The Golden Shield!

Their quest had begun at last they all met

a group of young warriors had gathered

to find The Golden Shield stolen by their foe

on top of the mountain they viewed

the wondrous valley that lay far below

in the distance the barrier was visible

in defiance they held their swords high

nothing would deter them they did cry!


The weather was fine from where they stood

As in unity they rose high into the air

flying towards the darkened entrance

where from their peaceful and placid realm

to another dimension of endless wars

their first battle came too quickly to pass

as on the dividing line they were confronted

blades clashed they fought as the hunted!


With cunning and power they fought through

scattering the band of fighters in their way

now filled with pride at the small victory

going fourth with stealth and purpose

not wanting to arouse the attention of the foe

aiming to achieve the retrieval their prize

was the priority of their every single move

now to locate and with force the item remove!


With good fortune found the secret location

with the help of information that was obtained

closing in soldiers were in numbers patrolling

guarding something with the greatest of care

how to break in without creating great carnage

was the question and skill they trained to achieve

one by one the enemy was soon overpowered

as a mighty fighting unit they bravely towered!


There Inside before them was The Golden Shield

gently they extracted it safely now to escape

as they exited they came upon strong resistance

retreating through the badlands they had to fly

as arrows whizzed passed them at high speed

sadly several were wounded in the rapid retreat

yet somehow they all got to the barrier line

with a cheer and a pray they were back safe and fine!


Soon The Golden Shield was back in its place

they were welcomed back a celebration to face!




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