He stayed near to the closed coffin

knowing what was inside

nobody would believe the content

had to keep it contained

certain the beast was really dead

had caved in its head!


Under duress had paid two scoundrels

for assistance to the mine

sending it back from where it came

but as the task neared its end

sure there was a vibration from within

his patience worn thin!


Petrified had to be certain it was gone

the journey was hard

eventually the mine came into sight

it would soon be done

wood covering entrance ripped away

had to get away without delay!


Just a short distance to the main shaft

had to light torches

a hanging chain was swaying violently

the men reluctantly

dragged the coffin to a crumbling rim

the task in hand grim!


Shrieks and yelling started from below

as he helped push the coffin

down the shaft into the unexplored void

a high pitch sound erupted

as the rocks began to fall the men fell

down he was sure into Hell!


Alone now he fought just to get out alive

as the mine imploded

threw himself at the collapsing entrance

bruised and bleeding watched

laughed like a madman emotions released

certain he had killed the beast!


But that satisfaction was very short-lived

as the through destruction

the very thing he had sacrificed so much

strode towards his position

no chance to cry out was exterminated

the world now contaminated!


The slaughter would begin it had arrived!







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