Was that a sound of a faint voice I heard

stories told this building was haunted

from within the interior as the light faded

never expected to hear anything at all

frozen to the spot suddenly very cold

a disused hospital was so creepy and old!


That sensation of being watched persisted

developed a nervous twitch while roaming

the interior was bleak and badly vandalized

as I heard another louder sound in my ear

turning around quickly nothing was in view

in my thoughts that sense of terror grew!


Suddenly a bang from ahead in the darkness

running to join the rest of the group

no way to disguise that I was really scared

we gathered to do a spirit box session

first voice was a female who clearly spoke

as in my back felt a sudden sharp poke!


Together listened for messages or clear words

giving us a clue of what could be haunting

concentration grew as we stood waiting

each aware of a dark shadow in the doorway

highly charged we began to feel the strain

but determined we all had to remain!


The night seemed never ending for the team

yet with so much evidence being gathered

tired but exhilarated as dawn approached left

vowing to return to this place once again

none of us would forget this investigation

at this eerie lonely isolated destination!





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