He never meant to touch their arm

but within seconds they turned on him

trying to say they had assaulted them

but it was an accident an innocent knock

while his mind was in a distant place

this to him was an unsettled space!


Anger surrounded him what was happening

from a happy atmosphere people were tense

there was a sudden change but why

as stress grew he quickly moved out

concerned now at what was going on

in the town area something was wrong!


Maybe it was his own state of thinking

trying to find an answer for their behaviour

it is a community where moods easily swing

but that day to see how thoughts could change

made him aware of the frailty of society

how easily the population is filled with anxiety!


We can only hope peace can be maintained!



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Into Sunlight!

He came out of the tunnel into the sunlight

though feeling like another dimension in time

from the darkness he felt being watched

but held back his emotions from inside

it was if a veil had been cleared away

out into a nice welcoming good day!


Had not seemed right since the last evening

taking part in a seance at his house

for a laugh his girlfriend said enthusiastically

friends had come around for a chat

when it was suggested this would be fun

so they agreed and the session begun!


At first it was just one big giggle

a different event to participate in

when voices were heard the mood changed

no longer a pleasure as they became scared

and the seance was quickly brought to an end

for the group that here did attend!


So even after a long night of broken sleep

the memories were still fresh in his mind

nervously driving to clear his thoughts

the tunnel brought the night before into focus

and was able to push back his fear

as at last the new day was here!


Yet in his mind the voices still whispered to him!



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His mind had become clear as if a light

had been switched on in his brain

struggling to make his mark in this world

seemed to fail at everything he tried

was often laughed at and treated inferior

but realized the moment had arrived

when he had to make a step forward

as his pride needed to be restored!


Facing life in the full glare of a new day

set out to find his own personality

not sheepish or running to hide away

but he could stand on his own two feet

not to cause trouble in any situation

yet making him feel he was in control

able to be on equal terms with others

shoulder to shoulder with fellow brothers!


No longer hiding but head held high

taking charge at last of his destiny

now mingling and not being an outcast

in an unforgiving teaming society

no more to hover in the background

a new lease of life from this time on

he had never before felt this strong!


Taking in his fresh image moved on with his life!



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She could not hide the fear within

thinking of the journey ahead

spiritually was feeling sad and alone

many times tears had fallen

she fought to keep a positive composure

seeking to find that closure!


Wanting a divorce yet her husband

just would not let her go

to her the relationship was certainly over

all she wanted was a conclusion

no going back simply wanted her freedom

taking such a long time to come!


The day came when she could take no more

so with a heavy heart they met

facing each other to try and make an agreement

just wanted the divorce papers signed

an atmosphere of tension as she feared

he could not be civil and at her jeered!


There was no chance of going back knowing

there would be a hostile reaction

stood up to him though he did lash out

making her left eye bruised leaving her in pain

but the anger eventually did subside

all those years of bitterness could not hide!


That moment at last was reached he signed

for a moment saw a glimpse he could be kind

now it was over both going their own ways

could only hope there would be far better days!



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He stood motionless in the empty square

where many had been standing with him

what had caused them to panic and run

from a noisy happy throng to no one

alarms sounded loudly their pitch so high

knowing he should move as security went by!


A little dazed he followed the rest to the outside

where crowds huddled in anticipation

smoke could be seen billowing from within

as they were held back from the fire

the flames emited from a small clothing store

thick smoke began to fill the top floor!


The fire brigade were soon on the scene

police helped those gathered at the entrance

luckily everyone had been evacuated

so no casualties were thankfully reported

panic had been averted so everything serene

such a great conclusion to what could have been!


Onlookers watched as the situation was quelled

then slowly dispersed from the shopping area

as many emotions were expressed that day

for most sensibility was certainly on display!



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Red Rose!

What an amazing gesture it felt good

a gift of a large red rose

that moment of rapture warm inside

someone at last who cared

filled with joy accepted this special gift

those thoughts of love swift!


Overwhelmed at such a sweet present

it was in fact their very first meeting

she was a young and a happy romantic

but went with the flow it was a date

knew she should just have some fun

as they set out for the day in the sun!


Could not part with the red rose flower

to her a symbol of love and respect

kept it always in the pages of a book

being the first she had received

marrying the man who had given it

truly believed they were a good fit!


Always remembering the gift of the rose

for her alone it had been chose!

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Gentle Touch!

Just the slightest gentle touch and she knew

here was somebody who could be trusted

feeling so safe with that knowing glance

did no longer feel alone or afraid

she sat in the street begging for money

when the woman came to her and spoke

in such a kind way offering some support!


Lost her home had got into such a lot of debt

could not afford to be in rental accommodation

soon was living on the cold lonely streets

had few friends to turn to for any hope

to stay under their roofs on a settee

found it frightening to be out there all alone

spiraling downwards not knowing what to do

struggling to buy food as depression grew!


But out of the blue as she sat there desperate

like an angel the figure did appear

from a local church offered her that hope

spoke gently and said she could give shelter

taking her off the unfriendly streets of strife

giving at last a new chance of a better life!


Now in her own flat with a sense of achievement

she really felt it was heaven sent!





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Comforting Fire!

Starring dreamingly into the red hot embers

of the glowing comforting fire

relaxing in the heat of the room

without a care on a cold winters evening

the couple reflected on the past

as in the low light shadows cast!


Lights turned off the fire was getting low

the need to put on more wood as fuel

all quiet no worries in their minds

poking the ashes the flames begin to rise

engulfing them in warmth both chilled

their emotions and joy are fulfilled!


A glass of wine completes the gentle mood

free from any conflicts and woe

a sense of satisfaction makes them feel good

as the world spins onward outside

time to forget those every day tribulations

content there are no problems with relations!


How swiftly the hours fade into the night

as they sit outstretched in the fire light!





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Feeling Good!

Feeling good could not understand why

weather was wet and very cold

yet somehow wanted to sing out loud

had a big smile without really trying

certain nothing had changed in his life

thinking carefully about his good mood

had the same problems as most for sure

but from his outlook wanted to feel more!


Though it was lockdown here once again

restrictions on what anybody could feel

that Covid-19 epidemic hit people hard

he simply just took it all in his stride

socially distancing and wearing a face mask

careful to wash his hands and not touch

still kept his smile and saw it through 

as most in this situation would do!


Most are embedded and following the rules

almost afraid to break any decisions

in this third lockdown every one was weary

to try and defeat this awful viral bug

a vaccine is being delivered we can only hope

that life can get better so we are able to cope!






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Door Bell!

The doorbell woke them making a loud ring

as they relaxed in front of the telly

both were half asleep took no notice

then there was pounding as the door shook

from a quiet afternoon it now erupted

getting up the young man walked quickly

flustered thinking something was wrong

almost afraid to open the door but was strong!


A deep breath looked out but nobody was there

taken aback as everything seemed so quiet

sat down once more feeling unsettled

a few minutes later footsteps were heard

above them they glanced at each other scared

newly weds had not moved in until recently

had not heard anything like this before

why it had started both were unsure!


It was an old house that had been renovated

but no stories had they heard of ghosts

as the day turned rapidly to early evening

they could not get any peace inside

tapping sounds could be heard from somewhere

could only hold tightly to each other

afraid to wander around the house to investigate

both had become emotionally in an anxiety state!


Could hear talking they just wanted to get out

no longer able to stay in the dwelling

as on the coffee table a glass fell on the floor

had to leave did not want to be there anymore!



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