In the midst of the ocean the submarine waited

sea water ferociously lapping its hull

as the crew in the conning tower gathered

scouring the horizon through binoculars

knowing a convoy was due to come by

watching intently with an eagle eye!


A calm cold day their patience straining

into view the target was sighted

they submerged down below the waves

and prepared themselves for an attack

the captain was focused on the task ahead

as it went down into the danger zone did tread!


At periscope depth he watched the foe

torpedoes in the tubes ready to fire

tension grew so did the adrenaline rush

as they waited to get them into range

finger on the button time seemed slow

as the concentration and fear did grow!


Unknown to them they had been discovered

by the destroyer leading the convoy

they had been picked up on the sonar

so the hunt was on to find the enemy

as a game of hunt and seek now began

as on the ships bridge the radar did scan!


As on the U Boat the captain lined up to strike

the hunter soon became the hunted

a ship soon came into their direct vision

and he was certain it would be the first kill

but above depth charges were deployed

reigning down surprised knew had to avoid!


Sounding the alarm for an emergency dive

trying get as deep as they could go

under pressure the seconds seemed so slow

as a ship was rapidly coming overhead

silent running ordered and engines stopped

as gently to the seabed the sub dropped!


The moment came when the hull shuddered

and violently swayed as explosions hit

as on the surface the ship closed in

dropping more charges down into the depths

all they could do was wait and hope

for their lives on the end of a thin rope!


After many hours stressed out it went quiet

and engine sounds from above had gone

realized they were safe and had escaped

could creep away as engines restarted

able to fight on after overcoming their fear

they had survived their future to them clear!


They had eluded but for them the battle went on!




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