Nothing came from her lips that morning

standing lost and feeling afraid

gripping tightly a doll she had been given

after being found wondering on her own

by a passerby who was very concerned

carefully approaching to enquire

when she saw her there near a road alone

the reasons then being unknown!


She happily held a police woman’s hand

taken to a children’s special unit

to make her feel more at ease and relaxed

as they gently interviewed the child

but she still did not want to say anything

slowly they then coaxed her to speak

for it was the truth that they all did seek!


Slowly in a timid softly spoken faint voice

the story of losing contact with mum

running ahead through the shopping center

lots of people were walking everywhere

so mummy was nowhere to be seen

afraid at all the adults being pushed away

was searching frantically came to a street

turning around in circles on her feet!


Until a lady came up and smiled so kindly

but being unable to find her way back

to where she had come from on that day

so she sat and gave a name and address

within an hour a reunion was soon made

a frantic mum was brought into see her

panic stricken but settled seeing her child

hugging was relieved and tearfully smiled!








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