The Knight!

All eyes were focused on the courtyard

of the castle as upon the horse

the knight sat proudly in the saddle

dressed in his full battle armor

surrounded by the cheering followers

wishing him well as he prepared

to join his waiting army outside the gate

as they gathered to follow seeking their fate!


Across the drawbridge he slowly made his way

there before him his army stood patiently

thousands of men loyal to their leader

in the sunlight reflecting off his silver helmet

they parted allowing him to ride through

up a hill to be able to look down upon them

there was a respectful hush around

as they prepared to head conflict bound!


Above them he looked gloriously at the troops

surveying with pride his men gazing at him

a man of few words he spoke to them all

we head into battle we fight together as one

unsheathing his sword thrusting it into the air

there was an almighty cry that echoed about

he turned and the soldiers followed close behind

marching to the enemy they sought to find!



Families viewed with great worry and deep concern

until they had gone from sight praying for their return!




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