times

when talking was a natural act

being out and about no effort

anxiety never clouded thought

then no help had to be sought!


Moments when I had to pace

in an existence being alone

not knowing what was wrong

finding I could not express

what I felt deep down inside

had lost my dignity and pride!


When I could be out happily

without being low in moods

deep within ones own world

physical ailments not in mind

no burden with mental health

depriving me of natural wealth!


The cycle repeats its self over again

trapped in a perpetual motion

just wanting simply to break away

to be back to how I once was

which is not an impossible dream

or an imaginary fantasy theme!


There is always hope out there!



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How times slip by upon us all

a gap between brothers grew

never any disagreements made

even though lives were far apart

never a moment I did not care

the gap between always aware!


Once we were closer two brothers

just different paths never displayed

that love we just could not express

close family this could not see

no matter now but we really knew

brothers always mike and malcolm to!


That moment we met once more I recall

brought us back to that close bond

as if we had never gone separate ways

my mind confused my brother was ill

yet in minutes we linked once again

that togetherness forever will remain!


In Memory of my Brother.



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You can hear a loud rumble overhead

sounds that are chilling

yet though viewing nothing in sight

as you walk what is flying

up in the seemingly empty vast sky

what mystery’s up so high?


Should we be afraid or be wondrous

so many patterns of glowing

lights of many colours and displays

also unidentified craft seen

doing impossible ariel manipulation

within earths gravitation!


Ever rising the number of sightings

more spectacular than before

no clear reasons seems to be given

of what this could actually be

passenger planes to halted in the air

so much out there to share!


Yet it goes on many opinions divided

what is buzzing way up there

or even close to the ground as well

documented sightings abound

yet its still said no conclusive data

that may come much later!


The skies are observed increasingly

as more are seeking truth

more weird sightings blossoming

twenty four hours a day

the search goes for an interpretation

amongst every single nation!


What really is out there?



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Leaves filled the path he trod

as the wind blew cold

rain now fell onto the ground

autumn had arrived

the warm days just a memory

out in natures energy!


Waters rising puddles forming

mud surrounds him

miserable and wet walking on

just wanting to be dry

black clouds above his head

as onwardly tread!


Falling rain drops create ripples

cascading in the pools

flooding the pathway up ahead

with no way to escape

water rising over his shoes

adding to those blues!


More leaves falling from trees

let home be insight please!





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We each face those daily traumas

that hound us every day

when there is so much happening

to weigh down our spirits

not only causing physical illness within

but affecting our minds as well

causing much untold misery for a lifespan

a blight on any future plan!


How can we define our mental health

in a society in an emotional state

pressures on the population high

demands are forever growing

we are only human it is often said

struggling to earn our daily bread!


That image of our mental health issues

reflect the media image

when nobody is immune from illness

they could be you in need

more understanding and sympathetic support

please help it’s not their fault!


Mental Health Day should be a platform

for a true understanding to form!




Written for Mental Health day 10th October 2019!


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They stood in protest silently

posters held high with pride

demanding change of views

on the earths climate change

as it warms up and waters rise

increasingly a worrying surprise!


Ice levels diminishing at a fast rate

carbon dioxide is blamed

they protest peacefully to expose

seemingly lack of progress

long ago before is now too late

to change the earths fate?


The young have taken the challege

stating the older generation

has not done enough in stopping

the rise in global warming

so the lines are drawn in the soil

as the as the young do toil!


Why was it not recognised before

is a question without answer

as time goes by fears are growing

and evidence seems to show

there are links that gases do cause

warming man cannot pause!


So they stand for now in silent protest!





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Across those plains they are gone

no more do many animals roam

vast number of species are extinct

by man’s ruthless destruction

losing these once natural habitats

a growing trend for farming land

determined its for self preservation

not for the creatures salvation!


Precious trees also felled for space

increasing at a ferocious pace

clearing the ground of dense forest

at a frightening rate of progress

a huge fire spread the destruction

cause was uncertain at the time

but adding to this series situation

forests now ash deep frustration!


Trees converting C02 into oxygen

concern being raised at the loss

of trees being destroyed regularly

in the need to grow food products

as earths population ever grows

and the dilemma it does pose!




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The rain had stopped at long last

deep puddles covered the road

a driver and his girlfriend stopped

in a layby that came into view

approaching an empty lorry trailer

its rear doors were open wide

saw a pale figure staring their way

trying to keep fear at bay!


It was no longer visibly in sight

yet both sensed something

rain started to fall once more

heard tapping on car door

a bony hand on the windscreen

as engine stopped running

as everything became so icy cold

in the back seat it did unfold!


Little time to scream as it attacked

in the layby on a dark wet road

the beast claimed more victims

yet not a mark upon them found

was this an urban legend of a girl

that had haunted this back road

for years the reason was unknown

seeking couples on their own?


It was just one story I had been told

so decided to come myself

certainly a depressing area to be in

few cars ventured this way

night fell drove down to alleged spot

parking in an empty layby

there was a full moon high in the sky

heard a distant coyote cry!


Shivering with anticipation and the cold

saw what was a figure walking

slowly my way as it drew nearer saw

something never seen before

the car then stalled so helpless got out

not going sit and wait for trouble

camera was ready to capture phantasm

as my body began to spasm!


Awoke from a deep sleep in a hotel room

shaking it was just a nightmare

continued with my journey over moorland

to the remote cottage for a holiday

realising it looked familiar rain began to fall

turned into that layby I had seen

as the dream became reality now had to face

my fears in this lonely place!


But to my relief nothing happened glad to say

as I quickly moved wearily on my way!



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