Door Bell!

The doorbell woke them making a loud ring

as they relaxed in front of the telly

both were half asleep took no notice

then there was pounding as the door shook

from a quiet afternoon it now erupted

getting up the young man walked quickly

flustered thinking something was wrong

almost afraid to open the door but was strong!


A deep breath looked out but nobody was there

taken aback as everything seemed so quiet

sat down once more feeling unsettled

a few minutes later footsteps were heard

above them they glanced at each other scared

newly weds had not moved in until recently

had not heard anything like this before

why it had started both were unsure!


It was an old house that had been renovated

but no stories had they heard of ghosts

as the day turned rapidly to early evening

they could not get any peace inside

tapping sounds could be heard from somewhere

could only hold tightly to each other

afraid to wander around the house to investigate

both had become emotionally in an anxiety state!


Could hear talking they just wanted to get out

no longer able to stay in the dwelling

as on the coffee table a glass fell on the floor

had to leave did not want to be there anymore!



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  1. Happy New Year, Malc… I hope you and yours are staying safe and well 🙂


    • Hi Carol. Happy New Year. Thanks for liking “Doorbell!” Yes family and I are fine. Hope you and your family are to. Take Care. Malc


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