The Well!

There in the garden long forgotten A Well

almost hidden by weeds and a thorn bushes

it’s mystery unknown for many generations

while exploring the vastly overgrown area

the new house owners were very surprised

with this find were completely mesmerized!


An unexpected find they said trying hard

to see this Well that had been neglected

so they began to clear the weeds away

a task that took the afternoon to see

what it looked like they were excited

what a find both felt so delighted!


Soon The Well was cleared of any rubbish

a thatched roof with a bolted wood cover

it was made of rock stone blocks

even had a rope wound around with a handle

and a bucket yet there was an uneasy feeling

as they stood back yet it was appealing!


It was then they smelt a strong odor

sound of tapping coming from the lid

they stood perplexed at this occurrence

moving backwards as it continued on

then the lid began to loudly vibrate

making them tremble in a terrible state!


Realizing the lock had become unattached

also hearing a voice pleading for help

they retreated backwards into their house

wishing now they had left The Well alone

next they heard a wailing female voice

there was nowhere to go had no choice!


The lid flew off and the cry got louder

made them hold their ears to block the noise

not knowing what to do held onto each other

focused on The Well saw a bony hand

slide out and was gripping the rim tightly

as a grotesque shape rose so unsightly!


Forcing themselves back they turned and ran

out into a quiet country lane in panic

shivering unsure of which way to run

when an unseen force drew them back in

in a trance went in nobody else was around

the figure stood now making no sound!


When friends could not contact the couple

called in certain that something was wrong

the house was unlocked so could enter

but there was no sign of them at all

looking outside could see The old Well

all seemed fine as far as they could tell!


An investigation was convened nothing found

but nobody checked The Well upon the ground!



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