A warm evening a suggestion of a walk

along the trail near the cottage

in local folklore said a flying creature

haunted this tranquil area

but nobody had lived to confirm tales

just a whimsical decision to go

where few would ever dare to stroll

new to the picturesque hamlet

that evening ventured along the path

a light breeze the sun shone

they felt like children without any cares

entering the darkening avenue

of over hanging trees creating a canopy

that was when the mood changed

their blood ran cold sensing a presence

yet then nothing could be seen

muttering voices could be heard close by

ahead what seemed like red eyes

watching that sensation of desperation

being trapped without any escape

trying mobile phones but had no signal

tales they had heard of a killer

that waited for anybody taking this path

but it had been a hundred years

since anybody had actually gone missing

it was thought they could be buried

no suspect was ever found for the crimes

nothing stirred as they panicked

as the path had seemed now overgrown

and the eyes started getting closer

what could they do clinging to each other

as if waking from a nightmare

then as one ran retracing their steps back

hoping it was escaping the thing

tripping exhausted screaming for it to stop

burning pains on their sweating skin

it became brighter and open countryside

gave them hope it was over at last

but falling to the dirt path a shadow cast!


Above them a moth like creature

screeched swooping down claws flaying

they awoke bleeding but alive

sitting up everything seemed peaceful

darkness had fallen fearful

headed home but could no longer stay

telling nobody moved away!




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  1. Inspiring!


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