The dog laid peacefully sleeping on the rug

content in his favourite place

but something made him stir

from dreaming he stood up dazed

as it was still very dark outside

noises awoke his defensive mode

with menace to seek he strode!

His beloved mistress was still in bed

but Jake was feeling sleepy himself

following faint sounds of movement

coming from the back of the house

was it that annoying little mouse?

With sensitive ears pricked up listened

a low deep growl came from within

saw a dark shape of an unknown man

picking up the picture screen he watched

at this he barked loudly and ran

towards an unsuspecting human!

Teeth bared he again barked at the figure

making the man yelp with some surprise

falling to the floor dropping what he had

crashing into the furniture noisely

lights came on as the owner appeared

shaken calling the police she cheered!

The disturbed burglar bruised and battered

had not checked there was no dog

caught in the act of stealing items

exhausted Jake was happy with the attention

just wanted to lay down quietly to rest

soon settling back down in his doggie nest!

The Burglar had run quickly out and escaped!


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  1. Where would we be without our four-legged friends…I hope you are keeping well and safe Malc 🙂


    • Hi Carol. I am OK Hope you are well. Thank you for liking “Jake!” Best Wishes. Malc

      Liked by 1 person

      • We are well here, Thank you… pleased to know all is well your end 🙂


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