The rain had stopped at long last

deep puddles covered the road

a driver and his girlfriend stopped

in a layby that came into view

approaching an empty lorry trailer

its rear doors were open wide

saw a pale figure staring their way

trying to keep fear at bay!


It was no longer visibly in sight

yet both sensed something

rain started to fall once more

heard tapping on car door

a bony hand on the windscreen

as engine stopped running

as everything became so icy cold

in the back seat it did unfold!


Little time to scream as it attacked

in the layby on a dark wet road

the beast claimed more victims

yet not a mark upon them found

was this an urban legend of a girl

that had haunted this back road

for years the reason was unknown

seeking couples on their own?


It was just one story I had been told

so decided to come myself

certainly a depressing area to be in

few cars ventured this way

night fell drove down to alleged spot

parking in an empty layby

there was a full moon high in the sky

heard a distant coyote cry!


Shivering with anticipation and the cold

saw what was a figure walking

slowly my way as it drew nearer saw

something never seen before

the car then stalled so helpless got out

not going sit and wait for trouble

camera was ready to capture phantasm

as my body began to spasm!


Awoke from a deep sleep in a hotel room

shaking it was just a nightmare

continued with my journey over moorland

to the remote cottage for a holiday

realising it looked familiar rain began to fall

turned into that layby I had seen

as the dream became reality now had to face

my fears in this lonely place!


But to my relief nothing happened glad to say

as I quickly moved wearily on my way!



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