The Ranch!

The ranch for centuries was said to be cursed

many weird encounters were recorded

unidentified craft seen flying overhead

metallic and bright orbs that changed shape

appearing in the expansive skies so clear

some to close filling them all with fear!


Cattle on the ranch were acting strangely

huddling tightly together so unsettled

reacting to the objects as if being so afraid

cowering in the corner of the large field

a team formed to investigate this observed

the actions first hand of the roaming herd!


Seeking answers from the air and underground

what in these ancient lands would be found

as they took measurements of radiation levels

that instruments recorded as being very high

and then they drilled down into the rich soil

detecting a solid object below but not any oil!


So began the most intensive quest to seek

the truth of what was happening here

as more mysteries began to mount up

leaving them to get excited at the prospects

of the immense task that the group faced

working with enthusiasm they now raced!


What would be found on this ancient land?



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