Bustling Days!

Those bustling days of shopping centres

when people crowded to the shops

then many big and small the local stores

filled with shoppers to peruse

cars passing to closely on the busy streets

in competition with those on foot

no problems then it seems with any prices

nor any big financial crisis!


Shops of all kinds filled those teeming streets

variety of stores to satisfy all

but the days of town and city mass spending

is now just a faded memory

as big names merged or totally shut down

leaving charity and betting shops

bargain stores bars and a lot of coffee cafes

now becoming pedestrian walk ways!


Out of town shopping malls erupted thriving

with plenty of room parking free

taking most of the trade from those centres

supermarkets increasing in size

flourished in the once green urban environment

as car ownership is ever rising

and the precious countryside diminishes too fast

natures survival has been cast!






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  1. Beautiful!

    Although this is good for the economy, engineers and architect should incorporate eco-tourism and environment-friendly design to urban planning. It’s surely benefit Earth and the people 😊


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